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May 13, 2010

Olympus Terumo Biomaterials Corp., a subsidiary of Olympus,
entered into an exclusive distribution agreement to sell U.S. SBi
products in Japan and China

Olympus Corporation (President: Tsuyoshi Kikukawa; "Olympus") announced that Olympus Terumo Biomaterials Corp. (Head Office: Shinjuku, Tokyo; President: Hitoshi Mizuno ), an Olympus subsidiary that specializes in biomaterials, entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with Small Bone Innovations Asia Pacific Sdn. Bhd, (Chairman; Florian Kemmerich) an SBi affiliate, to sell, in Japan and China, products of Small Bone Innovations, Inc. (Head Office: New York; Chairman & CEO: Anthony G. Viscogliosi; "SBi"), a U.S. concern engaged in the development and sale of small bone and joint orthopedic implants. In this connection, Olympus also acquired a stake in SBi to strengthen the tie between Olympus Terumo Biomaterials Corp. and SBi.

Backgrounds for the exclusive distribution agreement

SBi has been a pioneer in the rapidly growing orthopedic implant market, so-called "Small Bone" market for the thumb, finger, wrist, elbow, foot and ankle, in contrast to the established orthopedic implant market for the hip and knee, which is considered as the large bone market. SBi has been developing innovative products to provide solutions to diverse needs of surgeons and patients and has created the worldwide "Small Bone" market.
Olympus Terumo Biomaterials Corp. has been providing OSferion (bone void filler), Boneceram (bone void filler), TERUDERMIS (Artificial Dermis) and other products that are widely used by orthopedic specialists today. Olympus Terumo Biomaterials Corp. intends to contribute to advances in orthopedic solutions with this agreement, which will allow to fortify its product lines with SBi’s products thus delivering a wider range of products for joint prostheses, plates & screws, and bone grafting as well as wound healing.

An outline of Small Bone Innovations, Inc.

CEO Anthony G. Viscogliosi
Location New York, NY
Founded 2004
Nature of business Design, development, marketing and sale of innovative arthroplasty/reconstruction implant systems and related medical devices around a joint for small bone & joint (SB&J) surgeons
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