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February 16, 2004
Olympus Announces CAMEDIA C-8080 Wide Zoom
Ultra-High-Quality Compact Digital Camera with Fast-Aperture 28-140mm 5x Optical Zoom Lens and Class-Leading 8-Megapixel Image Quality
Best-of-class image quality with 8 million effective pixels
Fast-aperture 28-140mm 5x optical zoom lens
TruePic TURBO image processor for enhanced clarity and speed
CAMEDIA C-8080 Wide Zoom
CAMEDIA C-8080 Wide Zoom
The information contained in this news release applies only to the Japanese market.
Olympus Corporation (President:Tsuyoshi Kikukawa) is pleased to introduce the CAMEDIA C-8080 Wide Zoom, an ultra-high-quality compact digital camera equipped with a fast-aperture 28-140mm* 5x optical zoom lens and an 8-megapixel CCD (8 million effective pixels).
Positioned at the top of the Olympus CAMEDIA series line, the CAMEDIA C-8080 Wide Zoom has a high-definition CCD with an effective pixel count of 8.0 megapixels, and a newly developed ultra-high-performance, fast-aperture, 28-140mm 5x optical zoom lens that is specifically designed to maximize the CCD's performance. It features Olympus' newly developed TruePic TURBO image processor, and offers the highest image quality of any camera in its class. A wide range of conversion lenses and system accessories are also available, assuring a level system performance that compares with many interchangeable-lens-type digital SLR cameras.
The CAMEDIA C-8080 Wide Zoom is also equipped with a variety of other advanced features that support high-image-quality photography, including a 240,000-pixel ultra-high-performance LCD electronic viewfinder (EVF) and a high-quality, 1.8-inch, multi-angle, "Sunshine LCD" (Semi-Transmissive TFT Color LCD) that can be tilted on the vertical axis. Designed in every respect for improved operation and full-featured performance, the CAMEDIA C-8080 Wide Zoom offers high-speed processing and an ultra-fast startup time of just 0.7 seconds.
35mm camera equivalent
Main Features
8-Megapixel (Effective) CCD for High-Definition Imaging that Surpasses Many Popular Digital SLRs
With its 8-megapixel CCD, the CAMEDIA C-8080 Wide Zoom boasts the highest effective pixel count of any camera in its class, and delivers high-definition images that surpass those of many popular digital SLR cameras. Thanks to its high resolution, it can capture and brilliantly reproduce 28mm (35mm camera equivalent) wide-angle scenic shots and other types of photos where it has previously been difficult to obtain sufficient high-definition image detail.
Fast-Aperture, High-Performance ED28-140mm* 5x Optical Zoom Lens with a Maximum Aperture of F2.4 at 28mm
* 35mm camera equivalent
Paired with the camera's 8-megapixel (effective) CCD is an ultra-high-performance, 13-group, 15-element zoom lens that offers the highest image quality in this class. Incorporating three elements made of low-refractive-index, extra-low-dispersion ED glass, as well as two aspherical elements, it corrects chromatic aberration and suppresses wide-angle distortion to achieve sharp, class-leading resolution across the entire focal length range. To reduce ghosting and flares to an absolute minimum, many of the lens elements are also multi-coated, and a flower-shaped lens hood is included as standard equipment. When used in tandem with the camera's digital zoom function, the lens offers a total of 15x seamless zoom.
Newly Developed TruePic TURBO Image Processor for Even Higher Image Quality and Speed TruePic TURBO
The newly developed Olympus TruePic TURBO image processor improves high-resolution clarity and reduces noise for clearer and more natural imaging. In addition, it also increases processing speed and reduces recording/playback response time.
Ultra-High-Speed Startup and Class-Leading Autofocusing and Shutter Release Response Speeds for Stress-Free Operation
Ultra-high-speed startup of just 0.7 seconds was achieved by optimizing the lens drive mechanism and speeding up the startup system check. Responsive and stress-free shooting is also ensured by a dual AF system that uses a passive sensor and CCD-based TTL contrast detection to offer a class-leading autofocus response speed of approximately 0.3 seconds, with a maximum shutter release lag time of approximately 55 milliseconds.
