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April 2, 2010

Olympus Announces Long Scope Models of
the IPLEX LX/LT Industrial Videoscopes

The IPLEX LX IV88100L1 and IPLEX LT IV88100L2
feature a 10-meter scope length and 6 times brighter illumination
in addition to durability and portability



Olympus Corporation (President: Tsuyoshi Kikukawa) is pleased to announce two new long scope models in the IPLEX LX/LT industrial videoscopes. The IPLEX LX model IV88100L1 and IPLEX LT model IV88100L2, which have a 10-meter scope length, will go on sale on April 2, 2010 in the region, excluding Japan, and on May 6, 2010 in Japan.

The IPLEX Series of industrial videoscopes are used as non-destructive inspection systems for a wide range of maintenance purposes, including the inspection of aircraft engines and industrial plant, and piping inside commercial buildings and condominium complexes. These devices can be inserted through tiny openings to provide users with images of objects inside structures. The images are easy to understand and allow anyone to ascertain the situation in real time as if they were able to go inside the structure and view objects with the naked eye.

The new IV88100L1 and IV88100L2 models are long scope typed industrial videoscopes. Their scopes have an effective length of 10 meters and an external diameter of 8.5mm. The stiffness of the new scopes has been optimized for enhanced ease of insertion. The new models are also equipped with LED lights in the interchangeable optical tip adapters, that provide six times brighter illumination than those in the existing 6mm LED-lit videoscopes, allowing users to view wide areas when observing inside large cavities, such as large pipes and tanks. These extremely reliable inspection systems are designed for rugged durability, including protection against dust, rain and impacts.

Launch Overview

Product Launch date(In Japan)
IPLEX LX IV88100L1 Industrial Videoscope May 6, 2010
IPLEX LT IV88100L2 Industrial Videoscope

Main Features

  1. The 10-meter insertion tube has an external diameter of 8.5mm and has been optimally stiffened for ease of insertion.
  2. High-intensity LED lights provide six times more illumination than earlier 6 mm diameter models for observation inside large cavities.
  3. A stereo measurement option is available (IV88100L1 only).

Development Background

Infrastructure is being developed at an accelerating pace in the emerging economies. As social infrastructure expands, maintenance has become a major issue. Because of the varying lengths and diameters of pipes in social infrastructure facilities, there was a need for a highly versatile industrial videoscope with a bright light and long insertion tube.

Details of Main Features

  1. Insertion tube: external diameter of 8.5mm, effective length of 10 meters, stiffness optimized for ease of insertion
    To carry out an inspection using an industrial videoscope, the operator holds the scope and pushes the insertion tube into the cavity. With long scopes, the tube tends to bend, preventing the insertion force from being transmitted to the tip of the scope. The optimal stiffness of the new videoscopes reduces bending and allows the tube to be inserted smoothly.
  2. High-intensity LED lights: 6 times brighter* than earlier models for observation of large cavities
    Maintenance personnel in power stations, petrochemical plants and other facilities need to inspect large internal spaces, such as pipes with diameters of 100mm or larger and cavities inside boilers and steam turbines. However, the lights on existing videoscopes were not powerful enough to inspect inside large cavities. The LED lights built into the new videoscope tip adapters are six times brighter* than earlier models and are able to illuminate wider areas. This feature has further expanded the range of videoscope inspections.
    * This comparison is based on tests conducted by Olympus using a videoscope with a 6mm external diameter. The brightness of the observed image will vary according to the object.
  3. Stereo measurement option (IV88100L1 only)
    A stereo measurement option is available for use in measuring damaged or corroded areas in objects under observation. This system measures distance, depth in the same way that human eyes judge distance and surface shape. It provides a simple way to obtain precise measures in all directions.

Main Specifications

Model No. IV88100L1 IV88100L2
Scope Diameter φ8.5mm
Scope Length 10m
Exterior High durability tungsten braid
Tube Flexibility TTF tube with flexibility gradually increasing toward the distal end.
Field of view 100°
System Weight
(with battery)

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