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September 1, 2008

Olympus Medical Systems Developed the Concept Model,
"Multi-Tasking Endoscope System," Toward the Realization of Future Minimally Invasive Therapies to Surpass Laparoscopic Surgery

Concept model"Multi-Tasking Endoscope System" Two arms on the end of the flexible endoscope

Concept model
"Multi-Tasking Endoscope System"

Two arms on the end of
the flexible endoscope

Olympus Medical Systems Corporation (President: Haruhito Morishima) has developed the "Multi-Tasking Endoscope System" concept model for the realization of new minimally invasive therapies such as NOTESTM *1 (a new endoscopic surgery technique using flexible endoscopes), and to support further advances in the use of endoscopic surgery techniques in order to reduce the impact of surgery on patients.

This concept model aims to contribute to the observation and treatment of internal organs within the ventral cavity with a system that has the excellent operability of a flexible endoscope with two arms fitted on its end. As the doctor operates the arm manipulator, the two arms will move up and down and from side to side. The specially-developed therapeutic devices inserted in the arms will rotate and move back and forth. The tip portions will open and close.
We will continue our efforts toward the realization of this concept while we cooperate with doctors involved in basic research to improve medical devices for new surgical procedures.

*1 Natural Orifice Translumenal Endoscopic SurgeryTM (NOTESTM) is a technique that straddles the boundary between surgery and internal medicine. It involves the use of flexible endoscopes to approach the abdominal cavity via lumenal organs, such as the stomach, colon, uterus or bladder. This technique has been an active area of basic research around the world to reduce the impact of surgery on patients,.

This concept model will be put on display at the 11th World Congress of Endoscopic Surgery that will start on September 2 and run until September 5, 2008 at Pacifico Yokohama. (organizing president: Professor Seigo Kitano, Oita University Faculty of Medicine)

Background of Technological Development

For several decades Olympus has been the technological leader in endoscopy and an innovator in minimally invasive surgery. Our organization is widely involved in the field of minimally invasive diagnosis and therapy, with products ranging from gastrointestinal endoscopes and EndoTherapy devices to surgical endoscopes and therapeutic devices. Through its partnership with gastroenterologists and surgeons and their respective professional societies, Olympus listens to the needs of clinicians and provides solutions that benefit patients' quality of life. Olympus is committed to supporting fundamental research in emerging transdisciplinary therapies that will advance and potentially revolutionize minimally invasive therapies, such as NOTESTM, and is also contributing to the development of technology that will contribute to the establishment of future minimally invasive therapies, including NOTESTM, through the merging technologies of gastrointestinal endoscopes, EndoTherapy devices and surgical endoscopy equipments.

A slogan expressing our efforts to create the minimally invasive therapies of the future

Haruhito Morishima, President, Olympus Medical Systems Corporation.

"Laparoscopic surgery, which was developed in the late 1980s, has less impact on patients than laparotomy. To take an example to show how common laparoscopic surgery has become, most cholecystectomies are performed laparoscopically in developed countries. As the technological leader in endoscopy, we will support doctors' basic research activities for further progress in the development of minimally invasive therapies. At the same time, we intend to work on the development of new equipment by merging the technologies of gastrointestinal endoscopes, therapeutic devices and surgical endoscopes.

"Multi-Tasking Endoscope System"

  1. Two highly powerful, and multi-degree-of-freedom arms
    fitted on the end of a flexible endoscope

    The two arms fitted on the end of the flexible endoscope have a bendable part, whose rigidity has been enhanced to be able to lift an organ or a piece of tissue. This system has also achieved excellent operability. The two arms can move up and down and from side to side, while the therapeutic devices inserted in the arms can rotate and move back and forth. The tip portions can also open and close.
  2. Intuitively operable arm manipulator
    With both hands, the operator can manipulate the two mechanically-driven arms at will, as if operating therapeutic devices for laparoscopic surgery.
  3. Intuitively operable arm manipulator

  4. Replaceable therapeutic devices especially developed for this system to perform complex procedures
    The two multi-degree-of-freedom arms have a variety of replaceable therapeutic devices that can be fitted in the arms. In addition, the flexible endoscope has a forceps insertion channel that allows the use of regular therapeutic devices. Therefore, the operator can perform complex procedures, using up to three devices.
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