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June 29, 2006
Olympus Publishes CSR Report 2006
— Focus on CSR through Business Activities —
Olympus Corporation (President: Tsuyoshi Kikukawa) is pleased to announce the publication of the Olympus CSR Report 2006 (Japanese version, 58 pages). The content of the report includes the Olympus Group’s philosophy and policies on corporate social responsibility (CSR), and the results of its environmental activities, social activities and other initiatives during the year ended March 31, 2006 (fiscal year 2005). The latest report provides more in-depth coverage focusing on CSR activities undertaken by its employees through their business activities. Olympus has also enhanced its reporting to meet the specific needs of readers, including the publication of detailed data on a website, which will be updated in late August. English and Chinese versions of the report will be published in late August. The main features and topics in the 2006 report are outlined below.
The report is structured around the framework of the Olympus Group Corporate Conduct Charter, with sections on “Policies for Corporate Activities,” “Involvement with People,” Harmony with the Environment,” and “Good Relations with Community.”
To help readers to understand the Olympus Group’s vision and its economic, social and environmental activities, the content of the report has been summarized in digest form. There are also special features providing specific examples of the Olympus Group’s CSR philosophy in action, together with comments by employees.
Results of key social initiatives in FY 2005
  (1)Appointment of two outside directors
(2)Establishment of Compliance Department
(3)Implementation of e-learning courses in personal information protection for all employees
(4)Adoption of CSR-based procurement policies emphasizing compliance with laws and regulations and consideration for human rights, labor standards and the environment
(5)Obtaining ISO17025 accreditation (international standard for the certification of testing and calibration laboratories)
(6)Amendment of scheme for the effective utilization of senior employees, and establishment of an organizational structure for this purpose
(7)Start of implementation of “Olympus Good Health 21” program to promote employee health
Results of key environmental initiatives in FY 2005
The report describes the results of activities in FY 2005 in the context of the Olympus Group’s manufacturing activities.
(1) Certification and market launch of 25 environment-friendly “Olympus Eco-Products” (based on ISO 14021 Type II environmental labeling)
(2) Reduction of CO2 emissions by approximately 1,000 tons through measures to reduce the use of non-energy-related greenhouse gases*1, and the replacement of dust removal spray can products with products that have a low greenhouse coefficient
(3) Reduction of CO2 emissions through logistics-related initiatives, including the improvement of loading ratios, and modal shifts
(4) Effective utilization of resources through the improvement of production processes, in order to reduce landfill disposal volumes and increase recycling ratios
(5) Global promotion of obtaining ISO14001 accreditation (newly accredited companies: Olympus Medical Equipment Services America Inc., Olympus Optical Technology Philippines, Inc.)
(6) Formulation of the Basic Environmental Plan 2006 covering a five-year period starting in FY 2006
*1 Non-energy-related greenhouse gases: These are gases, such as methane and CFCs, that contribute directly to global warming when released into the atmosphere. A familiar example is the CFC’s substitute used in gas dusters (spray cans).
Since 1994 Olympus has sought to become a “value-creating” enterprise under a management philosophy based on the “Social IN”*2 concept, which calls for social involvement, the sharing of social values and the proposal of new values to society. In April 2006, Olympus established the Quality and Environment Administration Division to coordinate activities relating to the environment and quality. It will complement the role of the CSR Division, which coordinates CSR activities, compliance, crisis management and other related activities.
Olympus will continue to foster good communication with all stakeholders, including its customers and shareholders, through its reports and websites.
*2 Social IN: This phrase was created by Olympus from the English words “INvolvement,” “INsight” and “INspiration.” These words symbolize the Olympus Group’s involvement in society, its sharing of values with society, and its proposal of new values to society.
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