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February 24, 2005
Voice-Trek V-20 Digital Voice Recorder
Separate-type design with USB connector for direct linkage to a computer
USB storage class device — can be used to store document, images, etc.
128MB of memory, support for high-quality WMA stereo recording
Voice-Trek DS-20
Voice-Trek V-20
* This news release is only for the Japanese Market.
Olympus Imaging Corporation (President: Hiroshi Komiya) is pleased to announce the introduction of the Voice-Trek V-20 Digital Voice Recorder. The Voice-Trek V-20 features an innovative separate-type design that allows direct connection to a computer’s USB port. With 128MB of memory, the Voice-Trek V-20 can record up to 45 hours 40 minutes of sound. It will go on sale on March 18, 2005.
The Voice-Trek V-20 is the latest addition to the Voice-Trek V Series of products. With their innovative designs and superb functionality, these products were developed by Olympus Imaging as a new concept in digital voice recording with the emphasis on ease of use for recording anywhere, anytime. A novel feature of the new Voice-Trek V-20 is its separate-type design, which allows the battery unit to be detached from the recorder and plugged directly into a USB port. USB storage-class support enables the Voice-Trek V-20 to be used as a portable storage device for documents, images and other types of files, making it the ideal portable data accessory for a wide range of business purposes.
Main Features
Slim, compact, lightweight body with innovative separate-type design allowing direct computer connection via USB port
Low power consumption — extended recording on a single battery
USB storage-class support for document and image files
128MB on-board memory for up to 45 hours 40 minutes of recording — ideal for a wide range of recording uses, including high-quality stereo
Support for widely used WMA format
Slow play/fast play functions
Details of Main Features
1.  Slim, compact, lightweight body with innovative separate-type design for direct computer connection via USB port
  With the Voice-Trek V-20 Olympus has introduced a new concept in digital voice recorders. The recorder section of the Voice-Trek V-20 separates from the battery unit to provide access to a USB connector, which can be plugged directly into a computer’s USB port without the need to use a special cable or cradle*. Because the Voice-Trek V-20 is powered by a single AAA battery, it has been possible to reduce the size of the recorder still further compared with earlier products to create an extremely compact, lightweight design. Weighing just 54g with a battery inserted, the Voice-Trek V-20 is the ideal portable recorder.
* Direct connection may not be possible in certain computer environments. In such cases a separate cable will be required..
2.  Low power consumption for extended recording on a single AAA battery
  The Voice-Trek V-20 features a new type of processor in its main audio signal processing system. Other electrical components have also been extensively updated to create a circuit design with minimal power consumption. Major efficiency improvements have also reduced power consumption in the recording process, and the overall power requirements of the Voice-Trek V-20 are around 40% lower compared with earlier products. As a result, it is able to record over 13 hours of sound (monaural mode) on a single AAA battery.
3.  USB storage-class support for document and image files
  USB storage-class support means that the Voice-Trek V-20 can also be used as a USB storage device for documents and images as well as audio files. Up to 128MB of data (equivalent to about 80 floppy disks) can be carried for use in a wide range of business applications.
* When the recorder is used to store data, recording times will be reduced.
4.  128MB on-board memory for up to 45 hours 40 minutes of recording — ideal for a wide range of recording uses, including high-quality stereo
  With 128MB of on-board memory, the Voice-Trek V-20 can hold up to 45 hours 40 minutes of sound recording (long-play mode). The built-in high-quality stereo microphone allows the Voice-Trek V-20 record in high-quality stereo (SHQ), as well as in three monaural modes: high-quality (HQ), standard (SP) and long-play (LP). The SHQ mode is ideal for business uses, such as conference recording, since it allows the Voice-Trek V-20 to record the voices of multiple speakers with excellent clarity and provide extremely realistic playback.
  Maximum Recording Times in Each Mode
QStereo High-Quality
Recording Time Approx.
4 hr 20 min
8 hr 50 min
17 hr 25 min
45 hr 40 min
Note: The above figures are for continuous recording times. With intermittent recording, times may be shorter than stated here.
5.  Support for widely used WMA format
  In all modes, the Voice-Trek V-20 compresses recordings in the widely used WMA*1 format. The resulting files can be played back on Windows Media Player, which has been a standard feature of all Windows operating systems since Windows Me*2. The WMA format is extremely convenient, since it allows audio files to be played and shared without the need to install specialized software.
*1 Microsoft has provided the WMA audio format as a standard feature on its operating systems since Windows Me. It combines superior sound quality with excellent compression.
*2 Macintosh users can play files using WMP for MAC (freeware).
6.  Slow play / fast play functions
  The Voice-Trek V-20 has slow play/fast play functions for easy reviewing of recordings. The playback speed can be increased to 1.5 times or decreased to 0.75 times normal speed to allow rapid reviewing of long conference recordings or careful checking of indistinct passages. This feature is convenient for a wide range of uses, including business and language study. The pitch of the recording is automatically adjusted according to the playback speed to provide natural sound that similar to normal playback.
Other Features
Control buttons marked in Japanese for ease of recognition
Index marking function for quick location of passages for playback
Variable control voice actuator (VCVA) — automatically starts and stops recording in response to sound input
Simple and easy to operate
*The imaging systems business of Olympus Corporation was reorganized as a separate company, Olympus Imaging Corporation, as of October 1, 2004.
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