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May 20, 2011

Establishment of Nagano Olympus Co., Ltd.
as a Manufacturing Company

Olympus Corporation (President: Michael C. Woodford, "Olympus") will establish Nagano Olympus Co., Ltd. ("Nagano Olympus") in October 2011. The new company, which will be based at the Tatsuno Plant, will integrate multiple manufacturing operations relating to imaging products and life science and industrial products at the Tatsuno Plant and Ina Plant in Nagano Prefecture.

Olympus is currently implementing Monozukuri Innovation initiatives under its 2010 Corporate Strategic Plan, and the establishment of Nagano Olympus as a manufacturing company is one of an element under this plan. As manufacturing company spanning multiple product categories, Nagano Olympus will take over production operations for imaging product and industrial product manufacturing functions, which are currently handled by Olympus Opto-Technology Co., Ltd. and Okaya Olympus Co., Ltd. respectively at the Tatsuno Plant, and the production of microscopes and other life science products at the Ina Plant.

By bringing together the Olympus Group's accumulated expertise in its various business areas and driving innovation in production technology and production management technology across multiple segments, the new company will play a vital role in Monozukuri Innovation under the 2010 Corporate Strategic Plan,.

The transfer of microscope production lines from the Ina Plant to Nagano Olympus will begin in October 2011 and will be completed before the end of fiscal 2011. Endoscope repair service business will begin at the Ina Plant in fiscal 2013.

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