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July 24, 2006
Olympus Acquires Single Molecule Fluorescence
Spectroscopy Technology and IP Portfolio from Evotec
—Sensing Technology Crucial to Future Development of Bio Business—
Olympus Corporation (President: Tsuyoshi Kikukawa) has acquired technology and patents for single molecule fluorescence spectroscopy from Evotec Technologies GmbH (Hamburg, Germany; CEO: Dr. Carsten Claussen). This technology can make a valuable contribution to drug development and our understanding of disease mechanisms through the analysis of interactions among biomolecules or between biomolecules and potential pharmaceutical compounds. In addition to its core competence in the field of imaging technology, Olympus has now acquired sensing (analysis, measurement, etc.) technology that will support the future development of its bio business. It plans to accelerate its engagement with drug developers and bio-ventures and intensify its efforts to develop clinical applications.
Olympus and Evotec have been collaborating on the development of single molecule fluorescence spectroscopy with the aim of providing a way to understand protein functions, especially those that are significant for drug development and the analysis of disease causation. In 2002 Olympus launched the MF20 single molecule fluorescence spectroscopy system. The MF20 is used by a wide range of research institutes and companies and has gained an excellent reputation.
From a short-term perspective, Olympus acquired the patents and technology from Evotec to consolidate its business base in the field of single molecule fluorescence spectroscopy systems, which are core products in its bio business. Its longer-term goal was to acquire key sensing technology to support the future development of its bio business.
Single Molecule Fluorescence Spectroscopy
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This technology employs a confocal laser optical system to observe the behavior of the molecules that make up living organisms in ultra-microscopic fields measuring approximately 1 femtoliter (1 femtoliter = 1 x 10-15 liters). By measuring fluorescence signal fluctuations caused by molecular motion, the system allows the analysis of molecular size and interactions. This ability to analyze interactions among biomolecules or between biomolecules and potential pharmaceutical compounds has applications in drug development and the analysis of disease mechanisms.
Profile of Evotec Technologies GmbH
Address Schnackenburgallee 114, 22525 Hamburg, Germany
President & CEO Dr. Carsten Claussen
Year of foundation 2002, before division of Evotec AG, founded 1993
Employee number 80
Activities Evotec Technologies specializes in high-added-value automated cellular biology solutions. It combines automation technology, hardware, software and bio-modules to create advanced automated cellular analysis systems.
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