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Octorber 13, 2004
update: November 29, 2004
Olympus Introduces i:robe IR-500 New-Concept
Digital Camera and Dedicated "Dock & Done" Digital
Photo Printer and Hard Disk Strage Device
- New-concept style and "Dock & Done" convenience for easy image storage and printing -
i:robe IR-500 Front i:robe IR-500 Back
i:robe IR-500 Front   i:robe IR-500 Back
i:robe IR-500 Front i:robe IR-500 Front
S-HD-100 Hard Disk Storage Device   P-S100 Digital Photo Printer
i:robe IR500 , S-HD-100 , P-S100
i:robe IR-500 , S-HD-100 , P-S100
The information contained in this news release applies only to the Japanese market
Olympus Imaging Corporation (President: Hiroshi Komiya) is pleased to announce the introduction of the i:robe IR-500 new-concept digital camera for a new digital photo lifestyle, and supporting peripherals that include the S-HD-100 hard disk storage device and the P-S100 digital photo printer.The i:robe IR-500 camera and its peripherals, connected viaa dedicated cradle , offer a comprehensive "Dock & Done" image printing and storage solution.
The newly introduced Dock & Done functionality was developed by Olympus to simplify connection and operation so that digital cameras and related peripherals are easier and more fun to use. Users simply "dock" the digital camera in its dedicated cradle and they're "done" - image storage and printing can be performed without even using a computer. In fact, with Dock & Done, users can shoot, review, save, search, view, display, and share their photos with greater ease than ever before.
The new-concept digital camera that supports Dock & Done functionality is called the "i:robe IR-500" because it can be carried anywhere, anytime, allowing users to "robe" themselves in “images” wherever they go. It is the first Olympus camera to feature a multi-swing display that can be rotated 360° for versatile shooting in a wide range of situations, including low-angle/high-angle shooting and self-portrait shooting. The multi-swing display also ensures carefree portability because it protects both the display and the lens when in the closed position. S-HD-100 storage device, equipped with a CPU and USB hub funcitionality, incorporates a 40GB hard disk drive that can hold approximately 40,000 4-megapixel images, while the compact P-S100 digital photo printer can produce postcard and L-size photo prints. Both peripheral devices support Dock & Done functionality, as well as personal computer connectivity.
White is used as the signature color for all products. Reminiscent of white porcelainware that sets off the beauty of the items it contains, the color scheme ensures timeless beauty and compatibility with a variety of interior decorating schemes.
Olympus believes that precious everyday photos are a form of "personal content," and proposes a "New Photo Life Solution" as a total solution concept for a rich new photo lifestyle. With the introduction of these new products with Dock & Done functionality, it proposes a new way to enjoy photos and a new photo lifestyle that it hopes will contribute to the development of a new imaging culture.
Design Concept
The i:robe IR-500 digital camera and related peripherals reflect a rigorous commitment to design excellence. The design concept uses white as a signature color to ensure compatibility with product surroundings, and to project an image of cleanliness, gentleness, and simplicity. The design has a timeless beauty reminiscent of white porcelainware, which, rather than making a strong style statement of its own, tends to draw attention to the beauty of the flowers or foods that it contains. In the same way, i:robe products are designed to be like "white porcelain vessels" that enhance the beauty of the digital photos they hold.
Main Features
i:robe IR-500, S-HD-100 Hard Disk Storage Device and P-S100 Digital Photo Printer Shared Features
1.  Dock & Done Support
  In addition to digital photo shooting, the three products support convenient Dock & Done photo storage, management, and printing for more carefree shooting and easy image handling. The combination of an i:robe IR-500 and a S-HD-100 hard disk storage device allows images to be stored simply by docking the i:robe IR-500 in its cradle — the use of a PC is not required. By further adding an P-S100 digital photo printer, images for which a print reservation has been set can be easily printed after they have been stored*1.
*1  Optional KP16 Cable required to connect the P-S100 digital photo printer to the S-HD-100 hard disk storage device.
