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September 27, 2005
5 New Accessories for Olympus E-System
OM Adapter, Eyecups, Lithium Battery Holder and Semi-Hard case
MF-1 OM Adapter CS-5SH Semi-Hard Case
“MF-1” OM Adapter   “CS-5SH” Semi-Hard Case
Olympus Imaging Corporation (President: Masaharu Okubo) is pleased to announce the introduction of 5 new accessories for Olympus E-System in conjunction with the launch of "E-500" digital SLR camera. The accessories include "MF-1" OM adapter and 4 other accessories, which are scheduled to go on sale early November 2005.
Launch Information
Product Name Launch Date
OM Adapter “MF-1” Early November 2005
Eyecup “EP-5”
Eyecup “EP-6”
Lithium Battery Holder “LBH-1”
Semi-Hard case “CS-5SH”
“MF-1” OM Adapter
“MF-1” OM Adapter is a camera mount adapter that allows Olympus OM System lenses and lens-mount accessories to be used on "Four-Thirds System" camera bodies*.
* Some restrictions apply; see the Olympus web-site Customer Support Center for details.
"EP-5" and "EP-6" Eyecups
“EP-5” is a standard Eyecup designed for use with Olympus “E-500” and “E-300” digital SLR cameras. Constructed of soft, hollow-core rubber, it is easy on the photographer's eyes and can be used when wearing eyeglasses.
“EP-6” is a large Eyecup designed for use with the “E-500” & “E-300”. Constructed of soft, high-quality rubber, it shuts out extraneous light to ensure a clearer view of the subject in the viewfinder, and can be used for both horizontal and vertical framing when wearing eyeglasses. Both eyecups feature a convenient slide-on mounting that makes them easy to attach and remove.
“LBH-1” Lithium Battery Holder
“LBH-1” Lithium Battery Holder accommodates three CR123A lithium batteries and can be used with Olympus “E-500”, “E-300”, and “E-1” digital SLR cameras. It comes with its own carrying case and provides supplemental power when on trips or in situations where it is difficult to recharge the cameras' standard "BLM-1" rechargeable batteries.
“CS-5SH” Semi-Hard Case
“CS-5SH” Semi-Hard Case is designed to hold an “E-500” camera body fitted with any of 8 different ZUIKO DIGITAL lenses. It can be used with “11~22mm F2.8-3.5”, “14-45mm F3.5-5.6”, “14-54mm F2.8-3.5”, “40-150mm F3.5-4.5”, and “ED 50mm F2.0 Macro” lenses that have already been introduced, as well as “ED 8mm F3.5 Fisheye”, “35mm F3.5 Macro”, and “18-180mm F3.5-6.3” lenses that are scheduled to be introduced in the future.
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