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March 21, 2012

Olympus to Launch THUNDERBEAT

The World's Only Vessel Sealing and Tissue Cutting Device

Integrated with both Advanced Bipolar and Ultrasonic Energy

THUNDERBEAT Instrument (TB-0535PC)

THUNDERBEAT Instrument (TB-0535PC)

Olympus Medical Systems Corporation announces that THUNDERBEAT, the world's only*1 blood vessel sealing and tissue cutting device to integrate both advanced bipolar*2 and ultrasonic energy with simultaneous output capability, will be released in the United States, Europe and in some Asian markets*3 in March, 2012.

THUNDERBEAT is a versatile device capable of reliable 7mm vessel sealing and rapid tissue cutting, and may improve the efficiency of minimally invasive surgery. This efficiency results from the integration of advanced bipolar energy in vessel sealing and tissue coagulation with ultrasonic energy in tissue cutting and dissection.

*1 As of March, 2012, based on Olympus research.
*2 An advanced bipolar energy device seals blood vessels by applying a high-frequency electric current to tissue held between bipolar electrodes.
*3 THUNDERBEAT has not yet been approved under Japanese regulations.

Outline of the products (U.S.A.)

Product Name Product Description
THUNDERBEAT Instrument *4
(6 styles, 5 per box)
TB-0545PC (5 mm, 45 cm, Pistol Grip)
TB-0535PC (5 mm, 35 cm, Pistol Grip)
TB-0545IC (5 mm, 45 cm, Inline Grip)
TB-0535IC (5 mm, 35 cm, Inline Grip)
TB-0520IC (5 mm, 20 cm, Inline Grip)
TB-0510IC (5 mm, 10 cm, Inline Grip)
Ultrasonic Generator USG-400
Electrosurgical Generator ESG-400
Energy cart for Surgical Tissue Management System TC-E400
*4 THUNDERBEAT operates in conjunction with USG-400, ESG-400 and TD-TB400.

Main Features

1. The world's only integrated surgical device
THUNDERBEAT delivers ultrasonically generated frictional heat energy and electrically generated bipolar heat energy simultaneously and synergistically. This integration of two energy modalities enables THUNDERBEAT to deliver the advantages of both energies without the primary disadvantages.

2. Reliable 7 mm vessel sealing
THUNDERBEAT delivers advanced bipolar energy, which has the advantage in vessel sealing, to seal vessels up to 7 mm in size. Additionally, THUNDERBEAT features a "wiper jaw" mechanism designed to apply consistent pressure the entire length of the jaw, which provides reliable vessel seals.

3. Rapid tissue cutting with simultaneous coagulation
THUNDERBEAT delivers ultrasonic and bipolar energies to enable rapid cutting and simultaneous coagulation without using mechanical cutting blades, which are commonly used in existing advanced bipolar devices. THUNDERBEAT rapidly cuts tissues with the press of a switch.

4. Fine tissue dissection
THUNDERBEAT is excellent in precise dissection as a result of the fine jaw design, the ability to cut all the way to the tip, and superior jaw opening and closing forces. This facilitates easy entry into and separation of tissue planes as well as the ability to grasp small, fine sections of tissue.

5. Versatility
The THUNDERBEAT jaw design and unique integration of two energy modalities delivers reliable vessel sealing and hemostasis, as well as rapid tissue cutting and coagulation. Additionally, the fine tip facilitates fine tissue dissection. THUNDERBEAT allows surgeons to perform procedures efficiently and seamlessly with a possible reduction in instrument exchanges.

Product Background

Laparoscopic (minimally invasive) surgery, was pioneered in the 1990s with cholecystectomy, (surgical removal of the Gall Bladder) has been expanded to surgeries that require more advanced techniques such as the Colorectal and Bariatric surgery. These surgeries are expected to grow rapidly in the future due to the continued global increase of colorectal cancer and obesity. In order to further increase the percentage of procedures conducted via a minimally invasive approach, a versatile energy device is required to increase the efficiency of surgeries by reducing instrument exchanges.

THUNDERBEAT provides best-in-class performance for vessel sealing, hemostasis, tissue coagulation, cutting and dissection. THUNDERBEAT will be an important addition to the existing Olympus energy business which currently includes the SonoSurg ultrasonic surgical system and Gyrus PK bipolar system.

In recent years, surgeons have been able to recognize more precise anatomy thanks to high-definition images delivered by the latest video systems. By combining THUNDERBEAT with these video systems, it is expected to perform more precise surgical procedures with even greater efficiency. Olympus will contribute to the advancement of minimally invasive surgery and continue to create new value through a "See & Treat" approach based on the synergies of endoscopic observation with diagnostic technologies and therapeutic technologies including energy devices.

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