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February 16, 2004
Technical Information
TruePic TURBO Image Quality & Speed Improvements Offered
by The New TruePic TURBO Image Processor
The three components that most directly affect digital camera image quality and performance are the lens, the image pick up sensor, and the image processor. Of these three, the image processor plays a pivotal role as the "brains" of the digital camera, and it is this component that has recently benefited from important new advances in Olympus imaging technology. Known as the "TruePic TURBO image processor", it offers significantly improved image quality and faster processing speeds.
TruePic TURBO Technology & Performance Advantages
Improved Image Quality
Image quality has been improved in three key areas: color fidelity has been improved, SN (signal to noise) response has been improved, and high-resolution image clarity has been enhanced. The TruePic TURBO image processor achieves these improvements in image quality by incorporating the following three technologies.
Proper Gamma II Technology
Unlike conventional systems that take color-filtered input from the CCD and apply the same gamma adjustment to both color and luminance signals, Olympus' Proper Gamma II technology separates the color and luminance signals and calculates the optimum adjustment for each signal type individually. As a result, the camera's ability to recognize subtle tonal gradations is significantly enhanced, and the colors of the original subject are faithfully rendered.
Advanced Noise Filter II Technology
The Advanced Noise Filter II uses newly developed technology to discriminate between genuine image data and unwanted noise signal more accurately than previous filters. By preserving the sharpness of high-resolution lens image signal data from the CCD and assuring that only extraneous noise is reduced, it improves the edge definition of individual image elements.
Advanced SF Filter Technology
The Advanced SF Filter uses a high-level filtering process based on exclusive Olympus image signal analysis technologies to optimize the spatial frequency of image data and enhance high-resolution clarity and image detail.
Image sample Image Result with Previous Image Processor Image Result with TruePicTURBO
Image sample Image Result
with Previous Image Processor
Image Result
with TruePicTURBO
(close-up view of blue-framed area in image sample)
Faster Processing Speeds
In addition to speeding up image data processing for the large image files generated by high-pixel-count digital cameras, TruePic TURBO also improves camera responsiveness and operating ease. It closely integrates the image processor's calculation engine and hardware elements to eliminate unnecessary processing tasks, accelerating the startup system check and other internal camera processes. As a result, the image processing such as start-up process, shutter release, recording, playback and sequential shooting are all significantly speeded up for more responsive camera operation.
TruePic TURBO-Equipped Models
The TruePic TURBO image processor is featured on the CAMEDIA C-8080 Wide Zoom, µ-30 DIGITAL, CAMEDIA C-770 Ultra Zoom, CAMEDIA C-760 Ultra Zoom
TruePic TURBO Naming & Logo TruePic TURBO
"TruePic TURBO" is the name given to Olympus' new image processor, and reflects the company's long-standing commitment to high image quality, and to the high-speed response that enables users to capture images of dramatic moments in time. Olympus has emphasized image quality since it first entered the consumer digital camera market, and defines "high image quality" as "image quality that is as sharp, clear, and true as human vision". The name, "TruePic TURBO", was chosen to represent this combined commitment to "true" quality and "turbo" speed.
In the same manner, the TruePic TURBO logo uses a motif of brilliance and light to represent the new technology's speed and innovation. In addition, the logo's overall design has an air of dynamism that is meant to express the thrill of digital photography that TruePic TURBO delivers.
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