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November 29, 2004
Update:December 8,2004
Olympus Introduces All-Weather µ-40 DIGITAL
as a Next-Generation Standard Model for the
µ DIGITAL Compact Digital Camera Series
5-megapixel image quality and 3x optical zoom
2.5-inch HyperCrystalTM LCD monitor
Sleek new design and shooting ease
mju-40 DIGITAL Diamond Dust:Front mju-40 DIGITAL Red Moon:Front mju-40 DIGITAL Eclipse Night:Front
Diamond Dust:Front Red Moon:Front Eclipse Night:Front
mju-40 DIGITAL Diamond Dust:Back mju-40 DIGITAL Red Moon:Back mju-40 DIGITAL Eclipse Night:Back
Diamond Dust:Back Red Moon:Back Eclipse Night:Back
The information contained in this news release applies only to the Japanese market
Olympus Imaging Corporation (President: Hiroshi Komiya) is pleased to announce the introduction of the 5-megapixel*1 and 3x optical zoom all-weather µ-40 DIGITAL compact digital camera. Equipped with a 2.5-inch, high-definition LCD monitor that offers a wide viewing angle.
The µ-40 DIGITAL is a next-generation standard model for the µ DIGITAL line. In addition to the all-weather construction that the µ DIGITAL series known for, the µ-40 DIGITAL features a new flat-surface body design, a large LCD monitor, and a wide range of easy-to-use high-performance shooting functions.
Although exceedingly compact, the µ-40 DIGITAL is equipped with a 2.5-inch, high-definition HyperCrystal™ LCD monitor that provides a bright, clear image for both shooting and viewing, with 160° screen visibility on both the horizontal and vertical axis. The camera also features the "Top Shell Barrier" first introduced on the µ-mini DIGITAL, and boasts full-flat body design and a fast startup time of less than one second.
Outstanding image quality with superbly resolved detail is ensured by a 5-megapixel CCD, a newly developed 3x optical zoom lens with 3 aspherical elements, and our exclusive TruePic TURBO image processor.
A total of 20 Scene Program modes make it easy for users to obtain optimum results in virtually any shooting situation. There are 16 scene-based modes, as well as 2 new Shoot & Select modes that make it easier to capture moving subjects, and 2 new Underwater modes for underwater wide-angle and macro shooting.
The body is offered in 3 elegant colors to suit the user's preference.
*1:Effective pixels
Development Background
Launched in February 2003, the stylish µ DIGITAL series has featured all-weather technology from the outset, a unique advantage that has earned it wide acclaim and made it a worldwide hit with over 3 million units sold to date.
In October 2004, the µ-mini DIGITAL was introduced. Featuring a Top-Shell lens barrier that assures fast startup and a flat, flush-fit body surface, it was the first of a new generation of µ DIGITAL cameras. With its radical styling and choice of body colors, the µ-mini DIGITAL has been widely praised.
The µ-40 DIGITAL is the second model in this new generation of µ DIGITAL cameras. Like the µ-mini DIGITAL, it features a Top-Shell barrier, and in addition to being a personal accessory of outstanding quality, it offers a wealth of high-performance camera features. Designed to satisfy customers who are particular about their personal possessions, it boasts higher performance and image quality, and features a larger, higher-definition HyperCrystal LCD monitor.
Main Features
1. 2.5-Inch, High-Definition HyperCrystal LCD Monitor Adds to Shooting & Viewing Pleasure
HyperCrystal LCD Monitor
  The µ-40 DIGITAL is equipped with a HyperCrystal LCD monitor that is notable for its high contrast, wide viewing angle, and excellent visibility in bright outdoor light.
  High Contrast
Imaging is sharp and clear, because contrast is 3 times higher than it is on the semi-transmissive LCD monitors used on most standard models.
  Wide 160° Viewing Angle
  The monitor's wide, 160° viewing angle on both the horizontal and vertical axis ensures a clear view of the subject even when taking high or low angle shots. It also ensures a clear view when several people are gathered around the camera to view images.
  Excellent Visibility in Bright Outdoor Light
The monitor offers excellnt visibility at beaches, ski resorts, and other bright outdoor locations where conventional LCD monitors can be difficult to see.
