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September 14, 2004
Olympus to Introduce Next-Generation Model in
Popular All-Weather µ DIGITAL Series:
µ-mini DIGITAL
Revolutionary "drop-shaped" styling
Advanced functions for enhanced image quality and shooting ease
4-megapixel imaging and 2x optical zoom
mju-mini DIGITAL Jewelry Silver mju-mini DIGITAL Copper Orange mju-mini DIGITAL Pure White
Jewelry Silver Copper Orange Pure White
mju-mini DIGITAL Velvet Red mju-mini DIGITAL Crystal Blue mju-mini DIGITAL Cosmic Black
Velvet Red Crystal Blue Cosmic Black
The information contained in this news release applies only to the Japanese market
Olympus Corporation (President: Tsuyoshi Kikukawa) is pleased to announce the upcoming introduction of the 4-megapixel µ-mini DIGITAL compact digital camera. The µ-mini DIGITAL features a metal body with a revolutionary new design, all-weather construction, and a 2x optical zoom lens.
In addition to the all-weather construction that is a feature of the µ DIGITAL series, the µ-mini DIGITAL features a highly original and revolutionary new design. With a wide range of functions packed into its stylish and exceptionally compact body, the µ-mini DIGITAL represents a new generation of µ DIGITAL series models.
The unprecedented and revolutionary design that is the µ-mini DIGITAL's most striking feature is the result of a fusion of three technologies implemented to achieve a new standard of originality: a newly developed "Top Shell Barrier" that completely eliminates lens-barrier protrusions from the camera body, an exterior body manufacturing process that results in a metal body with flowing, contoured lines, and a special "Superior Silky Finish Process" that results in a surface finish with the feel of silk. Six body-color variations will be offered to allow users to choose a color that suits their personal preference.
With respect to image quality, the µ-mini DIGITAL features Olympus' exclusive TruePic TURBO image processor, a newly developed zoom lens that incorporates three aspherical lens elements, multi-point AF, and other functions that ensure even higher image quality than in the past.
Despite the camera's compact size, it is equipped with a large, 1.8-inch, high-definition HyperCrystal LCD monitor with a wide viewing angle. It also has 14 Scene Program modes that make it easy to obtain optimum image quality in different shooting situations, and Fisheye, Soft Focus, and other in-camera still-image editing functions that extend the range of ways in which captured images can be enjoyed.
Development Background
The µ DIGITAL series introduced in February 2003 has been widely acclaimed for its stylish design and unique all-weather construction, and has already achieved worldwide sales of some 3.0 million units.
With its remarkable new design, the recently developed µ-mini DIGITAL represents an evolution of the µ DIGITAL series fundamental design concept, "Originality". By incorporating a "Top Shell Barrier" and other advanced technologies that enhance the camera's beauty as a personal possession, and by emphasizing image quality, operating ease, and other features that enhance digital camera enjoyment, Olympus has designed the µ-mini DIGITAL to offer users a new world of µ DIGITAL series enjoyment.
Main Features
1. New Technologies Achieve A Revolutionary New Standard in Design Originality
The µ-mini DIGITAL features a new lens barrier mechanism, and is produced using special exterior body manufacturing and finishing processes that achieve a level of flowing, contoured design previously unachievable in a metal body. The camera's gently curved lines and silky-smooth finish are central to its revolutionary design, and its drop-shaped body expresses the idea of a "frozen moment in the flow of time" that reflects the fundamental benefit of photography and the continuously evolving drama of µ DIGITAL development.
Top Shell Barrier*1 Produces World's First Protrusion-Free (Full-Flat) Camera Body*2
  The µ-mini DIGITAL's new Top Shell Barrier fully retracts into the camera body when the power is switched on, making the µ-mini DIGITAL the first digital camera in the world to offer a "full-flat" lens and body design, and a fast startup time of approximately 1.5-seconds. In addition to contributing to the µ-mini DIGITAL's beautifully contoured form, the absence of any protrusions on the front of the camera enhances the convenience of its all-weather construction by making it easy to wipe off any water that gets on the body.
