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November 10, 2011

12.5x optical zoom, High-sensitivity shooting, Touch shot




Olympus Imaging Corporation (President : Shuichi Takayama) is pleased to announce the OLYMPUS SH-21 featuring 16-megapixel Backlit CMOS sensor to enable high-sensitivity shooting. It also features super-wide 12.5x optical zoom from 24mm, DUAL IS, and Full HD movies in a stylish body. It is scheduled to go on sale in Japan in middle of November, 2011.

Main Features

  1. Easy tuning vividness, color, and tune brightness with touch Live-Guide. Releasing the shutter after the automatic focus only by touching the subject
  2. Comfortable operation by using a touch and dial button operation
  3. Backlight HDR*1, Full HD movie*2 (MPEG-4 AVC / H.264), Magic Filter Movie*3 High-speed continuous shooting available with 16-megapixel*4 backlit CMOS sensor
  4. Super-wide 12.5x optical zoom from 24mm*5 and DUAL IS*6 in a stylish body

The SH-21 is a digital camera best suited for travel, watching sports, athletic meet or other events. Thanks to its advanced optical expertise, Olympus has been able to incorporate in a compact, palm-size camera the same high-powered super-telephoto capability that normally makes SLR cameras so bulky and heavy. The SH-21 is an easy-to-use "all-in-one" camera that makes it possible anyone to enjoy the pleasure of advanced photography and movies.

Easy tuning vividness, color, and tune brightness with touch Live-Guide by checking the effect on the screen in iAUTO mode. Only by touching the subject you want to shoot, release the shutter after the automatic focus.

Because the 16-megapixel backlit CMOS sensor which condenses more efficient light and lowers noise, the SH-21 offers superb image quality even for low-light shots. The CMOS sensors are also great for high-speed image processing so High-Speed Continuous Shooting is another forte of this camera.

The 12.5x optical zoom lens covers a wide shooting range with focal length ranging from 24mm wide-angle to 300mm telephoto. It can capture big, up-close images of even the most distant subjects, creating high-impact pictures such as the facial expressions of children in athletic or theatrical events or athletes in professional sport competitions. To reduce the picture blur commonly associated with telephoto shooting effectively, the SH-21 features DUAL IS using a CMOS-shift image stabilization mechanism and high-sensitivity image capturing.

It also features dedicated Movie REC button to immediately shooting movies and Magic Movies to enhance your camera life. Moreover, you can enjoy the SH-21 not only in special events but also in your usual life with the full array of functions such as 3D Photos*7, Smart Panorama, Hand-Held Starlight Mode and Pet Mode.

Backlit CMOS sensor for high-sensitivity shooting
The SH-21 features a 16-megapixel backlit CMOS sensor which condenses more efficient light and lowers noise so that the camera offers superb image quality even for low-light shots. The CMOS sensors are also great for high-speed image processing so High-Speed Continuous Shooting is another forte of this camera.

Full HD movie (MPEG-4 AVC / H.264) recording
Extended smooth and beautiful HDTV (1920 x 1080 pixels) movie recording is available, as movies are encoded in MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 format. Movie recording can be manipulated by a dedicated movie REC button. High-resolution Multi-Recording movies also come with high-quality stereo sound.

Hand-Held Starlight Mode
The SH-21 takes four different photos with one click of the shutter in Hand-Held Starlight Mode. By overlaying pictures in continuous shooting mode at high precision and merged to produce a single nigh-scene photo, you can get beautiful night shots without blur and with reduced noise even in the darkest parts of the image.

Backlight HDR
Backlight HDR newly added to the scene mode is excellent for the scene of big contrast such as backlight situations.
It captures images with less noise and wide dynamic range without over-exposure and under-exposure by high-speed CMOS and high-speed processing of TruePicIII+.

Smart Panorama
Thanks to the backlit CMOS sensor's high processing capability, anyone can capture the dynamic panoramas of 360-degree at maximum.

High-Speed Continuous Shooting
High-speed continuous shooting of up to 7 full-size photos per second (High-speed continuous mode 2), and up to 15 photos per second are available. The Auto Split Shooting Mode automatically split images recorded while the shutter button so you do not have to worry about not having enough frames from a sequence. (Image size is limited to 5M or smaller)

Magic Filters
The SH-21 features an expanded range of 10 Magic Filters, Pop, Pin Hole, Fisheye, Drawing, Soft Focus ,Punk, Watercolor*8 and Sparkle*8*9 inherited from the previous model, and newly added Reflection*8 and Miniature*8. Furthermore, Magic Movies recordings are available in Pop, Pin Hole, Fisheye, Drawing, Soft Focus, Punk, Watercolor, Reflection, and Miniature delivering distinct look and artistic feel.

