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October 7, 2003
Specifications of
CAMEDIA C-745 Ultra Zoom / C-755 Ultra Zoom
  C-755 Ultra Zoom C-745 Ultra Zoom
Number of Effective Pixels
4.0 million pixels 3.2 million pixels
Image Pickup Element
Lens Structure 11 elements in 7 groups, Olympus multivariator zoom lens
Includes 2 glass aspherical lenses and 1 ED lens
Focal Length 6.3 - 63 mm
(Equivalent to 35mm zoom in 38 - 380 mm film format)
F No. F2.8(W) / F3.7(T)
Digital Zoom Seamless to 40x
(10x optical and 4x digital combined)
Seamless to 30x
(10x optical and 3x digital combined)
Working Range
Standard mode: 0.6 m - infinity(W) / 2.0m - infinity(T)
Macro mode: 0.07 m - 0.6 m(W) / 1.2 m – 2.0 m(W)
Super Macro mode: up to 0.03m
(In Super Macro mode, the zoom range is fixed and the built-in flash is disabled.)
Recording Still Image:
Recording System
JPEG (DCF:Design rule for Camera File system)
TIFF non-compression, DPOF compatible, Exif2.2
Print Image Matching II
Still Image:
Storage Capacity

*When using bundled 16 MB xD-Picture Card without sound
2288 x 1712 /
TIFF: 1 image
SHQ: Approx. 5 images,
HQ: Approx. 16 images
2288 x 1560(3:2* )  /
  TIFF: 1 image,
SHQ: Approx. 6 images,
HQ: Approx. 18 images
2048 x 536 /
  TIFF:1 image
SQ1 (High): Approx. 8 images,
SQ1 (Normal): Approx. 20 images
1600 x 1200 /
  TIFF: 2 images,
SQ1(High):Approx.11 images,
SQ1 (Normal):
Approx. 32 images
1280 x 960 /
  TIFF: 4 images,
SQ1(High): Approx.17images,
SQ1(Normal): Approx. 49 images
1024 x 768 /
  TIFF: 6 images
SQ2 (High): Approx.26 images
SQ2 (Normal): Approx. 76 images
640 x 480 /
  TIFF: 16 images,
SQ2 (High): Approx.66 images,
SQ2 (Normal):Approx. 165 images
3200 x 2400(Enlarge  Size) /
  SHQ: Approx. 2 images
HQ: Approx. 8 images
*3:2 is the same vertical-horizontal ratio as 35mm film
2048 x 1536 /
TIFF: 1 image
SHQ: Approx. 8 images,
HQ: Approx. 20 images
2048 x 1360(3:2*) /
  TIFF: 1 image,
SHQ: Approx. 8 images,
HQ: Approx. 22 images
1600 x 1200 /
  TIFF: 2 images,
SQ1(High):Approx.11 images,
SQ1 (Normal):Approx. 32 images
1280 x 960 /
  TIFF: 4 images,
SQ1(High):Approx. 17images,
SQ1 (Normal): Approx.49 images
1024 x 768 /
  TIFF: 6 images
SQ2 (High): Approx.26 images
SQ2 (Normal): Approx,
76 images
640 x 480 /
  TIFF: 16 images,
SQ2 (High): Approx.66 images,
SQ2 (Normal): Approx.
165 image
3200 x 2400(Enlarge Size)  /
  Approx. 2 images
HQ: Approx. 8 images
*3:2 is the same vertical-horizontal ratio as 35mm film
Motion Image:
Recording System
QuickTime Motion JPEG support
*w / sound for C-755 Ultra Zoom
(Frame rate: 15fps)
Motion Image:
Storage Capacity
( w / o voice)
320 x 240 pixels (HQ): Approx. 48 sec. (16MB)
160 x 120 pixels (SQ): Approx. 211 sec. (16MB)
Recording System
WAVE Format compatible -
Recording Media xD-Picture Card (16, 32, 64,128,256, 512 MB)
Viewfinder 0.44-inch TFT color EVF
Approx. 180,000 pixels
LCD Monitor Size / Type 1.5-inch TFT color LCD (low-temperature polysilicon)
Number of Pixels Approx. 114,000 pixels
Playback Still Image:
Magnification: 1.5x / 2.0x / 2.5x / 3.0x / 3.5x / 4.0x
Still Image:
Index display
Divided into 4 / 9 / 16 parts
Still Image:
Image rotation
90 degrees / - 90 degrees
Still Image:
Motion Image:
Normal, Frame - by - frame, Fast-Forward, Rewind
Sound Playback Yes
(Also with Internal Speaker)
Sensitivity AUTO Yes
Fixed ISO approx. 50 / 100 / 200 / 400 ISO approx. 100 / 200 / 400
Focusing System Auto Focus TTL iESP autofocus (contrast detection system) / 
Spot AF / Fulltime AF / AF target selection
Manual Focus Manual Focus Settings on gauge display
Still Image:
Exposure Control
Mode Programmed Auto
Scene programmed
(portraits, sports, landscape-portrait, landscape, night scene, self-portrait)
My Mode (Customized: My1, My2, My3, My4)
Aperture W:F2.8-8.0  T:F3.7-8.0
Shutter Speed 1 to 1 / 1000 sec
(Manual: up to 16 sec. / Night scene & Slow Shutter Synchronization: up to 4 sec.)
