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October 10, 2003
Olympus Begins Offering "OLYMPUS GLOBAL PRO SERVICE"
Exclusively For Professional Users
*Information in this news release applies to the Japanese market only.
Olympus Corporation ( President: Tsuyoshi Kikukawa ) is pleased to announce today's release of the "Olympus E-System", a digital single-lens reflex ( SLR ) camera system with interchangeable lenses designed and developed exclusively for digital photography and compliant with Four Thirds System standards. The company will also launch the "Olympus Global Pro Service" exclusively for professional users in Japan, the United States and Europe*.
The "Olympus E-System" is a digital single-lens reflex ( SLR ) camera system with interchangeable lenses developed solely for digital photography and designed to achieve high quality digital images. The system also adopts the Four Thirds System standards. Sales began today for the main features of the system, the E-1 body and four interchangeable "ZUIKO DIGITAL" lenses plus accessories, which are made for professionals. Olympus also uses this occasion to announce the upcoming launch of its exclusive "Olympus Global Pro Service" for professional users.
The "Olympus Global Pro Service" is offered exclusively to registered, professional users of the "Olympus E-System", who must meet certain predetermined criteria. After registering, an ID card is issued, enabling the professional user to take advantage of attentive support worldwide, accessible by the user's ID number. The exclusive technical support will first start in Japan, Asia, Europe and North America and will gradually expand elsewhere. In addition to this type of face-to-face, over-the-counter technical support, Olympus will simultaneously launch the Olympus Global Pro Service information Website to offer extensive support services to professional users.
The actual launch date may vary in different regions.
*Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. was changed to OLYMPUS CORPORATION as of October 1, 2003.
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