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September 28 2004
Olympus E-System"designed for Digital"
interchangeable SLR products
Olympus Announces Varimagni Angle Finder VA-1-Ideal
for Macrophotography and Other Applications
Varimagni Angle Finder VA-1
Varimagni Angle Finder VA-1
The information contained in this news release applies only to the Japanese market.
Olympus Corporation (President: Tsuyoshi Kikukawa) is pleased to announce the Varimagni Angle Finder VA-1 for use with Olympus E-System digital SLR cameras, which comply with the Four Thirds System and were developed for use with"Designed for Digital" interchangeable lenses.
The Varimagni Angle Finder VA-1 is a new addition to the range of accessories for the Olympus E-System SLR digital interchangeable camera system, which were developed to provide optimal image quality in digital photography through the introduction of the Four Thirds system. When attached to the camera’s eye coupler (NOTE), the VA-1 allows the photographer to check the viewfinder image in a vertical direction. This facilitates viewfinder checking during low-angle work, such as crouching shots or macro-photography, and upward shots, such as night-sky photography.
Note:  Attached using the adapters provided (VA-A1 for E-1, VA-A2 for E-300)
Product Features
 1)  Variable Magnification for Easy Focus Checking
The viewfinder image is shown erect and unreversed. With 1x magnification, the entire image is covered, while 2x magnification provides an expanded view of the central area. The magnification can be selected using a simple one-touch lever. Dioptric correction is possible over a range of -5 to 3m-1. The eye coupler is fitted with a rubber eye cup.
 2)  Rotating Angle Section for Various Shooting Positions
The angle section can be rotated with clicks at 90-degree intervals. This feature allows the VA-1 to be configured for a wide range of shooting positions.
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