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April 20, 2012

Olympus Corporation
Appointment of Executives

Appointment of Directors

(As of April 20th 2012)


Chairman   Yasuyuki Kimoto
Representative Director Hiroyuki Sasa
Director Hideaki Fujizuka
Director Yasuo Takeuchi
Director Shigeo Hayashi
Outside Director Takuya Goto
Outside Director Shiro Hiruta
Outside Director Sumitaka Fujita
Outside Director Motoyoshi Nishikawa
Outside Director Hikari Imai
Outside Director Kiyotaka Fujii

Representative Director Shuichi Takayama, Director Haruhito Morishima, Masataka Suzuki, Kazuhisa Yanagisawa, Takashi Tsukaya, Hironobu Kawamata, Outside Director Yasuo Hayashida, Hiroshi Kuruma, Junichi Hayashi resigned on April 20.

Kazuhiro Watanabe and Shinichi Nishigaki resigned the title of Director and were appointed to Executive Officer.


Standing Corporate Auditor   Takashi Saito
Standing Corporate Auditor Masashi Shimizu
Outside Corporate Auditor Nobuo Nagoya
Outside Corporate Auditor Katsuya Natori

Standing Corporate Auditor Tadao Imai, Outside Corporate Auditor Makoto Shimada and Yasuo Nakamura resigned on April 20.


President   Hiroyuki Sasa
Senior Executive Managing Officer Hideaki Fujizuka
Senior Executive Managing Officer Yasuo Takeuchi
Senior Executive Managing Officer Akihiro Taguchi
Executive Managing Officer Shigeo Hayashi
Executive Managing Officer Haruo Ogawa
Executive Managing Officer Toshiaki Gomi
Executive Managing Officer Masao Kuribayashi
Executive Managing Officer Yasushi Sakai
Executive Officer Kazuhiro Watanabe
Executive Officer Shinichi Nishigaki
Executive Officer Koichi Karaki
Executive Officer Hitoshi Kawada
Executive Officer Yoshihiko Masakawa
Executive Officer Naohiko Kawamata
Executive Officer Yasuo Yoda
Executive Officer Akira Kubota
Executive Officer Nobuyuki Koga
Executive Officer Il-Seok Bang
Executive Officer Atsushi Nishikawa
Executive Officer Hisao Yabe
Executive Officer Masamichi Handa
Executive Officer Nobuhiro Abe
Executive Officer Ken Yoshimasu
Executive Officer Masahito Kitamura
Executive Officer Tetsuo Kobayashi

President Shuichi Takayama, Executive Vice President Haruhito Morishima, Senior Executive Managing Officer Masataka Suzuki and Kazuhisa Yanagisawa, Executive Managing Officer Takashi Tsukaya, Executive Officer Hironobu Kawamata resigned on April 20.

Takashi Saito resigned the title of Executive Officer and was appointed to the Standing Corporate Auditor.

Director / Senior Executive Managing Officer  Hideaki Fujizuka
  Newly appointed Group President of Corporate Center
Director / Senior Executive Managing Officer  Yasuo Takeuchi
  Newly appointed Group President of Group Management Office
  Newly appointed Representative Director / Chairman of Olympus Korea Co. Ltd.
  Newly appointed Director / Chairman of Olympus Corporation of the Americas
Director / Executive Managing Officer  Shigeo Hayashi
  Newly appointed Group President of Corporate Monozukuri Innovation Center
Senior Executive Managing Officer  Akihiro Taguchi
  Newly appointed Group President of Medical Business Group
  Newly appointed Representative Director / President of Olympus Medical Systems Corp.
Executive Managing Officer  Haruo Ogawa
  Newly appointed Group President of Imaging Business Group
  Newly appointed Executive in charge of Opto Business Project
  Newly appointed Representative Director / President of Olympus Imaging Corp.
Executive Officer  Kazuhiro Watanabe
  Newly appointed Group President of Asia & Oceania Management Group
  Newly appointed Chairman of Olympus Corporation of Asia Pacific Limited
  Newly appointed Chairman of Olympus Hong Kong and China Limited
  Newly appointed Chairman of Olympus (China) Co., Ltd
  Newly appointed Chairman of Olympus Imaging China Co., Ltd
  Newly appointed Chairman of Olympus (Beijing) Sales & Service Co., Ltd
  Newly appointed Chairman of Olympus Trading (Shanghai) Limited
Executive Officer  Akira Kubota
  Newly appointed Group President of Corporate R&D Center
Executive Officer  Atsushi Nishikawa
  Newly appointed Group President of Information & Communication Business Group
  Newly appointed Executive in charge of New Business Administration Division
  Newly appointed Executive in charge of Olympus Business Creation Corp.
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