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October 10, 2003
Olympus Announces Plans for Zuiko Digital
Interchangeable Lenses for Olympus E-System
Information in this news release applies to the Japanese market only.
Olympus Corporation (President: Tsuyoshi Kikukawa) has announced it will develop and market five new Zuiko Digital interchangeable lenses in 2004, followed by more new lenses in and after 2005, in order to further expand its lineup of lenses. Zuiko Digital is a series of interchangeable lenses for the Olympus E-System, which was planned and developed specifically for digital photography and uses the new Four Thirds System standard.
Olympus E-System
The Olympus E-System was planned and developed specifically to deliver digital high quality images by adopting the Four Thirds System standard. The first phase of this system, consisting of the pro-oriented E-1 body, four Zuiko Digital interchangeable lenses and other accessories, will go on sale, and further efforts to expand the series are underway.
Zuiko Digital Lenses
Olympus plans to market additional interchangeable lenses, starting with the Zuiko Digital 11~22mm, f 2.8~3.5 wide-angle zoom lens (equivalent to 22~44mm on a 35mm film camera) in 2004. Thereafter, the company will develop an even wider-angle lens, creating an ultra-wide-angle lens lineup to meet today’s strong demand for wide-angle lenses. It also plans to develop new first-aperture telephoto lenses that capitalize on the ability of the Four Thirds System to realize first- aperture with minimum weight and bulk. Follow up on the first in this series, the Zuiko Digital 300mm, f 2.8 high-power telephoto lens (equivalent to 600mm on a 35mm film camera) which is produced to order, the company aims to develop other first-aperture fixed focal telephoto lens. Further development of first-aperture telephoto zoom lenses is also scheduled to enhance the product series that began with the Zuiko Digital 50~200mm, f 2.8~3.5 telephoto zoom lens (equivalent to 100~400mm on a 35mm film camera). In 2005 and beyond, Olympus intends to develop and market various other types of bright, first-aperture fixed focal lenses, as well as first-aperture standard zoom and telephoto zoom lenses.
In addition to the four lenses that will be part of the initial system lineup, through the subsequent launch of other new interchangeable lenses, Olympus will endeavor to create a full lens system lineup to meet the photographic needs of professionals and other high-requirement users.
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*Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. was changed to OLYMPUS CORPORATION as of October 1, 2003.
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