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June 4, 2008

Aid for Szechuan earthquake

Our heartfelt sympathies go out to those affected by the recent earthquake centered in China's Szechuan Province.
To assist victims of the earthquake, the Olympus Group will make a donation of funds plus equipment for rescue/relief and medical use to authorities on the ground via Olympus (China) Co., Ltd.
Like the rest of the international community, we hope the quake-stricken area will make the speediest possible recovery.

Donation 1 million yuan (approx. 150 million yen)
Equipment 1) Industrial videoscopes  5 sets
2) Laryngoscopes  5 sets
Total: approx. 3 million yuan (equivalent to around 450 million yen)

Industrial videoscopes are used mainly to perform non-destructive tests on engines, plant piping systems and the like. Because they can be inserted easily into spaces too small for humans, they are an invaluable aid when searching for survivors in buildings destroyed by earthquake.

Laryngoscopes are used when inserting breathing tubes to maintain open airways in patients injured in disasters. Because a breathing tube can be inserted swiftly while using the endoscope for observation, laryngoscopes are also employed at emergency scenes.

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