2.  White Signature Color and Unified "White Porcelain" Design Concept
  All of the New Photo Life Solution products being introduced at this time feature a white signature color. Reminiscent of white porcelainware that sets off the beauty of the items it contains, the color scheme ensures timeless beauty and compatibility with a variety of interior decorating schemes.
Multi-Swing Display-Equipped New-Concept i:robe IR-500 Features
The "i:robe" is a new Olympus digital camera brand that takes its name from the fact that the i:robe IR-500 digital camera allows users to "robe" themselves in their favorite images wherever they go. The i:robe IR-500 is a new concept digital camera that features Dock & Done functionality, sophisticated design with a white signature color, and a multi-swing display that rotates 360° for easy shooting anywhere.
1.   Multi-Swing Display with 360° Rotation
  The i:robe IR-500 is the first Olympus camera to feature a multi-swing display with 360° rotation capability. By rotating the display, users can use it to view their subject when taking low-angle, high-angle, and a wide range of other shots. When closed, the multi-swing display also ensures carefree portability by protecting both the lens and the LCD screen.
2.  Self Portrait Mode Shooting
  The multi-swing display's 360° rotation capability makes it easy to shoot self-portraits as well as other people and scenery. Users can view themselves on the LCD screen while shooting, and use the camera's Self Portrait mode to ensure optimum exposures.
3.  Movie Mode Camera Shake Correction
  In Movie mode, digital camera shake correction can be applied to reduce image unsteadiness and and camera shake worries.
4.  2.5-Inch High-Definition LCD Makes Viewing More Fun
  A 210,000-pixel high-definition semi-transmissive LCD monitor maximizes the advantages of both transmissive and reflective technologies to assure excellent visibility and high picture quality even when viewed in bright outdoor light.
5.  Photo Diary Calendar Function
  Photos taken are automatically organized into a calendar display format according to the date taken. A choice of 1-month, 12-month, and multi-year calendar views makes it easy to find photos quickly.
6.  Custom Photo Albums
  An Album function allows images in the camera to be organized in 12 separate albums for easy viewing. Each album can hold up to 100 images. As a result, users can carry their favorite photos right in the camera, and enjoy viewing them wherever and whenever they wish.
7.  Advanced Slide Show Functions
  An automatic slideshow function provides continuous playback of stored images. A total of 9 transition effects are offered, including Normal, Scroll, Fade, Zoom Down and Random. It's a fun feature that makes viewing more enjoyable.
8.  OLYMPUS Master*2 Image Editing and File Management Software Included
  OLYMPUS Master image editing and file management software with intuitive calendar-type GUI is included with the i:robe IR-500. Features include image downloading, image correction, slideshow playback, printing, and other functions.
*2 OLYMPUS Master operating requirements
Windows: Pentium III 500MHz or better, Windows 98SE / Me / 2000 Professional / XP
Macintosh: PowerPC G3 500MHz or better, Mac OS X v10.2 or higher.
9.  Other Features
  17 Scene Program Modes
17 Scene Program modes are offered to suit a wide variety of shooting situations. The modes are preprogrammed with optimized color balance, brightness, shutter speed, and other settings, allowing users to obtain beautiful results simply by pressing the shutter button.
  PictBridge Support*3
PictBridge support allows direct photo printing to any PictBridge-enabled printer.
*3  CIPA approval pending as of October 13, 2004.
4-Megapixel Image Quality
A high-performance 2.8x zoom lens and high-resolution 4-megapixel CCD ensure high image quality in a compact body.
  Thin Body with Folded Light Path Lens Unit
A folded light path lens unit packs 2.8x optical zoom power into the camera's exceptionally thin body.
  Clock Display
Clock and alarm functions are built-in, with a choice of digital time display or graph-type "designer clock" time display.
  AV Output (when using cradle)
An AV output allows images to be displayed on a standard TV.
  Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Interface (when using cradle)
Fast image file downloading is offered via the IR-500's dedicated cradle, which has a Hi-Speed USB 2.0 interface that can be connected to the user's PC via USB cable.
