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October 7, 2003
World's first compact digital camera to feature a 27 - 110mm wide-angle 4x optical zoom lens
The widest zoom range in its class
A full range of high-performance features
Unrivalled handling and shooting ease
CAMEDIA C-5060 Wide Zoom FRONT CAMEDIA C-5060 Wide Zoom BACK
CAMEDIA C-5060 Wide Zoom
Olympus Corporation (President: Tsuyoshi Kikukawa) is pleased to introduce the CAMEDIA C-5060WideZoom, a 5.1-megapixel high-performance compact digital camera that is the first compact digital camera in the world to feature a 27 - 110mm wide-angle 4x optical zoom lens (35mm film camera equivalent).
The CAMEDIA C-5060WideZoom inherits the superior image quality, performance, and mobility of the high-quality CAMEDIA C-5050ZOOM, but adds a 4x zoom lens with 27mm wide-angle capability (35mm film camera equivalent), as well as a number of other performance and operating improvements. With its high-resolution zoom lens, high-quality image processing engine, and 5.1-megapixel (effective) CCD, the CAMEDIA C-5060WideZoom offers the highest level of image quality in its class.
The newly developed 27 - 110mm (35mm film camera equivalent) wide-angle zoom lens has a maximum aperture of F2.8 at short focal lengths, and makes the CAMEDIA C-5060WideZoom the first compact digital camera in the world to offer 27mm wide-angle shooting capability. The camera also offers Super Macro shooting from as close as 3cm, and accepts a variety of conversion lenses and other accessories that give it wide-ranging shooting capabilities that rival those of an SLR camera.
Other new features include a high-definition multi-angle LCD monitor that can be tilted on the vertical axis, and a grid pattern display that makes it easy to confirm image composition while shooting. In addition, startup and AF response times have been reduced to ensure superior operating ease and functionality.
The CAMEDIA C-5060WideZoom also supports the new PictBridge standard for direct printing, and can be connected to the newly introduced CAMEDIA P-10 Digital Photo Printer for direct high-quality image printing without using a computer.
Top Features
The first compact digital camera in the world to feature a wide-angle 27 - 110mm 4x optical zoom lens, with a 5.1-megapixel CCD for high-image quality in a wide range of shooting situations
High-speed response for a superior user experience and enhanced operability
A real-image optical viewfinder for frustration-free wide-angle shooting, and a vertically tilting 1.8-inch multi-angle LCD monitor
Numerous features to support pro-level creative photography
A full complement of conversion lenses, external flash units, and other accessories
Main Features
The First Compact Digital Camera to Feature a 27mm Wide-Angle 4x Zoom Lens
The CAMEDIA C-5060WideZoom is the first compact digital camera in the world to feature a 4x optical zoom lens with 27mm wide-angle shooting capability (35mm film camera equivalent). The 27 - 110mm high-resolution lens features a bright F2.8 aperture at 27mm, and its 8-element, 7-group construction incorporates one ED (Extra-low Dispersion) element and two aspherical elements to suppress wide-angle distortion and chromatic aberration. As a result, imaging is sharp and clear across the entire zoom range. In addition, many of the lens elements are multi-coated to minimize ghosting. Zoom operation is also faster and quieter than on previous models.
A 5.1-Megapixel CCD
A new 5.1-megapixel (effective) CCD and a high-quality image processing engine ensure high-definition, high-quality imaging. The image processing engine features "Proper Gamma" technology and an advanced noise filter, both of which are exclusive to Olympus. Proper Gamma technology improves tonal rendering and color fidelity by adjusting the gamma for color and luminance signals separately, and the advanced noise filter offers improved noise discrimination at the edges of picture elements, ensuring both minimal noise and superior edge definition. Thanks to superb matching of the high-quality image processing engine and CCD performance characteristics, the CAMEDIA C-5060WideZoom offers the highest image quality in the CAMEDIA compact camera series line-up (as of October 2003).
High-Speed Lens Drive System for Fast Response
A high-speed lens drive system and faster power-up sequence provide top-level speed in this class, and have reduced startup time to approximately 3 seconds.
Newly Developed Dual AF System
Class-leading autofocusing speed of approximately 0.4 seconds is offered by a newly developed dual AF system that uses both a passive sensor and a TTL contrast detection system.
A Choice of Sequential Shooting Modes
Users are offered a choice of sequential shooting modes to suit their subject. High-Speed Sequence mode allows users to shoot up to 4 frames at a speed of 3 frames per second in all image quality modes except TIFF mode. Normal Sequence mode allows users to shoot up to 10 frames at a speed of 1.4 frames per second in HQ mode.
