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July 2, 2012

The World's Smallest Diameter Videoscope with Articulation*1

Olympus to Launch the IPLEX TX Industrial Videoscope

IPLEX TX Industrial Videoscope (left) and Scope Tip (right)

IPLEX TX Industrial Videoscope (left) and Scope Tip (right)

Olympus Corporation announces the global launch on July 2, 2012, of new IPLEX TX industrial videoscope designed for the inspection of confined spaces such as castings, molds or other parts with small cavities.

The IPLEX series of industrial videoscopes is part of our portfolio of non-destructive testing equipment and features a high level of maneuverability, refined image quality and an extensive range of functions.

The new IPLEX TX is the world's only articulating videoscope with a 2.4 mm diameter tip*1. It also features excellent durability, with an abrasion strength 200 times*2 greater than previous models. Its large 6.5-inch LCD monitor displays clear and bright images of areas under inspection.

*1 As of July 2, 2012, based on investigation by Olympus. Applies to industrial videoscopes with a articulating mechanism on the scope tip
*2 Based on tests by Olympus comparing the IPLEX TX with a previous model (the IF2D5 industrial fiberscope).

Launch Overview

Product Name Launch Date
IPLEX TX Industrial Videoscope July 2, 2012

Main Features

  1. The world's only articulating videoscope with a 2.4 mm diameter tip
  2. The special high-durability resin tube achieving 200 times*2 greater abrasion resistance
  3. Displays clear and bright inspection images on a 6.5-inch wide-screen LCD monitor

Reasons for Introduction

Industrial videoscopes are non-destructive testing instruments that are used to perform visual inspection inside objects such as aircraft engines, machinery, pipes, tanks, and automotive parts. They provide high-quality images even under harsh environments. Meanwhile, the industrial fiberscope is another type of non-destructive testing instrument, and features a range of ultra-thin scopes which can reach in more confined spaces where industrial videoscopes are difficult to insert.

In recent years, molds and other parts used in a wide variety of industries such as the automotive have become more intricately-shaped. As a result, there is an increasing demand for scopes that feature not only small diameter insertion tubes but also offer enhanced image quality and durability. To satisfy this demand, Olympus developed the new IPLEX TX to provide high-image-quality inspection and excellent durability in a unit as thin as an ultra-narrow industrial fiberscope. This enables the operator of an IPLEX TX to provide inspection images of high quality in very confined spaces, such as narrow spaces in castings, molds and other components.

Details of Main Features

1. The world's only articulating videoscope with a 2.4 mm diameter tip*1
The ultra-thin, 2.4 mm diameter scope of the IPLEX TX enables to inspect confined spaces difficult to view using conventional videoscopes. Despite having a very thin scope, the bendable scope tip allows to observe inside objects with intricate shape.

2. The special high-durability resin tube achieving 200 times*2 greater abrasion resistance
The special resin tube protecting the insertion tube of the IPLEX TX achieves a 200 times greater abrasion resistance compared with existing ultra-thin industrial fiberscopes, providing reliable inspections of castings, molds, or other objects with rough surfaces. The IPLEX TX is designed for IP55 compliance rating to resist moisture and dust, making it suitable for use in harsh manufacturing environment.

3. Displays clear and bright inspection images on a 6.5-inch wide-screen LCD monitor
Using the 6.5-inch large LCD monitor, the high-sensitivity imaging sensor can provide clear and bright images of cracks or other small defects difficult to identify using an industrial fiberscope. Our proprietary WiDERTM image processing technique brings out detail in shadowed and highlighted areas to produce bright and contrast-balanced image across the entire depth of field.

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Main Specifications

Model No. IV8212T
Approx. weight of scope unit 0.2kg
Insertion tube Scope diameter*3 φ2.4mm
Scope length 1.2m
Distal end*4 9.8mm
Exterior High durability resin tube with special processing
Tube flexibility Uniformed stiffness
Optics Direction of view Forward
Field of view 80°
Depth of field*5 3 to 70mm
Illumination High-intensity white LED
Articulation section Articulation angle 135° (UP/DOWN)
Articulation mechanics Direct manipulation
Model No. IV8200T
Approx. weight of main unit 1.7 kg (with battery or AC power adaptor)
Maximum dimensions: 239x99x215mm
Handheld controller Controllable functions The following features have dedicated quick access buttons or a lever on the hand control unit: Live mode, WiDER™ Gain control, Brightness, Zoom, Freeze Image, Record still/video, Articulation control, Articulation lock, Menu access, Saved recording index
Approx. weight 0.3kg
LCD monitor 6.5 in. daylight-view LCD, anti-reflective type
Power supply Battery: 10.8 V nominal
AC power: 100V to 240V, 50/60Hz (with supplied AC adaptor)
Output connector RCA composite video output
USB connector Type A connector, Version 2.0 standards
Software manipulations Image manipulations Seamless digital zoom from x0.5 to x2, 8 step digital brightness control
Adjustable gain control 3 step adjustable gain control with exclusive WiDERTM brightness level balancing technology
Display text options 30-character title display
Recording management
Recording media USB flash memory (1GB standard, compatible with recommended USB flash device)
Overlay Selectable 30 character title with date, time and system setting
Thumbnail image display Recorded images can be displayed as thumbnails
Still image recording Resolution -- NTSC: H640xV480 (Pixel), PAL: H768xV576 (Pixel)
Recording Format -- Compressed JPEG format
Size of a single image -- Approx. 300KB (Approx. 3,400 images per 1GB memory)
Video recording Resolution -- H640xV480 (Pixel)
Recording format -- AVI MPEG-4 format, Can be played on the Windows Media Player.
Size of a single Image -- Approx. 500KB per second (Approx. 30min per 1GB memory)
Operating temperature Insertion tube In air: –25º to 80ºC
In water: 10º to 30ºC
Other parts than above In air: –10 to 40ºC (with battery)
0 to 40ºC (with AC power adaptor)
Operating atmospheric
Insertion tube In air: 1013hPa
In water: 1013 to 1135hPa
Other parts than above In air: 1013hPa
Relative humidity All parts 15 to 90%
Liquid resistance All parts Operable when exposed to machine oil, light oil or 5% saline solution.
Waterproofing Insertion tube Operable under water.
Other parts than above Operable in blowing rain conditions (Battery compartment must be closed). Not operable underwater.
*3 The insertion tube can be inserted into a φ2.4 mm hole.
*4 Indicates the length of the rigid portion at the scope's distal end.
*5 Indicates the optimal focal distance.
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