Reflection : Applies an effect like a reflection on a lake in a night scene or a landscape for a fantasy effect.
Miniature : Converts real-world images into magical images of a toy world.

3D Photo Shooting Function
You can shoot dynamic 3D photos in any mode from macro to landscape. Recreate a sense of depth like that of the original scene. You can then enjoy the full power of 3D images on compatible TV sets and computers. Simply select the 3D Photo in Shooting mode and then release the shutter and slide the camera sideways to easily get a 3D photo. During 3D Photo shooting, a 3D file and regular JPEG files are recorded at the same time. There are two modes to shoot 3D photos;

MPO file (Multi Picture Format)
This is a format standardized by CIPA to handle multiple images under a single image file. When you use the 3D Photo Shooting function, the images for the right and left eye are recorded in a single "Multi Picture Format" format file.

Photo with Movie Clip
Record movies and sounds automatically during shooting photos. 7sec. / 5 sec. / 3 sec. (before releasing the shutter), 3 sec./ 0 sec. (after releasing the shutter).

Pet Mode*10
The camera automatically detects dogs' and cats' faces. Selecting the [Pet Mode - Dog] or [Pet Mode - Cat] from the scene mode, the camera will quickly detect your pet's face and automatically focus on it before shooting the photo. The camera will detect up to 10 faces of different dogs or cats.

Auto Release
The camera captures perfectly your pet's cute expressions. Use the Auto Release function to have the camera automatically shoot the photo the moment the dog or cat who is the main subject turns to face the camera. You will never again miss your pet's whimsical facial expressions.

Eye-Fi Card*11 Compatible
Eye-Fi Cards are SDHC memory cards with built-in wireless LAN functionality. The images that you take can easily be uploaded wirelessly to your computer and to photo printing services and online albums.

*1 Not effective while recording the movies. Not effective under all of the circumstances.
*2 Recording time per session is limited to less than 29 minutes. Recording is terminated automatically when the file size reaches 4 GB
*3 Image size is limited to 5M or smaller in Drawing, Soft Focus, Watercolor and Sparkle filters
*4 Effective pixels
*5 35mm camera equivalent
*6 Image stabilization effect varies depending on shooting conditions
*7 3D effect cannot be obtained when shooting moving subjects. Movies cannot be recorded. The 3D file recorded conforms to the Multi-Picture Format standardized by CIPA. During 3D Photo shooting, a 3D file and regular JPEG files are recorded at the same time.
*8 Image size is limited to 5M or smaller
*9 Filter is not effective on LCD monitor
*10 The number of pets automatically detected is limited to 1 when Auto Shutter Release is set to ON, or up to 10 when it is set to OFF. Depending on the subject and shooting conditions the camera may not be able to correctly detect faces. In Pet mode, the flash and face detection of people's faces cannot be used.
*11 The use of Eye-Fi cards is limited to the original country of purchase. Observe all the applicable laws of the country of use. Turn off the Eye-Fi setting or refrain altogether from using Eye-Fi cards inside airplanes or in other places where wireless communication is restricted or forbidden. Single files (images or movies) exceeding 2GB cannot be transferred wirelessly. Files recorded using the 3D shooting function (MP files) are supported only by the X2-Pro card. For any inquiries regarding Eye-Fi cards please contact the card's manufacturer.
*12 Image size is limited to 5M or smaller. The effect varies depending on shooting conditions.
*13 HDMI control setting is set to ON. Limited only HDMI(CEC).
*14 Some of the search functions has to be rewritten using [ib] software.

Basic Performance

Effective pixels 16 megapixels
Optical zoom 12.5X
Wide-angle shooting 24mm (35mm camera equivalent)
Image stabilization DUAL IS (CMOS-shift image stabilization & High-sensitivity shooting)
LCD size 3.0-inch, 460,000 dots
LCD type TFT color
Movie recording Full HD movie (MPEG-4 AVC/H.264)

Other Features

  • Multi-motion Movie IS features image stabilization to correct large amounts and slow blur
  • Beauty Mode*12 to touch up human faces for more attractive results
  • Scene Modes for one-touch shooting adjustment in difficult environments as well as in standard conditions
  • HDMI*13 output control for operations including picture selection and frame-by-frame advancement using a TV's remote control
  • Face Detection AF with which the camera detects and focuses on human faces automatically
  • iAUTO function that analyzes the current composition and optimizes camera settings automatically
  • USB battery charging enables the camera battery to be recharged from a PC while automatically storing and organizing recorded data in the PC
  • AF Tracking to keep a moving subject in focus by tracking it automatically
  • Photo-surfing*14 allows you to search desired pictures according to recording keyword such as "date" or "subject".
  • Compatible medias : SD / SDHC / SDXC / Eye-Fi memory cards
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