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7 April, 2005
Olympus and AntiCancer, Inc., Form Technology Partnership
for Small Animal Molecular Imaging
Olympus Corporation (Olympus, President: Tsuyoshi Kikukawa) has formed a technology partnership with AntiCancer Inc. (CEO: Dr. Robert M. Hoffman, headquarters: San Diego, California, U.S.A.). Starting in April 2005, the two companies will conduct joint research, applying AntiCancer's proprietary fluorescent-protein-based small-animal imaging technology to a highly sensitive fluorescence molecular imaging system developed by Olympus.
Olympus will display its in vivo molecular imaging system and micro laser scanning microscope in its booth at the annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research (President. Lynn M. Matrisian, Ph.D.), to be held in Anaheim, California, April 16-20, 2005.
Molecular imaging enables visualization of cellular and molecular events within a living body and is an important tool for understanding the mechanisms of disease. Molecular imaging is being increasingly used in cancer and other biomedical research. Molecular imaging plays an important role in translational research which develops clinical applications from basic research.
Olympus is targeting translational research with the development of its in vivo macro and micro fluorescence imaging system for small animals as well as a micro laser scanning microscope designed for small animals. AntiCancer is the leading developer of imageable small animal models of metastasis. The Olympus-AntiCancer partnership will begin in April by joining AntiCancer’s fluorescent metastasis mouse models and Olympus’ optical technology to develop new applications for translational cancer research. The combination of Olympus optical technology with AntiCancer’s fluorescent-protein-based imageable animal models enables multi-color whole-body macro-imaging and intravital cellular and subcellular imaging of cancer and other processes in live animals. The Olympus-AntiCancer partnership will develop numerous translational-research applications for drug discovery and evaluation, as well as basic research.
Overview of AntiCancer Inc.
Address: 7917 Ostrow Street. San Diego CA 92111, USA
CEO: Dr. Robert M. Hoffman
Founded: 1984
About AntiCancer: AntiCancer, founded in 1984 and based in San Diego has developed the leading mouse models of cancer including MetaMouse® and AngioMouse®. These models are made imageable with AntiCancer’s OncoBrite® technology using fluorescent proteins. AntiCancer is also developing new cancer drugs based on genetic engineering that target cancer-specific metabolic defects. The company is also developing recombinant-enzyme-based diagnostics for cancer and cardiovascular disease. AntiCancer also offers the Histoculture Drug Response Assay (HDRA) for individualized cancer treatment. AntiCancer pioneered hair follicle gene therapy and is also pioneering the use of pluripotent hair-follicle stem cells for chemotherapy-induced hair loss and regenerative medicine for neurological and other diseases.
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