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October 7, 2003
Olympus Announces 5 New PictBridge-Compatible
Digital Cameras and A PictBridge-Compatible Printer
PictBridge-Compatible Compact Digital Cameras
CAMEDIA X-250 / CAMEDIA C745 Ultra Zoom / CAMEDIA C-755 Ultra Zoom
PictBridge-Compatible Digital Photo Printer
CAMEDIA P-10 "Photo Cube"
CAMEDIA C-745 Ultra Zoom CAMEDIA C-755 Ultra Zoom CAMEDIA C-755 Ultra Zoom Ebony Black
CAMEDIA C-745 Ultra Zoom CAMEDIA C-755 Ultra Zoom CAMEDIA C-755 Ultra Zoom
Ebony Black
Information in this news release applies to the Japanese market only.
Olympus Corporation (President: Tsuyoshi Kikukawa) is pleased to introduce five new digital cameras that comply with the PictBridge standard for direct printing via a camera-to-printer cable connection, with no computer required. A PictBridge-enabled CAMEDIA P-10 Digital Photo Printer will also be offered.
The cameras to be released include the CAMEDIA X-250, which is a standard model targeted at entry-level users, the µ-15 DIGITAL and µ-25 DIGITAL, which have sleek, compact, all-weather metal bodies, and the CAMEDIA C-745 Ultra Zoom and CAMEDIA C-755 Ultra Zoom, which offer 10x optical zoom. Joining the other popular models that have been introduced this year, these new cameras bring PictBridge compatibility to the Olympus digital camera lineup.
To commemorate shipment of the one-millionth camera in the CAMEDIA Ultra Zoom series, a special CAMEDIA C-755 Ultra Zoom Ebony Black model with a limited production run of 10,000 units will also be offered.
Main Features
The CAMEDIA X-250 is a standard model targeted at entry-level users. It features 3x optical zoom and 3.2-megapixel imaging, and is designed to make high-quality digital imaging easy and accessible to everyone.
High-Quality 3.2-Megapixel Imaging with Full-Auto Easy Operation
Designed primarily for point-and-shoot, full-auto operation, the compact CAMEDIA X-250 has a 3.2-megapixel CCD and a high-performance 3x optical zoom lens that deliver excellent image quality.
Large, 1.8-Inch LCD Monitor
Although compact and easy to carry, the CAMEDIA X-250 is equipped with a high-definition, 85,000-pixel, 1.8-inch monitor for easy viewing.
All-in-One Packaging
Everything needed to store, view, and edit digital photos is included with the camera. A video cable and a USB computer/printer cable are included, as well as easy-to-use CAMEDIA Master 4.1, image editing and file management software. Using only the items included with the camera, even first-time users can easily capture images, view them on a standard TV, print them directly from the camera, and edit and manage their photo library.
PictBridge Support
The CAMEDIA X-250 complies with the PictBridge standard for direct photo printing without the use of a computer. As a result, high-quality prints can be obtained simply by connecting the camera to a PictBridge-enabled printer with the included USB cable.
Full-Barrier Design with a Stylish Hairline Finish
The body features basically the same design as the popular CAMEDIA Compact series, and has a full lens barrier that also serves as an ON/OFF switch. A stylish hairline finish on the barrier refines the camera's looks and feeling of quality. The camera's progressive yet simple styling is designed to appeal to a broad range of users, and its clean, smooth lines make it exceptionally easy to hold.
µ-15 DIGITAL & µ-25 DIGITAL :

The µ-15 DIGITAL and µ-25 DIGITAL are new additions to the µ[mju:] DIGITAL series that first introduced all-weather metal-bodied cameras to the world. They are distinguished by their stylish design, high image quality, and ease of use.
Compact, All-Weather Metal Bodies
Exclusive Olympus all-weather technologies assure protection equivalent to IEC Standard Publication 529 IPX4 (protection against water splashed from any direction) - a difficult feat to achieve on a digital camera. As a result, users don't have to worry about the camera getting wet when shooting in the rain or at beaches, pools, and ski resorts.
Stylish, Flowing Body Lines
The design concept for the µ DIGITAL series is "light," and the camera's bodies reflect light differently depending on the angle they are viewed from. Constructed of richly textured metal, they have sleek flowing lines that make them attractive to look at and a pleasure to hold. In addition, the lens barriers feature a unique design accent - "light rays" radiating in four directions from the "M" in the Olympus logo - that was created using Olympus acrylic lens production technologies. The µ-15 DIGITAL features an aquamarine lens barrier, and the µ-25 DIGITAL features a new gold-colored lens barrier; both models exude an air of stylish high quality.
Top-Class Digital Camera Startup Speed and Response
With a startup time of approximately 2 seconds (from power-on to shutter-ready), and a shutter release lag time that rivals film cameras at 0.4 seconds (from shutter button press to image capture), both cameras offer fast, responsive, frustration-free shooting.
PictBridge Compatibility
Compliance with PictBridge standards assures easy photo printing via the included USB cable.

Two new additions to the CAMEDIA Ultra Zoom series, which - with its 10x optical zoom power- has proved extremely popular with sports fans and families with small children.
