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November 10, 2010

Olympus Announces the MK Modular Mini-Scopes
-Industrial Endoscopes with Modular Bodies for Enhanced Usability-

MK Modular Mini-Scopes (industrial endoscopes)

MK Modular Mini-Scopes (industrial endoscopes)

Olympus Corporation (President: Tsuyoshi Kikukawa) is pleased to announce the launch of the MK Modular Mini-Scopes. For enhanced usability, these industrial endoscopes have a modular design and can be disassembled into three separate units. The new products will go on sale worldwide on November 10, 2010.

Borescopes are industrial endoscopes designed for the observation of locations that cannot be viewed directly from the outside. They have rigid insertion tubes with stainless steel pipe exteriors. Because they can be inserted directly into target areas, operating efficiency is excellent, making borescopes highly effective tools for situations requiring large numbers of observations.

Mini borescopes are optical instruments with small-diameter insertion tubes. They are used primarily to check for burring in automotive fuel injection parts after machining. Because inspections are a regular part of production line operations, borescopes need to combine excellent image quality with robust durability and minimal repair downtime. By introducing a modular structure for its new mini borescopes, Olympus has responded to user demand for improved durability and usability.

Overview of Launch

Name Launch date
MK Modular Mini-Scopes (industrial endoscopes) November 10, 2010

Key Features

  1. Modular Structure for Enhanced Usability
    These systems consist of the main unit, the light guide (for attachment to a cold light source) and the eyepiece (for eyeball observation or camera connection), all of which are removable. Thanks to this modular structure, they can be configured for a wide range of uses by adding different eyepieces and scopes with different diameters and lengths. When repairs are needed, modules can simply be replaced.
  2. Improved Insertion Tube Durability
    To strengthen the bend resistance of the insertion tube, the material thickness has been increased by over 50% compared with earlier products* without any increase in the outer diameter of the scope. The impact resistance of the distal end has also been enhanced through the use of tough sapphire glass.

    A newly designed protective sheath (optional) can also be added. They provide tough protection over an extended area, from the base of the insertion tube to the distal end.
  3. * Earlier products: The comparison is with K-Series Mini Borescopes.
  4. Enhanced Image Quality Thanks to Improved Light Distribution
    Olympus has improved light distribution by using ring illumination to provide even brightness across the entire field of view. Resolution around the periphery of the image has also been improved to facilitate the detection of scratches and burring.

Main Specifications

Main Unit

Product name MK Modular Mini-Scopes
Outer diameter 1.2mm-2.7mm
Effective length 90mm or 180mm
Direction of view 0-90°
Field of view 45-80°
Depth of field 1mm-∞

Operating Environment

Operating temperature range Insertion tube In air: -10-80°C
In water: -10-30°C
Other parts In air: -10-50°C
Operating atmospheric pressure Insertion tube In air: 700hPa to 1013hPa
In water: Up to 1013hPa
Other parts In air: 700hPa to 1013hPa
Liquid resistance Will not be affected by contact with machine oil, diesel oil or 5% saline solution
Waterproofing Insertion tube Waterproof
Other parts Splash-proof
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