SLR-Quality Body Design, Materials and Construction for High Rigidity and Superior Handling
The ruggedly constructed magnesium-alloy body has a satisfying feel that perfectly reflects the camera's high quality and performance. Ergonomic design assures outstanding handling and operating ease, with a comfortable grip that allows the camera to fit naturally in the hand. Thirteen of the most frequently used functions, including flash and exposure compensation, are accessible via thoughtfully placed buttons that allow fast, easy adjustment without using the settings menu. In addition, buttons are placed to allow easy operation when the camera is held in a shooting position.
Class-Leading 240,000-Pixel Electronic Viewfinder for Optical-Viewfinder-Like Shooting Ease
In addition to a 240,000-pixel LCD, the electronic viewfinder (EVF) is equipped with a lens that optimizes the optical magnification to provide a high-definition view that is so detailed it's hard to believe it's an LCD image. The EVF also offers much faster screen redraw for improved response when tracking subjects, allowing users to shoot as they would with a normal optical viewfinder.
134,000-Pixel 1.8-Inch Multi-Angle Vertical-Tilt "Sunshine" LCD Monitor
A new Sunshine LCD (Semi-Transmissive TFT Color LCD) monitor provides significantly improved viewing ease in bright sunlight. The multi-angle monitor also tilts on the vertical axis, ensuring that there is minimal discrepancy between the image shown on the monitor and the image captured by the CCD when shooting horizontally oriented images. The tiltable LCD is also extremely handy when taking high-angle or low angle shots.
Direct Function Controls Greatly Simplify Shooting Mode Selection
A newly designed GUI (Graphical User Interface) for settings menu displayed on the EVD or LCD monitor makes it much easier and faster to select advanced shooting modes made via buttons and dials. The menu also allows users to customize button and dial function assignments, so that most of advanced shooting settings can be selected only via buttons, and exposure compensation can be selected only via a dial. It's a significant advantage in situations where controls need to be operated with one hand, such as when using a housing for underwater shooting.
480Mbps* USB 2.0 High-Speed Connectivity for Fast Image File Transfer
* at maximum (varies depending on the circumstances)
480Mbps USB 2.0 High Speed connectivity provides ultra-fast data transfer for stress-free downloading of the large image files that result from shooting at higher pixel counts.
Optional Conversion Lenses, External Flash Underwater Case, Poswer Battery Holder & Other Accessories
Bayonet-mount conversion lenses make it possible to enjoy 23mm wide-angle and 196mm telephoto shooting (35mm film camera equivalent).
A hot shoe on the top of the camera allows the use of an FL-50 External Flash Unit for creative TTL auto, auto, and manual flash photography. In addition, TTL auto, auto, and manual flash are also available with the compact FL-20 External Flash Unit.
The PT-023 Underwater Case provides waterproof protection for underwater photography to a depth of 40 meters. Housings to accommodate conversion lenses and external flash units will also be offered, allowing users to enjoy the highest class of image quality for digital underwater shooting (avail. April 2004).
The B-HLD30 Power Battery Holder holds up to 2 BLM-1 lithium-ion batteries, providing 1,500mAh of rechargeable battery power. It is also equipped with a convenient shutter button that allows the holder to be used as a grip when shooting vertically oriented photos.
Other Features
A Wide Range of Shutter Speeds
Shutter speeds of 16 sec. (up to 8 min. at Bulb setting) to 1/4000 sec. can be used at any f-stop setting.
High-Speed Sequential Shooting
1.6 fps high-speed sequential shooting of up to 5 frames is possible in all image quality modes except TIFF mode. 1.1 fps sequential shooting of up to 17 frames is possible in HQ mode.
