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Main Specifications

Model No. IV8420 IV8435 IV8620 IV8635
Insertion Tube Scope Diameter Ø4.0mm Ø6.0mm
Total Length 2m 3.5m 2m 3.5m
Outer Braid Tungsten with special processing
Tube Flexibility Fixed hard tube from the distal end of the insertion tube to the control unit. *9 TTF tube with flexibility gradually increasing toward the distal end. *9
Optics Field of view Selectable by optical adapter *9
Adapter for Stereo Measurement attachable
Illumination Method High-intensity white color LED
Articulation Angle 4-way, UP/DOWN/
4-way, UP/DOWN/
4-way, UP/DOWN/
Articulation Control Joystick with TrueFeelTM power assisted mechanism
Exposure 7 steps ( NTSC: 1 to 1/30000 second, PAL: 1 to 1/25000 second.) *9
Zoom Digital seamless zoom up to 3x
Dimensions (control unit) 311(W) x 93(D) x 192(H)mm (without insertion unit and connector cable, including protrusions)*9
Weight Approx. 1.9kg
Input/Output Terminal Video Signal Output BNC x 1, S-Video x 1
Audio Signal Input Ø3.5mm monaural mini jack
USB Terminal One terminal (Ver. 1.1 compliance)
Still Image Recording File Format JPEG compression (Exif 2 compliance), super high quality (SHQ), high quality (HIGH), standard quality (STD) * Recording to super high quality (SHQ) of JPEG compression (Exif 2 compliance) or uncompressed TIFF (TIFF-YC) when stereo optical adapter is selected.
Audio Recording WAV format (Max. 60sec., interruptible)
Movie Recording File Format AVI M-JPEG (with fixed compression rate)
* Writable to end of last recorded movie data*9
Audio Recording Selectable before recording movie and audio simultaneously
Image Data Management Image Title Entry Up to 30 characters
Search Searchable by date *9
Image Comparison Simultaneous display of live image and captured image
Measurement Functions Scaler Measurement Measures the distance between points. The calculation is based on the known length in the same inspection image.
Stereo Measurement
Measures the distance between the two plotted points.
Stereo Measurement
Calculates the distance among multiple designated positions (Max 20 points)
Stereo Measurement
Calculates the area surrounded by multiple designated positions (Max 20 points)
Stereo Measurement
Measures the distance between a hypothetical line between two designated positions and the required point.
Stereo Measurement
Measures the depth/height from a hypothetical plane inside three designated positions to the required point.
Stereo Measurement
(Multi) *9
Automatically detects and measures damaged width/depth/area between two specified spots.
Stereo Measurement
The cross section of two designated points is represented with computer graphics.
Spot Ranging *9
(object distance)
Measures object distance between tip of scope and cursor
Save Measurement Results Measurement results can be saved along with the images. *9
Removable Storage Medium 1GB Compact Flash Card provided as standard
Internal Memory 1GB
LCD 6.3" TFT Full Color
Power Supply AC 100V-240V, 50/60Hz (with AC adapter)
DC 14.8V (with specified battery)
Battery Operation Time More than 150min. (with new battery)
Dimensions 216(W) x 126(D) x 249(H)mm (excluding protrusions)
250(W) x 160(D) x 285(H)mm (including protrusions)
Weight Approx.4.9kg (with battery)
*9 Corrections made for error in writing.
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