1.8-inch Multi-Angle LCD Monitor for Easy Framing
A 130,000-pixel 1.8-inch high-definition multi-angle LCD monitor that tilts on the vertical axis is built into the camera. Because the monitor is positioned in line with the lens, there is minimal discrepancy between the image shown on the monitor and the image captured by the CCD when shooting horizontally oriented images. The monitor angle is also freely adjustable, allowing it to be used as a viewfinder when taking self-portraits.
Optical Viewfinder Optimized for Wide-Angle Shooting
The optical viewfinder is optimally positioned to eliminate the frustration of image cutoff that can occur with wide-angle digital cameras. In addition, viewfinder optics are specifically designed to suppress the peripheral distortion associated with wide-angle lenses.
Rugged Construction, Designed for Easy Handling and Operation
The ruggedly constructed magnesium-alloy body has a solid, high-quality feel with superb balance and handling. Flash modes, exposure compensation, and other frequently used features can be directly activated via buttons and levers that are positioned for easy access when shooting. Designed to offer outstanding ease of use to both digital and film camera users, the body fits comfortably in the hand and offers stable handling that helps prevent blurring caused by camera shake.
Dual Memory Card Slots
Two memory card slots are provided: one for xD Picture Card media, and one for CompactFlash or MicroDrive media.* As a result, users have a choice of three different types of media, and can keep two different types loaded to provide ample capacity for high-volume shooting. A data copying function also allows image data to copied between the two slots.
* CompactFlash and MicroDrive media cannot be used simultaneously.
Versatile Shooting Modes
A Program Shift mode is provided in addition to the normal Program mode. Users can also exercise their creativity by selecting Shutter-Speed-Priority, Aperture-Priority, or Manual mode. Five Scene Program modes (Portrait, Sports, Landscape-Portrait, Landscape, and Night Scene) make it easy to obtain optimum exposures in a variety of shooting situations.
Histogram Display
Histograms that graphically represent the relationship between light reflected from the subject and current exposure settings can be displayed during or after shooting. In addition to a chart display, there is also an image view in which overexposed highlights and underexposed shadows are indicated by superimposing red or green marks on the image. As a result, users can exercise more precise exposure control, and better achieve their creative intent. For added convenience, the histogram function can now me activated via the exposure compensation button as well as via the settings menu. In addition, the location of the histogram target can be adjusted while the histogram is being displayed, allowing users to check histogram data for specific areas of the composition as well as for the entire frame.
Scene Preset Function
A new Scene Preset function allows four of the camera's Scene Program modes (Normal, Portrait, Landscape, Night Scene) to be applied in Program Auto, Aperture-Priority, Shutter-Speed-Priority, Manual, My Mode, and Motion Video shooting modes. As a result, users can, for example, obtain the beautiful skin tones of Portrait mode when shooting in Aperture-Priority mode, allowing them to take advantage of the camera's settings while maintaining creative control.
8 'My Mode' Settings
Up to eight user-customizable 'My Mode' settings can be stored in memory, providing users with instant access to their most frequently used combinations of settings.
Autofocus Target Selection
A total of 13 different autofocus targets provide greater creative freedom by allowing users to focus on a specific area of the frame without altering the composition.
Super Control Panel Function
For increased operating ease, the image quality mode, shooting mode, aperture, shutter speed, ISO sensitivity and other settings that are displayed on the small LCD panel on the top of the camera can also be displayed in color, in a larger format, on the 1.8-inch LCD monitor on the rear of the camera.*
The LCD monitor cannot be used as a viewfinder when the Super Control Panel is being displayed.
Slave Mode
Slave mode is a flash mode that disables all pre-flash functions, allowing photographers to use the camera with flash-triggered slave flash units in a studio setting. 10-step flash brightness control is also provided.
RAW Data Storage
For professional printing and commercial photography that require high-level post-processing, image data can be saved in RAW data format. The data can then be trimmed or adjusted in the camera and resaved in JPEG or TIFF format while leaving the original RAW data intact. RAW data images can also be viewed on a PC using the included CAMEDIA Master 4.1 software.
VGA Streaming Video Recording
Broad motion streaming technology and the camera's new CCD make it possible to record high-quality VGA (640 x 480) movies that can be displayed on a standard television. In addition, users can utilize the full extent of available recording media memory (2GB max.) for continuous high-quality motion video recording with sound.
AF Illuminator
A built-in AF illuminator enables the autofocus system to focus accurately when shooting in extremely low light.
Super Macro Mode for Close-Up Shooting at a Distance of Only 3cm
Super Macro mode allows photographers to shoot subjects that are only 3cm away from the front of the lens. Because the focal length is fixed at approximately 50mm (35mm film camera equivalent), it is possible to take sharp, high-quality macro photos at class-leading magnification ratios. While taking advantage of the shallow depth of field, users can also fill the frame with a subject that measures only 27.2 x 36.6mm. In addition, a dedicated button allows Super Macro mode to be instantly activated at any time.
