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February 2, 2010

Double-Layered Crystal Shell outer finish gives these digital cameras the fee of quality and enhances pride of ownership

New Compact Digital Cameras To Be Released

With latest features including Magic Filter and AF Tracking

FE-4020 FE-4020
FE-4020 FE-4020


Olympus Imaging Corporation (President: Masaharu Okubo) is pleased to announce the new compact digital camera FE-4020. Featuring a 14-megapixel CCD*1 ,26mm*2 ultrawide-angle lens and Double-Layered Crystal Shell finish that exudes quality in a slim body, FE-4020 also come with a Magic Filter that turns everyday scenes into unique and powerful images, as well as AF Tracking and various other automatic functions designed to make sure every shot is a great one. Release is scheduled end of February 2010.

Main Features of the FE-4020

  1. Double-Layered Crystal Shell : The body concept features a sleek, shiny finish beneath a transparent shell
  2. Magic Filter effects for creative imaging in different image styles
  3. Versatile automated functions including AF Tracking that automatically tracks a moving subject to keep it in focus

The "Fashionable & Elegant" FE series of digital cameras incorporate a high-power zoom lens with wide-angle shooting capability in a slim, stylish body, together with an enhanced selection of automated functions including the iAUTO (Intelligent Auto) function which automatically optimizes the camera's settings to best suit the scene being shot. Designed to make it easy for anyone to master the digital camera's three basic functions - "shooting, viewing and deleting", these cameras are simple, fun, and friendly.

The new FE-4020 features a Double-Layered Crystal Shell exterior that exudes high quality and enhances both camera handling and pride of ownership. The clear transparent acrylic shell that encases the camera shimmers like a reflection in a pool of water, constantly changing colour and appearance, sometimes appearing subtle and elegant, sometimes sparkling like a glass of champagne. In addition, these cameras incorporate four Magic Filter effects that instantaneously turn scenes from daily life into powerful, evocative images. With its genesis in the image processing technology inherent to the digital camera, this function takes picture-taking to a whole new level of inspiration and enjoyment. Another big feature, AF Tracking, makes it much easier to shoot fast-moving subjects such as children or pets. The camera tracks the moving subject automatically and keeps it in focus throughout so that the user can image it with optimum focus and brightness (exposure) simply by pressing the shutter button at any time during tracking.
The FE-4020 incorporates a 4x optical zoom lens with a wide-angle of 26mm*2 as the starting point. The compatibility of these high-power zoom lenses with the slim camera body design allows the user to shoot a subjects across a wider range, while features like the iAUTO (Intelligent Auto) function, which analyzes the scene in the field and automatically optimizes camera settings accordingly, ensure the best possible picture every time. Other helpful, user-friendly features include selectable scene modes and various automated functions such as a still image editing function that can compensate for backlight images and red-eye even after shooting.

*1 Effective pixels of camera.
*2 35mm camera equivalent.
*3 The image stabilization effect varies depending on shooting conditions.
* Available colours: 3 colours (Pearl White, Pink ,Light Blue)

Basic Performance

  • Effective pixels: 14 megapixels
  • Optical zoom: 4X
  • Wide-angle shooting: 26mm (35mm camera equivalent)
  • Image stabilization: High ISO image stabilization*3 (Using higher sensitivities)
  • LCD size: 2.7-inch, 230,000 dots
  • LCD type: TFT colour
  • Movie recording: VGA (Motion JPEG)

Other Features

  • Double-layered Crystal Shell: The body concept features a sleek, shiny finish beneath a transparent shell.
  • Shadow Adjustment Technology that detects faces of subjects and optimizes focus and exposure accordingly (i-AUTO)
  • Magic Filter effects for creative imaging in different image styles
  • Scene Modes for one-touch shooting adjustment in difficult environments as well as in standard conditions
  • Face Detection AF with which the camera detects and focuses on human faces automatically
  • iAUTO function that analyzes the current composition and optimizes camera settings automatically
  • USB battery charging enables the camera battery to be recharged from a PC while storing and organizing recorded data in the PC
  • AF Tracking to keep a moving subject in focus by tracking it automatically
  • Perfect Fix: Backlight exposure compensation and Redeye fix
  • New user interface: Pursuing the concepts of "Good operation feel" and "Easy to use"
  • Compatible media: SD/SDHC memory card
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