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October 18, 2004
Voice-Trek DS-20 Digital Voice Recorder
Built-in stereo microphone and two stereo recording modes
Optional CR400 cradle kit for battery charging and easy PC connectivity
Simple design for enhanced operating ease
Voice-Trek DS-20 Voice-Trek DS-20 with CR-400 (optional)
Voice-Trek DS-20 Voice-Trek DS-20 with CR-400 (optional)
* This news release is only for the Japanese Market.
Olympus Imaging Corporation* (President: Hiroshi Komiya) is pleased to announce the introduction of the Voice-Trek DS-20 Digital Voice Recorder. The Voice-Trek DS-20 features a high-quality built-in stereo microphone, a total of five recording modes including two stereo recording modes, and 128MB of internal memory that offers a maximum recording time of 44 hours and 45 minutes.
The Voice-Trek DS-20 was developed as a successor to the Voice-Trek DS-10 Digital Voice Recorder. It is designed to offer a well-balanced combination of basic recording functions, ease of use, and high performance. It features simple, straightforward design and a control button layout that assures maximum operating ease, making it an ideal choice for business users who want to record meetings, lectures, interviews, and business negotiations.
Main Features
High-Quality Built-In Stereo Microphone, Plus 2 Stereo Recording Modes
In addition to monaural HQ (High Quality), SP (Standard Play), and LP (Long Play) modes, the Voice-Trek DS-20 is equipped with a high-quality built-in stereo microphone and two stereo recording modes: SHQ (Stereo High Quality) and SSP (Stereo Standard Play). In SHQ mode it offers wide wide overall frequency response 100Hz~17,000Hz recording that delivers an unprecedented new high in sound quality. With the addition of its new stereo modes, the Voice-Trek DS-20 allows users to enjoy both superb sound quality and ultra-long recording times in a single unit.
SHQ, SSP, and HQ mode recordings are stored in the popular WMA*1 format, while SP and LP recordings are stored in the proprietary DSS*2format for maximum sound quality and compression. Stereo recording enables users to capture the voices of multiple speakers with increased clarity, and provides rich, realistic sound during playback, making the Voice-Trek DS-20 ideal for use in meetings and other business situations.
*1 WMA is an audio format that combines high sound quality with high compression ratios. Microsoft has made WMA support a standard feature in its operating systems starting with Windows ME. When used to compress music CDs, the WMA format is considered to deliver CD-quality sound at 48kbps.
*2 DSS (Digital Speech Standard) is a standard established jointly by Olympus, Philips (Netherlands) and Grundig (Germany).
Optional CR400 Cradle Kit for In-Unit Charging and Easy PC Connectivity
The optional*3CR400 cradle enables high-speed data transfer to and from a PC simply by placing the Voice-Trek DS-20 in the cradle. In response to customer demand, battery charging is also built into the cradle, allowing the batteries to be charged without removing them from the Voice-Trek DS-20. (Applies only to the BR402 Ni-MH battery pack included with the cradle.) Either an AC adapter or a USB cable can be used to supply power to the cradle.
*3 A cradle, Ni-MH rechargeable battery pack, AC adapter, and AC cable are included with the Voice-Trek DS-20F.
128MB Internal Memory, Plus Storage-Class USB Support
128MB flash memory is built-in, providing a maximum recording time in LP mode of 44 hours and 45 minutes. Maximum recording time in SSP stereo mode is 4 hours and 20 minutes, making it possible to enjoy superior sound quality even when recording long meetings. In addition, USB storage-class support enables the Voice-Trek DS-20 to be used as an external PC memory device.
Maximum Recording Times in Each Mode
( Stereo
Playback )
(Stereo Standard Playback)
(High-Quality Playback)
(Standard Playback)
(Long Playback)
Recording Time 2 hr 10 min 4 hr 20 min 8 hr 45 min 20 hr 55 min 44 hr 45 min
Note: The above figures represent continuous recording times. With intermittent recording, times may be shorter than stated here.
Simple Design for Enhanced Ease of Use
Simplicity and ease of use were primary Voice-Trek DS-20 design objectives. The unit fits comfortably in the hand and has a convenient button layout that assures easy operation. Functional and attractive styling is further enhanced by an aesthetically pleasing two-tone pearl white and silver color scheme.
Improved Slow Play and Fast Play Functions
Slow Play and Fast Play functions are included to facilitate reviewing and transcription tasks. While previous models offered only 0.75x Slow Play and 1.5x Fast Play settings, the Voice-Trek DS-20 offers a total of 12 playback speed settings (4 Slow Play and 8 Fast Play) that range in speed from 0.5x to 2.0x. Speed selection is via easy-to-operate button controls. Sound quality is adjusted according to playback speed to ensure that voices sound as natural as they do during normal playback. By taking advantage of the wider range of available speeds, users can easily review meeting and lecture recordings, or utilize the Voice-Trek DS-20 as a language study aid.
Dedicated DSS Player Software for Easy Sound File Management and Playback
DSS Player software and a USB cable are included for easy sound file management and playback on a personal computer (Windows and Mac OS environments supported). For an additional fee, DSS Player software can also be upgraded to DSS Player Plus, which supports the use of third-party voice recognition and transcription software. DSS Player Plus also features file segmenting, joining, and Voice-Trek DS-20 menu setup functions.
Full-Dot LCD Panel for Large, Clear Display of Kanji Characters
The Voice-Trek DS-20's LCD panel is approximately 15% larger than the one featured on the Voice-Trek DS-10. In addition to offering improved legibility, it supports the display of Japanese kanji characters and makes it easy even for first-time users to operate the recorder with confidence.
Other Features
40% Less Power Consumption
  New circuitry reduces power consumption by approximately 40%*4.
Skip Playback
Skips through recorded material at user-defined intervals, making it easy to locate a particular section for playback.
Index Marks
  Can be inserted at any point in a recording to make it easy to return to later.
Noise Canceling
  Reduces noise and assures improved sound quality during playback.
Variable Control Voice Actuator (VCVA)
  Automatically starts and stops recording in response to sound input.
Repeat Playback
  Allows a particular section of a recording to be played back repeatedly.
Timer Recording
  Automatically starts recording at a time of the user's choosing.
Alarm Playback
  Serves as schedule reminder or alarm clock by initiating playback at a preset time.
Voice Transcription
  Allows third-party transcription software to be used to turn voice recordings into printed documents. *5
*4 When compared to the Olympus DS-10 in in-house tests.
*5 Requires DSS Player Plus software upgrade and third-party transcription software.
*The imaging systems business of Olympus Corporation was reorganized as a separate company, Olympus Imaging Corporation, as of October 1, 2004.
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