Grid/Guideline Display
A 9-segment grid/guideline can be superimposed on the image in the LCD monitor to confirm precise image composition when shooting.
PictBridge Support
The new PictBridge standard for direct printing is also supported. Users can simply connect the camera to a PictBridge-compliant printer such as the CAMEDIA P-10 "Photo Cube" digital photo printer (introduction date: TBA; open pricing) with a USB cable, and easily print images displayed on the built-in LCD monitor without using a computer.
Bayonet-Mount Conversion Lenses
By attaching an optional CLA-7 Conversion Lens Adapter to the camera, users can further expand their photographic horizons with the optional WCON-07C Conversion Lens for 19mm ultra-wide-angle shooting, and the TCON-17C Conversion Lens for 187mm telephoto shooting. The conversion lenses and adapter feature a bayonet mount for easy attachment and removal, and the adapter can also be used as a lens hood.
External Flash and Flash Bracket
A hot shoe on the top of the camera allows the use of an FL-50 External Flash Unit for creative TTL auto, auto, and manual flash photography. In addition, TTL auto, auto, and manual flash are also available with the compact FL-20 External Flash Unit. An FL-BKP02 Flash Bracket Pro and FL-CB05 Flash Cable allow either flash to be side-mounted.
The CAMEDIA C-5060WideZoom is the first compact camera in the industry to allow filters to be attached to the front of the lens. Three types of 40.5mm diameter filters are available to further extend pro-level creative shooting capabilities: the PRF-40.5 Lens Protection Filter, UVF-40.5 UV Filter, and PLF-40.5 PL Filter.
Power Supply Items
BLM-1 Lithium-Ion Battery
The BLM-1 is a 1500mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery that provides sufficient power for approximately 600 shots under normal operating conditions*. A BLM-1 battery and dedicated BCM-2 battery charger, which provides a full recharge in 6 hours, are included with the camera.
Test conditions for normal operation: repeated 2-shot shutter release followed by 10 minutes of rest; one zoom round trip per shot; HQ mode; LCD monitor on when shooting; flash activation on 50% of shots; no digital zoom, image display or file downloading; 25°C ambient temperature.
  BCM-1 High-Speed Battery Charger
An optional dedicated lithium-ion battery charger capable of recharging the BLM-1 battery in 2 hours is also available.
  B-HLD20 Power Battery Holder
A dedicated battery holder that can hold up to 2 BLM-1 lithium-ion batteries, providing power for approximately 1,000 shots under normal operating conditions with two fully charged batteries. Equipped with a shutter button, it also serves as a convenient grip when shooting with the camera rotated 90° and can be used with the camera's tiltable built-in LCD monitor to further explore the creative possibilities of vertically oriented framing.
  C-8AC AC Adapter
An AC adapter for extended shooting without worrying about battery life. Compatible with 100 - 240AC, it can be used overseas when fitted with an appropriate adapter plug.
LCD Monitor Hood
An optional FDL-02 LCD Monitor Hood is available to shield the LCD monitor from overhead and side light.
Convenient Remote Control
The multi-function RM-1 Remote Control unit allows zoom functions, shutter release, and image playback to be operated by remote control. In addition, a RM-CB1 Remote Cable can be connected to the B-HLD20 Power Battery Holder and used to take long time exposures.
Water Protector
The PT-020 Water Protector allows outdoor photography in adverse weather conditions and provides waterproof protection for underwater photography to a depth of 40 meters. The PT-020 is also Olympus' first system-type protector, and can be fitted with a PPO-02 Wide Port to allow use of the CLA-7 Conversion Lens Adapter and WCON-07C Wide Conversion Lens for ultra-wide-angle underwater shooting. In addition, a PFL-01 Water Protector allows the FL-20 External Flash Unit to be used for TTL Auto underwater flash photography.
Camera Case
A black, high-quality, genuine leather CSCH-16 Semi-Hard Camera Case with strap and easy-to-carry CSCH-17 Soft Camera Case are available to protect the camera when it is not in use.
Camera Bag
A CBG-01 Camera Bag makes it easy to carry the CAMEDIA C-5060WideZoom and essential accessories on trips.
xD Picture Card Media and Devices
CF Card Adapter
The MACF-10 CF Card Adapter allows xD Picture Cards to be used in the CompactFlash memory card slot and in printers that use CompactFlash memory media.
  USB Reader/Writer & PC Card Adapter
The MAUSB-10 USB Reader/Writer and the MAPC-10 PC Card Adapter make it easy to download xD Picture Card data to a PC.
A convenient keychain-type MAH-01 Media Holder; avail. late November) provides portable protection for up to 4 xD Picture Cards.
*Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. was changed to OLYMPUS CORPORATION as of October 1, 2003.
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