Large, 2.5-Inch Monitor Screen
  The 2.5-inch monitor's large size not only makes it easy to shoot and view images, it also enhances operating ease by allowing menus and setting parameters to be displayed in large, legible type. In addition, it makes it easier and more enjoyable for users to take advantage of the camera's Scene Program modes and Calendar and Album functions.
Convenient Scene Program Navigation Menu with Sample Images
When selecting Scene Program modes, a sample image and brief text description are displayed on the large LCD monitor to facilitate navigation and mode selection, making it easy to obtain optimum results in a wide range of situations. For example, when Landscape + Portrait mode is selected, an example image is displayed along with the words, “For shooting both main subject and background. Vivid reproduction of blues and greens.” so it's easy for users to immediately determine which mode to use to get optimum image quality.
Album Function for Photo Album Viewing on the Go
Captured images can be organized into albums on the camera's memory card, and the albums can be beautifully displayed on the large HyperCrystal LCD monitor at any time. In effect, the µ-40 DIGITAL is a camera-and-photo-album-in-one, so users can carry it with them and share their photos with others wherever they go. The Album function is an easier-to-use version of the one that was first introduced on the Olympus AZ-1. Now, instead of only being able to add photos to an album one at a time, users can add all images taken on a particular date, all movie clips, or all protected images in a single operation. In addition, the Album function can now be easily and quickly accessed via the Mode dial.
Calendar Display Function
A Calendar function automatically organizes images according to the date they were taken, and can display the first shot taken each day in a one-month calendar format. In addition to making chronological image management easy, it's a fun way to create personal photo diaries.
2. Outstanding Image Quality From a Compact Body
Newly Designed Lens Unit Assures Superb Image Quality
  Three aspherical lens elements produced using advanced bonding technologies are incorporated into the compact lens unit. Consisting of only 5 elements in 3 groups, the lens achieves high light transmission with minimal reflection for exceptionally clear, crisp imaging.
Ultra-High-Definition CCD and Exclusive TruePic TURBO Image Processing
  1/2.5-inch, ultra-high-definition 5.0-megapixel CCD performance is maximized by exclusive Olympus TruePic TURBO image processing for sharp, clear image quality and superb high-resolution detail. In addition, TruePic TURBO also cuts recording and playback delays to assure more carefree shooting.
3. Renowned µ DIGITAL Series All-Weather Construction, Plus Sound Recording
In addition to exclusive Olympus all-weather construction that offers protection equivalent to IEC Standard Publication 529 IPX4 (protection against water splashed from any direction), the µ-40 DIGITAL also features built-in sound recording capability. As a result, users can enjoy carefree still-image and movie shooting with sound at beaches and ski resorts, shrug off passing showers at sporting events, and shoot snaps in the kitchen without fear of water splashes.
4. 20 Scene Program Modes for Beautiful Results in Virtually Any Situation
Four New Scene Program Modes
  Four new Scene Program modes have been added. In addition to optimized settings for Beach & Snow, Indoor, Show Window, Night Scene, Sports, Cuisine, Candle, and other Scene Program modes, there are Shoot & Select 1 and Shoot & Select 2 modes, as well as Underwater Wide and Underwater Macro modes. The large high-definition monitor displays an example photo and a brief text explanation for each Scene Program mode to allow fast, easy selection. As a result, even entry-level users will find it easy to obtain optimum results in virtually any situation.
Shoot & Select 1: Sequential shooting of up to 4 frames (at 1.5 frames/sec.) allows the user to review and select the best shot out of the series, discarding the others. It's an ideal way to capture a particular moment or fleeting facial expression.
Shoot & Select 2: Continuous AF and sequential shooting of up to 100 frames allows the user to review and select the best shot out of the series, discarding the others. It's an ideal mode to use when shooting children, pets, or other subjects that move around a lot.
Underwater Wide: For underwater use with the optional Water Protector*2 housing. Optimizes settings to suit the primarily blue tones of the underwater environment. An AF Lock function also makes it easier to focus the camera when wearing diving gloves.
Underwater Macro: For underwater use with the optional Water Protector housing. Optimizes settings for foreground subjects and, like Underwater Wide mode, allows the AF button to be independently operated to ensure greater focusing ease when wearing gloves.
  *2:Optional PT-026 Water Protector required for underwater use.
