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June 30, 2004
Update:September 16, 2004
Olympus Publishes Environmental Report 2004
Olympus Corporation (President: Tsuyoshi Kikukawa) is pleased to announce the publication of its Olympus Environmental Report 2004 (Japanese edition, 41 pages) which summarizes the Group's environmental activities during the year 2003. The English and Chinese editions are scheduled to be published at the end of August. The report is available in print as well as online at Olympus' web site.
The Report provides an overview of the environmental conservation activities undertaken by the Olympus Group during the last year. In response to suggestions in a survey on last year's report, we have featured some of our environmentally conscious products, conservation efforts at our offices and plants, and the results of soil improvement at the Okaya site where soil contamination had been found in last year's soil survey.
Highlights from the Olympus Environmental Report 2004 are as follows
1.  Introducing environmentally conscious products:
We introduced the "Olympus Eco-products Standards" and commercialized such environmentally conscious products as the OLYMPUS E-1 Digital single lens reflex camera; the SZX7/SZ61, a stereo microscope; and IPLEX MX, an industrial video scope.
2. Zero emissions at all major domestic sites:
Thanks to efforts by both management and employees at every site including thorough waste separation and disposal and recycling activities, all of our domestic R&D, production and distribution sites have achieved zero emissions.
3. Expanded environment management systems:
Two of our domestic subsidiaries, Olympus Logistics and KS Olympus, as well as one overseas affiliate engaged in development and manufacturing of reagents for blood analyzers, Olympus Diagnostica GmbH (Irish Branch), acquired ISO14001 certification. Furthermore, our top management's responsibility for environmental management is now clearly recognized through ISO14001 certification of Olympus' Company-wide Environmental Management System.
4. Efforts suitable for regional characteristics:
In each domestic and overseas site, environmental and social initiatives have been designed for the regional characteristics. The newly featured article called "Site Report" illustrates individual sites' unique efforts as well as environmental impact data.
5. More extensive coverage as a sustainability report:
Pages for "Personnel System and Human Resource Development" were introduced to cover information on personnel system and human resource development policies, Challenge System, and the system for nurturing staff with highly advanced skills.
Since 2002, the resource conservation activities of the Olympus Group have been guided by the 02 Environment Basic Plan, a medium-term plan for environmental conservation. Our priorities are: developing environmental technologies and environmentally conscious products, challenging to achieve zero emissions, and promoting integrated environment management throughout the Olympus Group. As we pursue these goals, we will continue to publish annual environmental reports and enhance communication with our customers, shareholders and other interested parties.
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