A 10x Optical Zoom Lens and a 4.0-Megapixel CCD for High-Quality, Ultra-Telephoto Shooting
Retaining the successful CAMEDIA Ultra Zoom formula of teaming a high-power zoom lens with a high-resolution CCD, the CAMEDIA C-745 Ultra Zoom is equipped with a 10x optical zoom lens and a 3.2-megapixel CCD, while the CAMEDIA C-755 Ultra Zoom is a equipped with a 10x optical zoom lens and a 4.0-megapixel CCD, for ultra-telephoto performance with superb image quality.
CAMEDIA C-755 Ultra Zoom: Super Zoom Mode for 14x Zoom at 2 Megapixels
Featured for the first time on the CAMEDIA C-755 Ultra Zoom, Super Zoom mode extracts 2 megapixels of image data from the central portion of a 4-megapixel image shot at 10x optical zoom, and delivers an image whose quality and magnification are equivalent to a 2-megapixel image shot at 14x optical zoom.
10x Zoom Power, Yet Compact and Easy to Carry
Both cameras have a body that measures just 107.5mm(W) x 68mm(D) x 66mm(H). So despite their high zoom power, they are exceptionally slim, compact, and easy to carry.
A Full Complement of Motion Video Functions
Featuring the broad motion streaming technology that was first introduced on the CAMEDIA C-730 Ultra Zoom, these cameras allow the full extent of available storage media memory to be used for motion video recording. As a result, users can record up to 112 minutes of full-motion video (when using a 512MB xD Picture Card), and enjoy both still and video shooting without the hassle of carrying a separate video camera.
A Wide Range of Accessories for Versatile Shooting Capability
Both cameras accept 0.7 wide-angle and 1.7 telephoto conversion lenses. When using the wide-angle conversion lens, users can shoot at 27mm (35mm film camera equivalent), and when using the telephoto conversion lens, they can boost the maximum optical zoom focal length of 380mm to 646mm (35mm film camera equivalent). When optical and digital zoom are used in combination (equivalent to 1520mm telephoto) with the telephoto conversion lens, the maximum focal length is extended to 2584mm – a truly amazing level of power to obtain from such a compact camera. In addition, accessories such as the FL-20 External Flash Unit and PT-018 Water Protector for underwater shooting to a depth of 40m can also be used, further expanding the cameras' shooting capabilities.
PictBridge Support
The CAMEDIA C-745 Ultra Zoom and CAMEDIA C-755 Ultra Zoom comply with the PictBridge standard for direct photo printing without the use of a computer. As a result, high-quality prints can be obtained simply by connecting the cameras to a PictBridge-enabled printer with the included USB cable.
Limited-Edition CAMEDIA C-755 Ultra Zoom Ebony Black Model
In response to the requests of numerous customers, and to commemorate the one-millionth CAMEDIA Ultra Zoom series camera to be shipped since the original CAMEDIA C-700 Ultra Zoom was introduced in April 2001, a limited production run of 10,000 Ebony Black CAMEDIA C-755 Ultra Zoom cameras will also be offered.
Supports PictBridge Direct Printing from Digital Cameras via USB Cable
The CAMEDIA P-10 "Photo Cube" is the first Olympus photo printer to support the PictBridge standard for direct printing from a digital camera. Direct printing via a simple USB cable connection is possible with any digital camera that complies with the standard, regardless of manufacturer.
Superior Color Fidelity, and Water and Weather Resistance
The CAMEDIA P-10's high-performance print engine can render the subtle gradations of natural skin tones, as well as hair and other fine details, with excellent color and fidelity. A protective overcoat provides high resistance to ozone damage, light, moisture, smudging, and fingerprints, assuring "100-year" print life.*
*  Durability equivalent to 100 years has been confirmed in in-house color-fading acceleration tests under album storage conditions. (In-house test criteria: acceleration testing at temperatures of 50°C and 60°C, humidity 20%, in light-protected storage resulting in loss of optical density less than 20%.)
L-Size Prints in Just 40 Seconds
L-size prints can be produced in just 40 seconds; postcard-size prints can be produced in just 44 seconds.
Completely Borderless Prints
A new drum-type paper feed mechanism achieves truly borderless printing for the first time in a home-use dye-sublimation photo printer. As a result, there is no need to trim prints, and there are no annoying perforated edges to worry about. Users can choose to print with or without borders at the time of printing.
Simple, Compact Design
The compact, cube-like unit measures just 196mm (W) x 190mm(D) x 166mm(H), and has a stylish design that is attractive enough for the living room. Paper feed trays, ink ribbons, and other items can be stored inside the printer itself, assuring clean, uncluttered lines that further add to the unit's good looks.
P-P40 postcard-size photo paper (40 sheets) + ink ribbon set
P-L40 L-size photo paper (40 sheets) + ink ribbon set
About PictBridge
PictBridge is the informal name for the CIPA standards officially known as "CIPADC-001-2003 Digital Photo Solutions for Imaging Devices." Established to define industry-wide standards for digital camera direct printing, the standards were released by the Camera & Imaging Products Association (CIPA) in February 2003. The standards allow digital cameras and printers produced by different manufacturers to be used together to print images directly from the camera.
  In December 2002, Olympus announced its support for DPS standards, the predecessor of PictBridge, in cooperation with five other printer and digital camera manufacturers. CIPA subsequently reviewed the standards and officially announced the release of PictBridge in February 2003. Now, with the release of its first PictBridge-compliant products, Olympus has renewed its commitment to promote the standards, and to contribute to the future growth of the digital camera and photo printer industries.
*Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. was changed to OLYMPUS CORPORATION as of October 1, 2003.
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