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November 10, 2010

Olympus Announces the IPLEX YS Industrial Videoscope

-Numerous innovative features, including air articulation and the world's first *1 laser light source, ideal for applications requiring advanced functions, superior image quality and long reach-

IPLEX YS Industrial Videoscope

IPLEX YS Industrial Videoscope

Olympus Corporation (President: Tsuyoshi Kikukawa) is pleased to announce the IPLEX YS industrial videoscope. In addition to enhanced usability made possible by advanced functions, the IPLEX YS also features an extra-long 30m insertion tube. It will go on sale worldwide on November 10, 2010.

The IPLEX Series industrial videoscopes are non-destructive inspection systems for use in a variety of maintenance situations, including aircraft engines, plant facilities, and pipes in commercial buildings and condominiums. These videoscopes can be inserted through small openings to provide inspection personnel with images that are as clear as naked-eye views, allowing them to assess situations easily and in real-time.

Equipped with an extra-long insertion tube, the IPLEX YS videoscope is the latest addition to the IPLEX Series. Drawbacks with earlier long-tube scopes include limited tip articulation, weak illumination and the inability to ascertain the orientation of the scope from the screen image. Olympus has overcome these problems by introducing advanced features, including air articulation and the world's first *1 laser illumination system.

*1  The first laser light source used in an industrial videoscope (based on Olympus research, as of November 10, 2010)

Launch Overview

Product Launch Date
IPLEX YS Industrial Videoscope November 10, 2010

Main Featuress

  1. Extra-long videoscope with a 30m air-articulated tube
  2. Bright illumination provided by the world's first *1 laser diode illumination system-ideal for observations of large spaces
  3. High-tech optimization for long-tube operation, including gravity sensors to indicate orientation

Details of Main Features

1. Extra-long videoscope with a 30m air-articulated tube
An air articulation system allows the tip of the scope to be bent freely, despite the 30-meter length of the videoscope tube. The tip can still be manipulated for optimal observation even when the tube is only partially wound out from the built-in drum for inspections requiring a shorter tube length.

2. Bright illumination provided by the world's first *1 laser diode illumination system-ideal for observations of large spaces
The IPLEX YS is the first industrial videoscope equipped with a laser diode illumination system. The directivity of laser light and the use of specially designed light guide fibers help to reduce light attenuation, with the result that the illumination from this system is around two times brighter than that available in earlier extra-long videoscopes *2. This feature is especially valuable for inspecting large spaces, which could not previously be viewed.

*2  Based on comparisons with the Olympus IV86180 industrial videoscope

3. High-tech optimization for long-tube operation, including gravity sensors to indicate orientation

  1. On-screen orientation data from gravity sensor, optional insertion length indicator
    A gravity sensor built into the tip of the scope detects the vertical and horizontal orientation of the scope, while a length indicator shows the length of tube inserted. Orientation and length data are displayed on the inspection monitor, allowing the operator to ascertain the location under observation.
  2. Sophisticated tip cleaning system
    Air can be used to remove any dust or water droplets that adhere to the object lens at the tip of the scope during inspections. This feature helps to maintain image clarity.
  3. All-in-one-design and compact gas cartridge for enhanced portability
    The air articulation system can be driven either by a factory compressor or by a handy portable gas cartridge. Thanks to its all-in-one-design and battery-powered base unit, the system can easily be moved to inspection sites.

IPLEX YS Features and Specifications

Insertion Tube
Model No. IV88300Y
Scope Diameter φ8.5 mm (0.335 in)
Scope Length 30 m (98.4 ft)
Exterior High durability tungsten braid
Articulation angle 60°(UP/DOWN/RIGHT/LEFT)
Articulation Mechanics Scope tip articulation by pneumatic pressure
Illumination method Laser diode illumination
Gravity sensor Indicating gravity directions of the scope tip
Temperature sensor 2-stage indicator for high temperature warning
Lens cleaning function Cleaning fine drip and dust on the scope tipe blowing by air
Main Unit
Dimensions (W x H x D) 472 mm x 522 mm x 380 mm (18.6 in x 20.6 in x 15.0 in)
System Weight Approx. 26 kg (57.3 lb)
LCD monitor 6.5-inch daylight-view LCD, anti-reflective type
Power Supply Internal battery: 14.8V nominal, 120-minute operating time
AC power: 100 V to 240V, 50/60 Hz (with supplied AC adaptor)
Air Gas Provision Method Compact CO2 cartridge or Air compressor
Hardware Connectors Video Output S-Video, Composite BNC,
Audio Input External microphone, 3.5 mm mono jack
Auxiliary Connector Two-way communication connector
USB One USB connector
Software Controls
Image Controls 3X digital zoom, 9 step digital brightness control, 5 step contrast adjustment for frozen and retrieved images
Adjustable Gain Control 4 step adjustable gain control with exclusive WiDER® brightness level balancing technology.
Exposure Control Adjustable CCD exposure time. PAL: 20 ms to 500 ms, NTSC: 17 ms to 500 ms
Colour Enhancement Monochrome mode or Color Emphasis of red, blue or all primary colours
Recording Management Functions
Recording Media Compact Flash card (1GB standard, compatible with recommended Compact Flash cards up to 4GB).
USB Flash Drive recommended.
Internal Memory 1GB standard
Overlay 30-character title with date, time and system settings. Additional data can be input to an image using the ImageNotepad® tool which provides the capability to insert up to 10 additional descriptions to an image, displayed by categories and contents.
Thumbnail image display Recorded images can be displayed as thumbnails.
Still image Recording Resolution (pixel) NTSC: 640 x 480, PAL: 768 x 576
Recording Format JPEG - Super high quality, high quality, standard quality
TIFF - Uncompressed (for Stereo Tip Adaptors only)
Video Recording Resolution (pixel) NTSC: 320 x 240/640 x 480, PAL: 384 x 288/768 x 576
Recording Format AVI format, Motion JPEG compression, Windows
Media Player compatible
Audio Recording Recording Format WAV format, 60 sec max.
Stereo Measurement Functions
Distance Distance between two points.
Point-to-Line Perpendicular distance between a point and a user-defined line.
Depth Orthogonal depth/height distance between a point and a user-defined plane.
Area/Lines Multiple point circumference and area measurement
Profile Plot of cross section between two points
Multi Multiple measurements (distance, point-to-line, area and line) between two points
Offset Point-to-Line measurement with a parallel line passing on a measurement point
Operating Environment
Operating Temperature Insertion Tube In air: -25 to 100°C (-13 to 212° F) , In water: 10 to 30°C (50 to 86° F)
Other parts than above In air: -10 to 40°C (14 to 104° F)
Operating Atmospheric Pressure Insertion Tube In air: 1013 hPa, In water: 1013 to 4052 hPa
Other parts than above In air: 1013 hPa
Relative Humidity All parts 15 to 90%
Liquid Resistance All parts Operable when exposed to machine oil, light oil or 5% saline solution.
Waterproofing Insertion Tube Operable under water with viewing tip adaptor attached. Not operable underwater with stereo measurement tip adaptors.
Remote controller and LCD monitor Operable in rain. Not operable underwater.
Other parts than above Neither waterproof nor rain-proof
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