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June 28 2007

Olympus Publishes CSR Report 2007

Olympus Corporation (President: Tsuyoshi Kikukawa) is pleased to announce the publication of its CSR Report 2007 (Japanese version, 30 pages), which describes the corporate social responsibility (CSR) and environmental protection activities of the Olympus Group. To meet the specific needs of individual readers, this year's report takes the form of a booklet outlining key initiatives, with detailed information provided on a website. English and Chinese versions will be published in late August.

Overview of CSR Report 2007

The report is divided into sections based on the Olympus Group Corporate Conduct Charter. These are “Policies for Corporate Activities,” “Involvement with People,” “Harmony with the Environment,” and “Involvement in Society.” Each section summarizes priority initiatives in the year ended March 2007, together with special features focusing on examples of progressive CSR activities within the context of corporate activities.

Policies for Corporate Activities •Special Feature 1: Voice of Customer (VOC) Management
•Activities by the VOC Council established by Olympus Imaging Corporation in fiscal 2006 as part of its Customer Satisfaction (CS) management structure
Involvement with People •Special Feature 2: Working Environments-Security and Safety for a Large Work Force
•Re-employment after retirement, parental leave for male employees, workplace safety measures
Harmony with the Environment •Special Feature 3: Eco-Facilities to Support Business
•Facility-related initiatives to reduce the environmental footprint of business activities in Europe, North America and Japan
Involvement in Society •Special Feature 4: Campaign to Eradicate Colorectal Cancer
•Examples of activities in Europe and North America, including the “Brave Circle” campaign launched by Olympus Medical Systems Corporation to encourage people to have colorectal cancer tests

CSR Report 2007, covering activities in the year ended March 2007, will be available on the CSR and environmental section of the Olympus website from today (Japanese only). It can be downloaded in PDF format.

Since 1994 Olympus has been striving to create and propose new values for society while becoming involved in society and sharing society's values under its “Social IN*1” management philosophy. Our goal is to contribute to the health and happiness of people throughout the world by implementing CSR initiatives that make economic, social and environmental activities the core focus of the Olympus Group's business activities. We will continue to communicate with all stakeholders, including our customers and shareholders, through reports and websites.

Social IN: Olympus coined this phrase to represent the three concepts of INvolvement (involvement in society), INsight (sharing social values) and INspiration (creating new values).
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