5. New Design Fuses High Image Quality with Functional Elegance
3 Elegant Body Color Choices
  The camera is offered in 3 colors, each named after a natural phenomenon associated with light or the moon: Diamond Dust (silver), Eclipse Night (navy blue), and Red Moon (red). With their elegant names and distinctive hues, each makes a unique statement.
Top Shell Barrier for Full-Flat Body Design and Fast Startup
  The µ-40 DIGITAL uses the Top Shell Barrier system first introduced on the µ-mini DIGITAL. Full-flat when closed, the barrier retracts into the camera body instantly when the power is switched on. With a startup time of less than one second, it allows users to respond quickly to photographic opportunity, ensuring fewer missed shots. Full-flat, protrusion-free design also makes the camera easy to put into or remove from a pocket, and enhances all-weather convenience by making it easy to wipe away any water droplets.
Simple and Functional Flat-Face Design
  The Top Shell Barrier allows full-flat design to be achieved on the front of the camera. The back of the camera features a simple and functional design that emphasizes the large, 2.5-inch LCD monitor, provides a comfortable grip, and elegantly reflects the high-performance capabilities packed inside.
Large, Easy-to-Use Mode Dial
  Switching between the four most frequently used operating modes — Still Photo, Movie, Playback, and Album — is effected by a Mode dial on the back of the camera. Large and easy to operate, the dial allows users to instantly switch from one operating mode to another.
Other Features
Multi AF Focusing
A multi-point autofocusing system ensures accurate focusing even when the main subject is not positioned in the center of the frame. When iESP is selected in the autofocusing menu, the camera automatically detects where the subject is located and focuses on that point. In addition, an AF target mark appears in the viewfinder so that the user can confirm where the current focus point.
Super Macro Shooting at Maximum Telephoto Setting
Super Macro mode allows users to shoot from as close as 7cm, filling the frame with a subject area measuring approximately 27mm x 20mm. The mode's shallow depth of field enhances perspective to ensure dramatic close-up images, and because the lens is fixed at the maximum telephoto setting, there is little danger that the user's shadow will fall on the subject being photographed.
240-Shot Battery Shooting Life
Battery shooting life is approximately 240 images, and the lithium battery is rechargeable to allow repeated use.
Easy-to-Enjoy Still-Image Editing Functions
Images can be easily edited in the camera without using a computer. In addition to Black & White, Sepia, Resize, and Trim functions, the µ-40 DIGITAL also features the Fisheye and Soft Focus editing functions that were first introduced on the µ-mini DIGITAL. Fisheye, for example, can be applied to an image of a dog's face to emphasize just the nose of the dog. In the same manner, Soft Focus, which gives images a soft, romantic look, is perfect for portraits and pictures of flowers. Because these effects can easily be applied within the camera, they extend the range of ways in which images can be enjoyed.
Movie Recording with Sound Up to the Limit of Available Memory
Long-time recording with sound allows the full extent of available memory to be used for movie recording, up to a maximum of 56 minutes 35 seconds (with 512MB xD-Picture Card, in SQ mode).
Histogram Display
Histogram display — a high-performance feature rarely seen on compact digital cameras— enables users to easily confirm optimum exposure.
PictBridge Support for Easy Photo Printing
Support for the PictBridge standard allows the camera to be connected to any PictBridge-enabled printer for easy printing without the use of a computer. In addition, albums created with the camera's Album function can be printed in their entirety, and the large, high-definition HyperCrystal LCD monitor makes it easy to trim pictures before printing.
Optional PT-026 Water Protector for Underwater Shooting at Depths Up to 40 Meters
The optional PT-026 provides waterproof protection to a depth of 40 meters, and the camera's Underwater Scene Program modes help ensure beautiful results.
Optional Accessories
Item Description
Remote Control RM-1 For multi-function remote control of zoom,
image playback, and other functions
Waterproof Housing PT-026 Waterproof to a depth of 40m
Camera Case CSCH-28BE Soft case (beige)
CSCH-28NV Soft case (navy)
CSCH-28WR Soft case (wine red)
Hand Strap CHS-01SV Metal (silver)
Neck Strap CNS-01SV Metal (silver)
CNS-01BL Metal (blue)
*The imaging systems business of Olympus Corporation was reorganized as a separate company, Olympus Imaging Corporation, as of October 1, 2004.
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