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August 18, 2008

Olympus Wins EISA Awards for
the Interchangeable-Lens-Type E-3 Digital SLR Camera
and the µ1030SW Compact Digital Camera

Olympus Imaging Corporation (President: Masaharu Okubo) is pleased to announce that it has received two 2008-2009 EISA Awards. The E-3 Interchangeable-Lens-Type Digital SLR Camera was the top selection of the "European Advanced Camera" category, and the µ 1030SW Compact Digital Camera won in the in the "European Ultra Compact Camera" category.

The European Imaging & Sound Association (EISA) is an organization representing 50 leading camera, imaging and audio magazines in 20 European countries. Each year it selects outstanding products and technologies from a wide spectrum of audiovisual product categories.

  • E-3 Interchangeable-Lens-Type Digital SLR Camera
    Winner of the European Advanced Camera 2008-2009 award

The E-3 is the flagship of Olympus's line of interchangeable-lens digital SLR cameras. It features the world's fastest AF* with 11-Points-Full Twin Cross Sensor, an Image Stabilization mechanism with a compensation range up to 5 EV steps**, excellent picture quality thanks to an advanced 10.1-megapixel High-Speed Live MOS Sensor and the "TruePic III" image processing engine, and high reliability with a splash- and dust-proof magnesium alloy body.

EISA cited the following reasons for naming the E-3 as the winner of this award:

"The Olympus E-3 is a comfortable (but robust) camera that offers a high level of protection against water and dust. It provides very effective image stabilization, dust removal and a Live View function on the articulated LCD screen, but most importantly, its image quality and ease of use are very impressive. The Olympus E-3 is perfectly suited for professional demands."(EISA)

* Among digital SLR cameras available as of October 17, 2007.When the ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 12-60mm f2.8-4.0 SWD lens is used with the E-3 at a focal length of 60mm(120mm: 35mm equivalent).Based on Olympus's in-house measurement conditions.
** ased on Olympus in-house testing.
Interchangeable Lens Type Digital SLR Camera "E-3" The "European Advanced Camera 2008-2009" award
Interchangeable Lens Type Digital SLR Camera"E-3" The "European Advanced Camera 2008-2009" award
  • µ 1030SW Compact Digital Camera
    Winner of the European Ultra Compact Camera 2008-2009 award

The µ 1030SW is a compact digital camera that features both a stylish design and robust, shock-resistant construction that makes it tough enough to withstand being dropped from a height of 2.0 meters*, waterproof** to a depth of 10 meters, and highly resistant to dust***. With its easy operation, outstanding performance, and rugged design, the µ1030SW makes it easy to take pictures anywhere, indoors or out, and even in places where taking pictures was previously difficult.

The EISA judging panel's comments were as follows.

"The Olympus µ 1030SW is one of the most interesting compact cameras of recent years. The camera combines good photographic performance with physical endurance in a variety of everyday situations. It is water resistant as well as shock or drop resistant. The µ 1030SW's most impressive features include its excellent metering, the accurate colour rendering and the fact that it is the first camera**** to incorporate an internal zoom with a focal length starting at 28mm (equivalent). The camera performs well even in low light, and in high-contrast conditions where other compact models usually overexpose the sky."(EISA)

* Based on Olympus in-house testing.
** waterproof equivalent to IEC Standard Publication and 6059 IPX8(Based on Olympus in-house testing).
*** dustproof capability equivalent to IEC Standard Publication 6059 IP6X(Based on Olympus in-house testing).
**** Among compact digital cameras equipped with folding-type zoom lens unit.
µ1030SW The "European Ultra Compact Camera 2008-2009"
µ1030SW The "European Ultra Compact Camera
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