*1: See attached reference material
*2: Among digital cameras equipped with optical zoom (except inner-zoom models)
A Metal Body with Beautiful Flowing Lines and Minimal Seams/Joins
  A special manufacturing process is used to produce complex, three-dimensional curves in a single sheet of metal. Although digital camera bodies are generally constructed of a front piece, a back piece, and a connecting band, the µ-mini DIGITAL's deep-drawn front piece allows the connecting band to be eliminated so that the body can be constructed of just a front piece and back piece. As a result, it has sleek, flowing lines with a minimum number of seams and joins, fits comfortably in the palm of the user's hand, and is very easy to hold.
* "Super Silky Finish Process" applies to 5 body color variations except "Pure White"
New Finishing Technology Ensures a Smooth, Pleasing Surface Texture
  A new Superior Silky Finish Process gives the camera body a smooth, silky surface that is pleasing to touch. Together with the Top Shell Barrier, it contributes to the pleasant fit and feel of the camera in the user's hand. It also enhances all-weather shooting performance by making it easer to wipe water off the camera's surface.
6 Body Color Choices to Match User Lifestyles
  A choice of six body colors will be offered: Jewelry Silver, Pure White, Cosmic Black, Crystal Blue, Velvet Red, and Copper Orange. The range of choices responds to the growing trend of viewing digital cameras as a personal fashion item, and allows users to select the color they like best.
2. All-Weather Construction Expands Range of Shooting Situations
All-Weather Construction, Plus Sound Recording
  In addition to exclusive Olympus all-weather construction that offers protection equivalent to IEC Standard Publication 529 IPX4 (protection against water splashed from any direction), the µ-mini DIGITAL features built-in sound recording capability. Although the demands of all-weather construction make it necessary to seal the camera body to prevent water from entering, sound recording requires that the microphone be exposed. For this reason, it is extremely difficult to combine all-weather construction with the ability to record and playback sound. Olympus, however, has achieved this evolutionary advance in all-weather technology by employing a special material on the microphone and speaker, and optimizing the mechanism. As a result, users can enjoy still-photo shooting and worry-free movie with sound in active situations where water was previously a problem.
3. Higher Image Quality
Exclusive Olympus TruePic TURBO Image Processing
  The µ-mini DIGITAL is equipped with the same TruePic TURBO image processor featured on its predecessor (µ30 DIGITAL). Besides enhancing high-resolution detail and suppressing noise to ensure sharp, clear image quality, TruePic TURBO reduces the time required to record and display images, and boosts image processing speed to ensure that users can capture the precise moment they want.
A Newly Developed Zoom Lens with High-Resolving-Power Aspherical Lens Elements
  The newly developed zoom lens incorporates three aspherical lens elements that ensure an uncompromising balance of compact lens size and high-resolution, low-aberration telephoto performance. And for the first time in the µ DIGITAL camera, the µ-mini DIGITAL features a multi-point AF (iESP AF) system that ensures higher image quality and definition.
4. Versatile Features for More Enjoyable Shooting
1.8-Inch, High-Definition HyperCrystal LCD Monitor
  A HyperCrystal LCD monitor offers high contrast, a wide viewing angle, and clear visibility even in bright outdoor light. Compared to previous LCD monitors, the µ-mini DIGITAL's monitor offers contrast that is 3 times higher (based on in-house testing), and has a viewing angle that is 1.5 times greater on both the horizontal and vertical axis. In addition to making it possible to confirm the subject in the LCD monitor when taking low-angle or high-angle shots, the wider viewing angle provides a clear view when several people are viewing images simultaneously. The monitor also offers clear visibility at beaches, ski resorts, and other bright outdoor locations where conventional LCD monitors can be difficult to see. Despite the camera's compact size, the large, high-definition monitor offers a large, 1.8-inch viewing area and 134,000-pixel resolution thaset not only make it easier to use the monitor as a viewfinder when shooting, they also enhanc the pleasure of using the monitor for image viewing.
