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February 16, 2004
Olympus Introduces Compact, Lightweight
Zuiko Digital ED150mm F2.0 Lens for Olympus E-System SLR Cameras
The information contained in this news release applies only to the Japanese market.
Olympus Corporation (President:Tsuyoshi Kikukawa) is pleased to announce the introduction of a compact, lightweight, large-aperture ZUIKO DIGITAL ED150mm (300mm) F2.0 interchangeable lens for the Olympus E-System, which complies with the new Four Thirds System standard.
The new ZUIKO DIGITAL ED150mm (300mm) F2.0 is a large-aperture telephoto lens for the digital SLR Olympus E-System that is based on the Four Thirds System standard. Ideal for nature and sports photography, it is the second large-aperture telephoto lens in the ZUIKO DIGITAL lineup, where it joins the previously introduced ZUIKO DIGITAL ED300mm (600mm) F2.8. The new lens exemplifies the performance advantages of Four Thirds System lens design, and is unprecedented in combining a first aperture of F2.0 with exceptionally compact size, low weight, and telephoto power that is equivalent to 300mm in a 35mm film camera lens, giving photographers the mobility needed to shoot in a much wider range of situations then ever before. In addition, it offers the compression of perspective that is a unique characteristic of telephoto lenses, and, thanks to the use of Super ED and ED lens elements, exceptionally sharp imaging with an absolute minimum of chromatic aberration. It also has superb defocusing characteristics that make it possible for photographers to precisely achieve their creative goals when shooting portraits, sports, wildlife and other subjects where there is a need to make the subject stand out.
Note: Figures in parentheses (    ) indicate equivalent focal length for a 35mm film camera lens.
Main Features
Compact Four Thirds System Design for Unprecedented Handling Ease
Highly mobile telephoto shooting is made possible by Four Thirds System design, which enables this extremely compact and lightweight lens (size diameter 100 X 146mm and weight 1,350g ) to offer the focal length equivalent of 300mm in a 35mm film camera lens, and a bright F2.0 aperture. Exemplifying the performance advantages of the Four Thirds System in every detail, the ZUIKO DIGITAL ED150mm F2.0 is a large-aperture telephoto lens that offers high mobility, high image quality, outstanding brightness, and excellent close-focus capability.
Large, F2.0 Aperture for Expanded Shooting Capabilities
When shooting in situations that require the use of fast shutter speeds, the lens' sharp, crisp imaging and excellent defocusing characteristics at the maximum aperture of F2.0 make it possible to capture images of sports and wildlife that capture the drama of every play and movement.
Super ED and ED Lens Elements for an Absolute Minimum of Chromatic Aberration
To suppress the chromatic aberration that telephoto lenses are inherently susceptible to, the ZUIKO DIGITAL ED150mm F2.0 incorporates one ED lens element and one Super ED lens element. The Super ED element in particular has color dispersion characteristics similar to that of fluorite, enabling it to suppress color aberrations that cannot be corrected with conventional optical glass. As a result, the highest level of resolution and contrast are achieved.
New Multicoating Reduces Ghosting and Flaring
A new multicoating reduces reflection at a wide range of wavelengths, minimizing the ghosting and flaring that can often occur with telephoto lenses.
Advanced New "Floating" Mechanism
A newly developed "floating" mechanism is incorporated into the focusing system to ensure exceptionally smooth action across the entire focusing range. In addition, the range of situations in which the lens can be used is enhanced by a minimum shooting distance of just 1.2 meters.
Focus Limit Switch and Focus Stop Button for Pro-Oriented Operating Ease
Pro-oriented features include a Focus Limit switch that allows photographers to reduce autofocusing time by limiting the focusing range to "near" or "far", and a Focus Stop button that prevents the autofocus system from reacting if a person, animal, or object suddenly enters the frame in front of the main subject.
Dust and Water Droplet Resistance for Enhanced Reliability
Special seals shut out dust and water droplets, assuring the high reliability under adverse shooting conditions that professional photographers demand.
Specifications of Zuiko Digital ED 150mm F2.0
Focal Length 150 mm ( 35mm equivalent focal length 300mm )
Lens construction 11 Elements in 9 Groups,
including ED/Super ED Lens Elements
Angle of View 8.2 Degree
Closest Focusing Distance 1.2 m
Maximum Image Magnification 0.15 x
Minimum Field size 86 x 115 mm
Number of Blades 9
Maximum Aperture f 2
Minimum Aperture f 22
Filter Size 82 mm
Dimension Diameter 100 x 146 mm
Weight 1,350 g (w / Tripod Adapter)
Accessories Lens Hood, Lens Cap, Lens Case Included
EC-14 Tele Converter and Extension Tube EX-25 can be used.
( EC-14 : Can be used for composite F stop of f4 or more )
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