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October 7, 2003
Olympus Announces Underwater Case for
CAMEDIA C-5060 Wide Zoom, External Flash
and Wide Conversion Lens
PT-020 PFL-01 PPO-02
PT-020 PFL-01 PPO-02
The information contained in this news release applies only to the Japanese market.
Olympus Corporation (President:Tsuyoshi  Kikukawa) is pleased to announce the introduction of the PT-020 Underwater Case. The PT-020 is designed for use with the Olympus CAMEDIA C-5060 Wide Zoom, a 5.1-megapixel high-performance compact digital camera with a 27-110mm (35mm film camera equivalent) wide-angle 4x optical zoom lens that makes the CAMEDIA C-5060 Wide Zoom the first compact digital camera in the world to offer true wide-angle shooting capability.
Concurrent with this, Olympus will also introduce a PFL-01 Underwater Case for the compact yet powerful FL-20 Flash Unit, making it possible for the first time for users to enjoy the benefits of TTL flash photography when shooting underwater with a compact digital camera. In addition, a PPO-02 Wide Port will be offered to allow the CLA-7 Conversion Lens Adapter and WCON-07C Wide Conversion Lens to be used for underwater shooting. In the future, Olympus will continue to expand this "CAMEDIA Underwater Case System" to provide users with even more underwater shooting capabilities and accessory choices.
Main Features of the CAMEDIA C-5060 Wide Zoom Digital Camera and PT-020 Underwater Case
Class-Leading Image Quality and the World's First 27mm Wide-Angle Capability
The CAMEDIA C-5060 Wide Zoom is the first compact digital camera in the world to feature a 27-110mm (35mm film camera equivalent) 4x optical zoom lens with outstanding wide-angle shooting capability. The camera also features 5.1-megapixel imaging, and brings true wide-angle shooting capability - even underwater - to the prosumer market segment where demand for wide-angle capabilities has not previously been met. The camera's fast autofocusing and quick response time also reduce "missed opportunities" and, when using the PT-020 Underwater Case, make it easy to capture extremely high-quality images underwater.
Versatile Shooting Functions
A Super Macro function allows shooting from a distance of just 3cm, making it possible to take dramatic close-up photos of sea hares (Aplysia) and other small sea creatures. A "My Mode" function allows up to 8 user-defined combinations of camera settings to be stored in memory, so users can quickly switch modes to suit current diving conditions or the subject at hand. In addition, they can fine-tune the white balance to better capture the blue color tones of the underwater environment, and use the histogram function to easily confirm exposure values in every area of the frame.
PPO-02 Wide Port and WCON-07C Conversion Lens for Extended Wide-Angle Capabilities
A dedicated CLA-7 Conversion Lens Adapter and WCON-07C Wide Conversion Lens are available for CAMEDIA C-5060 Wide Zoom. The WCON-07C is a high-quality lens developed specifically for the CAMEDIA C-5060 Wide Zoom, and can be used in conjunction with the PPO-02 Wide Port to provide 19mm (35mm film camera equivalent, on land) ultra-wide-angle underwater shooting capability.
Improved Underwater Security and Reliability
The PT-020 Underwater Case is constructed of high-durability polycarbonate resin and can withstand the atmospheric pressures encountered at depths of up to 40 meters. It also features double o-ring seals and safety buckles that ensure a secure, high-integrity seal between the Underwater Case and Wide Port bodies.
Main Features of the FL-20 External Flash Unit and PFL-01 Water Protector
Full-Featured Underwater TTL Auto Flash Capability
The compact yet powerful FL-20 dedicated external flash has a guide number of 20, and when used in combination with the PFL-01 Underwater Case, makes it the first compact digital camera external flash unit in the world to offer TTL Auto flash capability. Its high power allows it to deliver the illumination needed for deep water and distant subjects, and it comes with a diffuser to eliminate harsh shadows when shooting up close. A mode dial also allows users to switch from TTL Auto to Manual mode for creative flash photography in a wide range of situations. (Regular Auto mode not available when using the PFL-01)
Specifications of PT-020 Underwater Case and PFL-01 Water Protector
Protector PT-020 PFL-01
Compatible Models CAMEDIA C-5060 Wide Zoom FL-20
Pressure Resistance 40 m 40 m
Protector Structure double O-ring seals double O-ring seals
Main Material Polycarbonate resin, brass, stainless steel, FLtempered glass, silicone, aluminum, rubber(NBR) Polycarbonate resin, acrylic resin, brass, stainless steel, silicone, rubber(NBR)
(not including LCD hood)
165(W) x 143(H) x 127(D) mm 111.5(W) x 154.2(H) x 76.2(D) mm
Weight 810 g
(not including LCD hood and hand strap)
325 g
(not including Diffuser,TTL Cable)
Hand strap, grease for silicone O-ring, silica gel, pick for O-ring removal, balance weight, LCD hood, buckle opener, lens cap, Cap for TTL cable connector, Instruction manual Under water TTL cable, Hot-shoe cable, Screw for arm installation, Adapter for arm installation,Diffuser, grease for silicone O-ring,silica gel, pick for O-ring removal,buckle opener, Cap for TTL cable connector, Instruction manual
Specifications of PPO-02 Wide Port
Wide Port PPO-02
Compatible Models Water Protector PT-020
Pressure Resistance 40 m
Protector Structure double O-ring seals
Main Material Polycarbonate resin, brass, stainless steel, FL tempered glass,
silicone, rubber(NBR), ABS
(not including LCD hood)
max. diameter 149 mm x 78.5(D) mm
Weight 552 g
(not including lens cap)
grease for silicone O-ring, pick for O-ring removal, lens cap
*Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. was changed to OLYMPUS CORPORATION as of October 1, 2003.
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