Dual Memory Card Slots
Dual memory card slots provide support for xD Picture Card media, CompactFlash and MicroDrive media,* allowing two different types loaded simultaneously. A data copying function allows image data to copied between media in the two slots.
* CompactFlash and MicroDrive media cannot be used simultaneously.
Versatile Shooting Modes
Program Auto, Shutter-Speed-Priority, Aperture-Priority, and Manual modes are offered. A Bulb setting allows long exposures of up to 8 minutes.
Four Scene Program modes (Portrait, Sports, Landscape, and Night Scene) and Program Shift capability are offered.
Eight user-customizable settings configurations can be registered in memory as 'My Mode' settings.
Scene Preset Function
A Scene Preset function allows the four Scene Program modes (Portrait, Sports, Landscape, and Night Scene) to be applied in Program Auto, Shutter-Speed-Priority, Aperture-Priority, Manual, My Mode, and Movie shooting modes.
Autofocus Target Selection
Users can select from a total of 13 autofocus targets.
Slave Flash Mode
Allows the use of light-triggered slave flash units in a studio setting. 10-step flash brightness control is also provided.
Super Macro Shooting at a Distance of Only 5cm
Focal length is fixed at approximately 50mm (35mm film camera equivalent) to allow sharp, high-quality macro shooting with minimal distortion at class-leading magnification ratios.
A subject measuring only 48 x 36mm can fill the frame.
A dedicated button allows instantaneous activation.
Fine Control of All Image Quality Settings
All image quality settings can be fine-tuned for complete creative control over the final image. Controls include: +-7-step white balance control, +-2EV flash brightness control, and +-5-step adjustment of sharpness, contrast, hue, and color balance.
Grid/Guideline Display
A 9-segment grid and guidelines can be superimposed on the image in the EVF or LCD monitor to confirm precise image composition when shooting.
Histogram Display for Quick Identification of Overexposed Highlights and Underexposed Shadows
The relationship between light reflected from the subject and current exposure settings can be displayed on the LCD monitor as a histogram, with overexposed highlights marked in red and underexposed shadows marked in green for quick identification.
In addition to viewing exposure information for the entire frame, users can check specific areas of the composition by adjusting the location of the histogram chart target while the histogram is being displayed.
RAW Data Storage
For professional printing and commercial applications that require high-level post-processing, totally unprocessed image data can be saved in RAW data format. If desired, a JPEG version of the image can be simultaneously recorded. RAW data images can be edited either in the camera or with the included CAMEDIA Master 4.2 image editing software.
Super Control Panel Function
The image quality mode, shooting mode, aperture, shutter speed, ISO sensitivity and all other shooting information can be shown as a large color display on the LCD monitor.*
* The LCD monitor cannot be used as a viewfinder when the Super Control Panel is being displayed.
PictBridge Support for Direct Photo Printing
Users can easily print by operating on the camera's LCD monitor to any PictBridge-enabled printer without using a computer.
Still and Movie Shooting with Sound
Sound recording and playback are supported for both still and movie shooting.
Optional Accessories
Product Name
TCON-14D Tele Conversion Lens WCON-08D Wide Conversion Lens
CLA-8 Conversion Lens Adapter B-HLD30 Power Battery Holder
PT-023 Underwater Case PPO-05 Wide Port for PT-023
PFL-01 Underwater Case for FL-20 BLM-1 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
BCM-1 Lithium-Ion Battery Charger C-8AC AC Adapter
FL-50 External Flash FL-20 External Flash
FDL-01 LCD Monitor Hood RM-1 Multi-Function Remote Control
CSCH-18 Camera Case leather MAUSB-10 USB Reader/Writer
MAUSB-100 USB Reader/Writer MAPC-10 PC Card Adapter
MACF-10 CF Card Adapter MAH-01 Media Holder
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*Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. was changed to OLYMPUS CORPORATION as of October 1, 2003.
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