14 Types of Scene Program Mode
  Fourteen types of Scene Program mode are provided to suit a variety of shooting situations. There's a Beach & Snow mode that takes advantage of the camera's all-weather construction, a Cuisine mode, an Indoor mode, and other modes that it make it easy to obtain optimum image quality in a wide range of situations.
Still Image Editing Functions for Greater Digital Photo Enjoyment
  In-camera editing functions make it possible to edit photos without using a personal computer. In addition to the Monochrome, Sepia, and Resize modes featured on previous models, new Fisheye and Soft Focus editing modes have been added. Fisheye gives an image the appearance of being reflected in a spherical object, and can be applied to a photo of a dog's face, for example, to emphasize just the nose of the dog. Soft Focus imparts a soft, mystical tone to an entire image, and is perfect for female portraits and pictures of flowers. Because these effects can easily be applied within the camera, they extend the range of ways in which captured images can be enjoyed.
Other Features
Innovative New Mode Dial and GUI for Improved Operating Ease
The µ-mini DIGITAL features a new mode dial that was developed specifically to provide immediate access to the most frequently used shooting modes. Extremely convenient, it allows users to switch between Movie mode, Still Image mode, and Playback mode simply by moving their right thumb up or down. In addition to boosting operating ease, the newly designed mode dial also serves as an attractive design accent. A new GUI (Graphical User Interface) with easy-to-read menu text display is also included.
Movie Recording with Sound Up to the Limit of Available Memory
Broad motion streaming technology allows the full extent of available memory to be used for movie recording, up to a maximum of approximately 80 minutes (with 512MB xD-Picture Card, in SQ mode).
Customizable Startup Sound, Startup Screen, and Menu Background Color
In addition to the default startup sound, users are offered a choice of 3 unique startup sounds, one of which is the sound of a car engine. A choice of two startup screen displays is also offered, and if users wish, they can customize the startup screen to display one of their own images. In addition, the menu background can be set to any of four colors (Normal, Brown, Blue, and Black), allowing it to be customized to complement the camera's body color or suit the user's preference.
Dramatic Super Macro Photos
A Super Macro mode allows users to shoot from as close as 8cm, filling the frame with a subject area that measures 44mm x 33mm.
Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Batteries
Power is supplied by a newly developed ultra-compact LI-30B rechargeable battery that can be used repeatedly. In addition, an optional BPC-01 power coupler and D-7AC AC adapter can be used to eliminate power availability worries when downloading images from the camera to a personal computer.
New OLYMPUS Master Image Editing and File Management Software
The µ-mini DIGITAL comes with OLYMPUS Master image editing and file management software that makes it easy for both novice and expert computer users to enjoy the full advantages of digital imaging. Featuring an easy-to-understand interface, the software includes functions for image file downloading, editing, and organizing, as well as various print functions and a RAW data processing function. It can also automatically organize images by date and display them in a calendar format, making it easy to organize large numbers of images. OLYMPUS Master can also be upgraded to OLYMPUS Master Plus software (upgrade fee required) that offers CD and DVD recording, movie editing, screensaver creation, and other advanced features.
Optional CWPC-01 Water-resistant Case for Underwater Shooting to a Depth of 3 Meters
A case that offers water-resistant protection to a depth of 3 meters is also available. Ideal for underwater shooting in swimming pools or when snorkeling, it also allows users to shoot in other situations that require water-resistant protection, further enhancing the capabilities of the camera's all-weather construction.
Optional Accessories
Item Description
Water-resistant case CWPC-01 Water resistant to depth of 3m
Camera Case CSCH-24BE Genuine leather (beige) with hand strap
CSCH-24BK Genuine leather (black) with hand strap
CSCH-24OR Genuine leather (orange) with hand strap
CSCH-25NV Soft case (navy)
CSCH-25RE Soft case (red)
CSCH-25WT Soft case (white)
Hand Strap CSCH-01SV Metal (silver)
Neck Strap CNS-01SV Metal (silver)
CNS-01BL Metal (blue)
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