Exposure Compensation ±2EV in 1 / 3EV-step increments metering
AE Lock Yes
(excluding TIFF)
  Selectable from 1 / 3EV, 2 / 3EV and 1EV steps
Number of Shots 3 / 5 shots *Vary by image size
White Balance
Full-auto (iESP II)
Presets (Daylight, overcast, tungsten light, fluorescent light1: Daylight, fluorescent light2: White Daylight, fluorescent light3: White)
±7 Adjustment
Photometric Systems
Digital ESP metering
Spot metering system (Multi)
Flash Flash Working Range W: Approx. 0.3m - 4.5m T: Approx. 1.2m - 3.5m
Flash Modes
Auto (automatic flash activation in low light or backlight)
Red-eye reduction
Slow shutter synchronization (first-curtain / second-curtain)
Slow shutter synchronization (first-curtain with red-eye reduction)
Flash Compensation ±2EV in 1 / 3EV-step increments metering
Sequence Mode Normal Speed Approx. 1.3 frames / sec.
(in HQ mode) up to 8 frames
Approx. 1.4 frames / sec.
(in HQ mode) up to 11 frames
High Speed Approx. 1.8 frames / sec.
up to 2 frames
Approx. 2.0 frames / sec.
up to 3 frames
Special Functions Image Setting Sharpness: ±5  Contrast: ±5 Saturation:  ±5
Function Shooting Monochrome, Sepia, White board and Black board modes,
Crop and merge (2 in 1) function
Panorama Yes (only with Olympus xD-Picture card and Camedia Master)
Customized Shortcut setting, Custom button setting, Language options
Still Image Edit Resize (640x480, 320x240), Trimming
Motion Image Edit Cut, Index image creation *Limited to certain files.
Special Image Editing TruePic, Enlarge mode in printing, Noise Reduction
Histogram indication

Depending on printer specifications, some functions may not be supported
Supported Printers Any Pict-Bridge-enabled printer
Size Settings
Varies according to printer (up to A0 supported)
Print Settings Single-image print, multi-image print (up to 10), all image print (1 copy each), all image index print, date imprinting, file name printing (avail. only with single-image, multi-image, and all image print functions)
Print Layout Full-page (with / without border), multi-pane (2 - 250 multi-pane layout of single image)
DPOF DPOF print scheduling
External PC USB interface ( Win XP / Me / 98 / 2000, Mac OS 9.0 - 9.2 / X)
Connectors TV (NTSC) Video output terminal
(Audio: Monaural)
(Switchable NTSC / PAL)
Video output terminal
External Flash Hot shoe -
Remote Control RM-1(Optional) -
Power Supply DC input terminal
Power Supply AC adaptor C-8AC (Optional)
Battery Two lithium battery packs (CR-V3)
Four AA Ni-MH batteries
Four Ni-Cd batteries
Four alkaline
Four lithium
Dimension 107.5 (W) x 66.0 (H) x 68 (D) mm
(excluding protrusions)
107.5 (W) x 66.0 (H) x 68.5 (D) mm
(excluding protrusions)
Weight 305g (excluding batteries and
media card)
295g (excluding batteries and
media card)
Camera case
xD-Picture Card (16MB)
USB cable
AV cable Video Cable
Lens cap
Strap for lens cap
CD-ROM (CAMEDIA Information Disk)
Two 3V lithium battery packs (LB-01 2P)
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