  Storage Class USB
Support for mass storage class USB allows the IR-500 to be connected directly to a PC via the cradle for easy image file transfer.
S-HD-100 Hard Disk Storage Device with Built-In CPU
The S-HD-100 provides hard disk storage via a USB interface. It can be connected to a PC and used as a conventional external hard disk device, or used for direct Dock & Done storage of digital camera image files without using a PC.
1.  Intelligent Image File Management Functions
S-HD-100 is equipped with a CPU for intelligent image file management. When downloading images from a digital camera that supports Dock & Done functionality, it offers an incremental download function that checks each image to see if it has been downloaded previously, and only downloads those that are new.
2.  High-Capacity 40GB Hard Disk
S-HD-100 offers outstanding storage capacity with a 40GB hard disk capable of holding approximately 40,000 4-megapixel-class images*4.
*4  i:robe IR-500 Super High 4M mode images.
3.  OLYMPUS Master Image Editing and File Management Software Included
Included OLYMPUS Master software features an intuitive calendar-type GUI that makes image editing and file management easy.
4.  Conventional Digital Camera Connection Capability*5
The use of an optional TA-PA7 adapter allows image files to be downloaded to S-HD-100 from any USB mass storage class digital camera without using a PC (Incremental Download function not supported).
*5  Updated information about supported cameras is available.
5.  Compact and Easy-to-Carry Size
Measuring only about 13cm square, and weighing just 310g., S-HD-100 is compact enough to be used for portable image and movie storage. As a result, users can shoot images and movies without worrying about their camera's memory capacity.
6.  Easy USB Connectivity
Support for mass storage class USB allows the S-HD-100 to be used as a personal computer external storage device without installing any driver software on the PC.
P-S100 Digital Photo Printer for Postcard and L-Size Print Output
The P-S100 is a digital photo printer for producing postcard and standard L-size photo prints. Compact in size, it has a white body and attractive, high-quality design. It also supports Dock & Done functionality and direct printing from any PictBridge-enabled digital camera.
1.  Easy-Loading Paper In-Tray Cases
  The P-S100 uses dedicated Paper In-Tray Case / Ribbon Cartridge units (Postcard size: P-P50SP, L-size: P-L50S; 50-sheets each). The cases can be inserted directly into the P-S100, assuring exceptionally easy paper loading, with no danger that media will be soiled by fingerprints or handling. Higher-than-normal 50-sheet capacity also reduces the need for frequent paper replenishment.
2.  Photo Print Cases
  Index seals and a case cap are included with dedicated Paper In-Tray Cases, allowing them to be used to organize and store finished prints.
3.  50-Sheet Paper In-Tray Case / Ribbon Cartridge Included
  A 50-sheet Paper In-Tray Case / Ribbon Cartridge is included with the P-S100 so that users can begin printing right away.
4.  High Quality Dye-Sublimation Printing
  16.77-million color reproduction ensures beautiful, vibrant print quality. A light- and moisture-resistant overcoating ensures long-lasting beauty.
5.  Other Features
  Borderless Printing on L-Size and Postcard-Size Media
Border area is perforated to allow easy removal when producing borderless prints. The border area can also be used for writing titles or comments that aid in organization.
  PictBridge Support*6 for Direct Digital Camera Printing via USB Cable
Direct printing from any PictBridge-enabled digital camera is supported; prints can be produced simply by connecting the camera to the printer. Printing from a PC is also supported.
*6  CIPA approval pending as of October 13, 2004.
New Olympus i:robe / m:robe Brand Website
A new i:robe/m:robe-branded website is being set up at In addition to i:robe and m:robe product information it will feature a rotating gallery of works created by various creative artists using the i:robe and m:robe. A free download of m:trip software for m:robe music and image file management will also be offered for a limited time only. Ultimately, the new website will serve as a one-stop information and resource center for i:robe/m:robe digital image and music content creation.
*The imaging systems business of Olympus Corporation was reorganized as a separate company, Olympus Imaging Corporation, as of October 1, 2004.
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