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April 13, 2006
Olympus and Movaz Networks Launch
Joint Venture Company:
Olympus Microsystems America, Inc.
Partnership to provide MEMS-based products and technologies for the Optical Communications Market
April 12, 2006, Tokyo, Japan, San Jose, CA, and Atlanta, GA - Olympus Corporation and Movaz Networks, Inc. today announced the creation of a joint venture company, named Olympus Microsystems America, Inc., which will provide cutting edge Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) based technologies and products for optical equipment suppliers worldwide.
The joint venture was entered into by Mr. Tsuyoshi Kikukawa, president of Olympus Corporation, Tokyo, Japan, and Mr. Bijan Khosravi, chairman and CEO, Movaz Networks, Inc., Atlanta, Georgia. Combining Movaz IP and engineering resources with Olympus’ established MEMS foundry services and optical technology will result in a new company with the capability to develop, manufacture and market new products with anticipated gross sales of 6 billion Japanese yen (approximately 60 million USD) within 5 years.
Olympus Microsystems America, Inc. will be based in San Jose, California with Olympus Partnership Development Group (Olympus-PDG) Vice President Lawrence Wang serving as the president of the new company. The Advanced Optical Technology team of Movaz’s R&D engineers will work with the staff of the Olympus Partnership Development Group in conjunction with the technical and production resources of Olympus Corporation in Tokyo, Japan, to further expand the portfolio of products using MEMS and free space optical technologies.
The first jointly developed product, a MEMS-based Wavelength Selective Switch (WSS) for Reconfigurable Optical Add Drop Modules (ROADM), has been deployed since last August in Movaz’s Multi-Degree RAY ROADM™ network to provide extended reach to key government and university sites including the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, the Mid-Atlantic Crossroads (MAX), and the National Lambda Rail. Olympus Microsystems America, Inc. will also develop business for new products, technology, and markets with a focus on MEMS-based activities including ROADM products, variable optical attenuators (VOA), small switches, optical cross connects (OXC), aspheric lenses, and tunable filters.
“Olympus established the Partnership Development Group in October 2001 with the mission to create strategic alliances that transcend the standard OEM customer-supplier relationship,” stated Lawrence Wang, President of Olympus Microsystems America, Inc. “We recognized that by leveraging Olympus’ world-class manufacturing facilities and global sales, marketing, and customer support resources, we could bring to market revolutionary new MEMS products. This Joint Venture is a milestone for Olympus and demonstrates the power of our partnership model.”
Olympus Microsystems America, Inc. will deliver the necessary cornerstone ROADM module as a highly integrated package of optics, Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICS), and MEMS, in a compact form fit that can finally be economically deployed.
“The extensive investment that Olympus is making in Movaz’s patented optical switching technologies is a tremendous validation of the values that this technology can realize towards establishing a truly all-optical network,” said Bijan Khosravi, chairman and CEO of Movaz Networks. “The ability to reconfigure network resources to make services instantaneously available has been desired by providers for the last decade.”
“The Olympus motto ‘Your Vision, Our Future’ is exemplified in the Joint Venture signed today between Movaz Networks and Olympus,” said Dr. Koichi Karaki, Division Manager, MEMS Technology Division, Olympus Corporation, and Chairman, Olympus Microsystems America, Inc. “Movaz had the vision to deliver on the world’s first in-service deployment of a multi-degree, multi-ring switching RAY-ROADM network. Olympus Partnership Development Group brought the resources to help make the vision a reality. Together we have built a future in Olympus Microsystems America, Inc. which will significantly expand the capabilities of optical communications.”
About Movaz Networks, Inc.
Movaz Networks is a leader in providing dynamic optical networking solutions with the lowest total cost of ownership. Movaz’s products can economically scale from the access network to regional networks, connecting domains with up to 2,000km of un-regenerated long haul routes. Combined with its embedded Generalized Multi-protocol Label Switching (GMPLS) protocols and standards-based network management, Movaz offers unparalleled ease in network operations. The company’s RAY™ product portfolio has been deployed globally in numerous networks in telecom, cable, enterprise and government segments. For more information, please visit Movaz on the web at
About Olympus Partnership Development Group
Olympus Partnership Development Group (PDG) was formed in October 2001 and is part of the MEMS Technology division of the Corporate R&D Center, Olympus Corp., Tokyo, Japan. It was established to accelerate the success of partner companies through technology and business alliances. PDG also provides access to Olympus resources in R&D, digital imaging, sales, marketing, distribution, and financial investment. Visit our website at
About Olympus
Established in 1919, Olympus Corp., Tokyo, Japan, manufactures and sells precision machinery and instruments for medical and healthcare, imaging and information, and industrial applications. Its core competency is opto-digital technology, which is a fusion of traditional optical technology with advanced digital and fine processing technologies. For more information visit
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