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December 12, 2011
Updated: June 13, 2014

Olympus announces the IPLEX UltraLite Industrial Videoscope

With an integrated control unit and LCD monitor, the IPLEX UltraLite combines excellent durability with high image quality. Capable of being operated in one hand, it is the lightest and most compact model in the IPLEX series.

The IPLEX UltraLite Industrial

The IPLEX UltraLite Industrial

On January 1, 2012, Olympus Corporation will commence worldwide sales of the IPLEX UltraLite Industrial Videoscope. The lightest and most compact model in the IPLEX series, the UltraLite allows observation of hidden locations inside engines, factory facilities and plumbing in buildings, without the need for dismantling.

The IPLEX series of industrial videoscopes have earned a reputation for excellent portability, superb image quality and a range of functions to support precise inspections.
While providing similar capabilities to the advanced model, IPLEX LT, the new IPLEX UltraLite features a compact design with an integrated LCD monitor and controller that can easily be operated with one hand. The UltraLite is extremely compact. "IV8420U" whose diameter is φ4.0mm and effective length is 2.0m weighs only 700g including the battery. Yet it also combines ease of operation with sophisticated functions and is protected against dust, moisture and impacts for superior durability in harsh environments.

Launch Overview

Product Launch Date
IPLEX UltraLite Industrial Videoscope January 1, 2012

Main Features

  1. Major reduction in size and weight through integration of LCD monitor and controller
  2. Simple, clear menu icons and control buttons for enhanced inspection efficiency
  3. Excellent durability and image quality, despite compact design

Reasons for Introduction

Industrial videoscopes are typically used for internal inspections of engines in vehicles and airplanes, turbines in power plants and wind tower gear boxes, and pipes or tubes in buildings and manufacturing facilities. They are also used to inspect wind turbine gearboxes, which are playing an increasingly important role in eco-friendly power generation. In addition to excellent image quality and sophisticated functions, scopes used in these situations frequently require portability to allow inspections in confined or elevated sites, and durability to withstand harsh environmental conditions, including exposure to rain, dust and machine oil.
To meet these field inspection needs, Olympus has given the IPLEX UltraLite a compact, lightweight design by integrating the LCD monitor into the controller. The IPLEX UltraLite also provides the same durability and image quality as advanced models.

Details of Main Features

1. Major reduction in size and weight through integration of LCD monitor and controller
By integrating the 3.7-inch LCD monitor with the controller, Olympus has for the first time created an user-friendly industrial videoscope. Ergonomically designed to fit into the palm of the hand, the IPLEX UltraLite can be used comfortably and with minimal fatigue even during prolonged inspections. "IV8420U" whose diameter is φ4.0mm and effective length is 2.0m weighs only 700g including the battery. It can easily be transported to a variety of sites. The IPLEX UltraLite is ideal for efficient facility inspections in confined spaces and steep inclines.

2. Simple, clear menu icons and control buttons for enhanced inspection efficiency
Simple, clear menu icons ensure that any function can be quickly identified and activated. For optimal inspection, the menu buttons are positioned for one-handed scope operation and easy access to various functions.

3. Excellent durability and image quality, despite compact design
The IPLEX UltraLite complies with the IP55 standard and is dust and splash-proof. It can be used with confidence even in locations where there is a risk of sudden rain or exposure to sand and dust. Thanks to its rugged design and the high-strength glass used in the LCD monitor, the IPLEX UltraLite can withstand impacts and drops from 1.2 m.
An image processing algorithm exclusively developed by Olympus ensures crystal clear image quality. Even minute scratches and corrosion are clearly visible. A wide variety of optical adapters can be used to achieve optimal field of view, magnification and viewing direction for each inspection target. Inspection images can be saved as JPEG still images or MPEG-4 video files on SD or SDHC cards.

Main Specifications

Scope model number IV8420U IV8435U IV8620U IV8635U
Insertion tube Diameter*1 φ4.0mm φ6.0mm
Effective length 2.0m 3.5m 2.0m 3.5m
Exterior Toughened tungsten braid
Flexible tube Flexible tube with uniform stiffness from the distal end to the control unit Tapered flex tube with flexibility gradually increasing toward the distal end
Mass(including battery) 700g 760g 800g 900g
Articulated tube

Articulation directions
(4 directions)

130° 120°
Articulation control Joystick
Basic performance
Dimensions(W×D×H) 120mm×190mm×190mm
High temperature sensor 2-stage temperature warning
Illumination High-intensity LEDs
Optical adaptor recognition Recognition of optical adapter attachment/removal
Menu buttons Live screen display, brightness adjustment, zoom, freeze/record, articulation control, menu display, retrieve/thumbnail display
LCD monitor 3.7-inch LCD
Power supply Battery7.2V
AC power100V-240V, 50/60Hz
(via AC adapter)
USB connector Ver 2.0 standard
Environmental protection Anti-dust, anti-moisture(IP55 standard), shock resistance
Image processing
Zoom 5×digital seamless zoom
Brightness adjustment 10-step digital brightness adjustment (including gain, exposure time and monochrome boost)
Title input Up to 30 single-byte alphanumeric or kana characters
Image recording
Recording media SD and SDHC cards (4GB SDHC card provided as standard equipment, SD and SDHC cards designated by Olympus)
Screen print functions Date, time, title and system settings can be superimposed on images
Still image recording Resolution H640×V480(Pixel)
Recording format JPEG compression(Exif 2.1 standard)
File size Approx. 300KB(approx. 13,400 still images per 4GB SDHC card)
Video recording Resolution H640×V480(Pixel)
Recording format AVI MPEG-4
File size Approx. 600KB/sec.(approx. 120min. per 4GB SDHC card), maximum of 2GB per video file
Operating environment
Operating temperature Insertion tube In air:-25-100C°
In water:10-30C°
Other parts In air:-10-40C°
Operating pressure Insertion tube In air:Normal pressure(1013hPa)
In water:1013-1368hPa
Other parts In air:Normal pressure (1013hPa)
Operating ambienthumidity All parts 15-90%(relative humidity)
Liquid resistance All parts Operable when exposed to machine oil, light oil or 5% saline solution
Waterproofing Insertion tube Waterproof, operable under water with optical adapter attached
Insertion tube Splash-proof, not operable under water, not splash-proof if battery compartment is opened
*1  The insertion tube can be inserted into a hole with a diameter of 4.0mm or 6.0mm.
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