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June 27, 2008

Olympus Publishes
"Olympus Corporate Social Responsibility Report Digest 2008"

Olympus Corporation (President: Tsuyoshi Kikukawa) is pleased to announce the publication of "Olympus Corporate Social Responsibility Report Digest 2008" (Japanese version, 20 pages), which describes our corporate social responsibility (CSR) and environmental protection activities in the fiscal year of 2007. The topics featured in the report include the top management’s visions about CSR and environmental activities, and a broad range of new efforts to build win-win relationships with our stakeholders, among our FY 2007 business activities.

Since this fiscal year, "Olympus Corporate Social Responsibility Report Digest" has been positioned as a digest edition of the Olympus CSR/Environmental Activities web site. Every page is printed on recyclable FSC certified paper*1. The report covers our activities in the four sections that make up the Olympus Group Corporate Conduct Charter: "Policies for Corporate Activities," "Involvement with People," "Harmony with the Environment" and "Involvement with Communities." At the same time, the report serves as a communication tool to collect opinions from many people.

The feature articles of "Olympus Corporate Social Responsibility Report Digest 2008" include the following:

*1 Paper produced and certified in accordance with the standards of the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) international forest accreditation program.
Policies for Corporate Activities: Feature 01: Working with Endoscope Technicians to Prevent Product Malfunctions
Joint efforts with our customers to ensure the early detection and treatment of problems that could cause endoscopes to malfunction.
Involvement with People: Feature 02: New Reforms to Support Personal Growth and Organizational Development
The "Development Circle" project, our human resource management reform through management-labor cooperation.
Harmony with the Environment: Feature 03: Reducing CO2 Emissions through Japan-China Cooperation
Group-wide initiatives to prevent global warming.
Involvement with Communities: Feature 04: Working toward the Realization of the Millennium Development Goal
Our continued support for the "A Day in the Life of Africa" project, an activity to promote cooperation with international organizations.

* This report will be available for download from the Olympus web site, beginning on Friday, June 27. English and Chinese versions will be published in late August.

Report download page:

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Since 1994, Olympus has been striving to create and propose new values for society while becoming involved in society and sharing society's values under its "Social IN*2" management philosophy. Our goal is to contribute to the health and happiness of people throughout the world by implementing CSR initiatives that make economic, social and environmental activities the core focus of the Olympus Group's business activities. We will continue to communicate with all stakeholders, including our customers and shareholders, through reports and websites.

*2 Olympus coined this phrase to represent the three concepts of INvolvement (involvement in society), INsight (sharing social values) and INspiration (creating new values).
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