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August 22, 2012

Ultra-zoom with Advanced iHS technology, 40x optical zoom from a 22.4mm wide-angle, and Full High-definition movies

The OLYMPUS STYLUS SP-820UZ compact digital camera

Powered by AA batteries, so users can take it anywhere



Olympus Imaging Corporation (President: Haruo Ogawa) is proud to announce the introduction of the OLYMPUS STYLUS SP-820UZ, powered by AA batteries and boasts a high-sensitivity CMOS sensor, iHS Technology from a digital SLR image processing engine, along with a 22.4mm*1 wide-angle to 896mm*1 telephoto optical 40x ultra-zoom lens. It is scheduled to go on sale from the end of September, 2012.

Main Features

  1. With a 14.0 megapixel*2, high-sensitivity CMOS sensor, and an image processing engine established with the OLYMPUS PEN, this camera achieves high-sensitivity, low noise, and a fast AF (iHS Technology).
  2. Equipped with DUAL IS*3, for double image stabilization, and a 40x optical zoom (Super Resolution 80x zoom) from a 22.4mm wide-angle.
  3. Supports Full High-definition movie*4 (MOV/H.264) shooting. Magic Filter*5 is also available for use when shooting movies

Olympus compact digital cameras are equipped with image processing technology in the form of iHS Technology, enabling high-sensitivity, low noise, and a fast AF. With Super Resolution zoom, and iAUTO, which detects subjects and scenes from a maximum of 29 patterns, users can easily capture images just as they appear to the eye.
The OLYMPUS STYLUS SP-820UZ is equipped with a 22.4mm wide-angle to 896mm super-telephoto, high-magnification zoom lens, enabling an extremely wide range of shooting possibilities. The power of a large and heavy, sized super-telephoto lens is available on the compact body of the STYLUS SP-820UZ, making it the perfect companion for keeping baggage light on a trip. This is an "all-in-one" camera for easily taking high-grade pictures on the go.
With the 40x optical zoom lens, users can capture intense and up-close photos of far away subjects with ease. The STYLUS SP-820UZ can capture the expressions on children's faces at school games and plays, and the action of athletes at sporting events, with a level of detail not visible to the naked eye. With Super Resolution zoom, users can not only zoom up to 80x with virtually no image degradation, but in combination with the digital zoom it is even possible to photograph craters on the moon at 160x. With CMOS shift-type image stabilization and DUAL IS*3 for high-sensitivity shooting, camera shake is effectively reduced during telephoto shooting. With 22.4mm*2 wide-angle shooting, landscape photos and large group photos are a cinch. With just this one camera, users can enjoy shooting various scenes at just the right angles.
Simply pressing the button on the back of the camera allows super telephoto HD movie shooting, and Magic Filter also adds to the enjoyment of shooting movies on a digital camera.
Beauty Mode*6 corrects the image so skin appears more smooth and beautiful, and Beauty Make-up mode corrects the image after shooting so that skin and eyes appear more beautiful. Thanks to its features of automatically detecting a pet's face and capturing the shot at the best possible timing, this camera is useful at not only cover events but every day situations.

Main Features -- Details

Full High-Definition Movies (MOV/H.264)*9
Full High-definition size 1920 x 1080 movies, and an extremely good compression format for computers. With MOV and H.264 formats, longer movies can be shot more smoothly and beautifully. With the dedicated movie button, movie shooting can be started and stopped with a single touch.
The STYLUS SP-820 is also equipped with Multi-Motion Movie IS image stabilization. Because this function corrects for the gradual camera shake that commonly occurs when shooting a movie while walking, users can more fully enjoy shooting beautiful, high-quality movies.

Magic Filter
The popular Magic Filter offers 10 different filters to choose from: Pop, Pinhole, Fisheye, Sketch, Wedding, Rock, Watercolor, Crystal, Mirror, and Miniature. Pop, Pinhole, Fisheye, Sketch, Wedding, Rock, Watercolor, and Mirror can also be used when shooting movies.

Pet Mode (Scene Mode)*7
Dogs and cats are automatically detected. By selecting Pet-cat or Pet-dog modes, the camera will automatically detect cats or dogs and focus on their faces. Up to ten dog or cat faces can be detected.

Auto Shutter
Capture pets' expressions. With Auto Shutter, the camera will automatically shoot when a pet faces the camera head-on. With this function, users won't miss the whimsical antics of their pets. (Auto Shutter can detect only one pet.)

Eye-Fi Support*8
Eye-Fi cards are SDHC memory cards that contain an internal wireless LAN. Images can easily be wirelessly uploaded to picture services, online photo albums, and computers.

Basic Features

Effective number of pixels 14 million
Optical zoom 40x
Wide 22.4mm wide-angle (35mm film equivalent)
Image stabilization DUAL IS (CMOS shift type & high-sensitivity shooting)
LCD screen size 3.0 type, 460,000 dots
LCD screen type TFT color LCD
Movie shooting High-definition movies (MOV/H.264)

Other Features

  • Magic Filter enhances the enjoyment of shooting photos on a digital camera, and Beauty Mode creates a beautiful impression when shooting pictures of people
  • Scene Mode allows for shooting not only standard scenes, but also enables easy shooting of beautiful images even in difficult shooting conditions
  • HDMI Output Control*9 enables control of the camera, such as selecting and switching images with a TV remote control
  • Face Detect AF lets the camera automatically detect faces
  • Intelligent iAUTO automatically detects scenes and optimizes settings for shooting
  • In-camera Panorama Merge allows users to easily shoot panoramic images by simply moving the camera as directed
  • USB Battery Charge allows users to charge the camera battery while connected to a computer, and transferring or organizing image data
  • Auto Tracking AF automatically tracks moving subjects and adjusts the focus
  • Supported media: SD, SDHC, SDXC, Eye-Fi cards
*1 35mm film equivalent
*2 Effective pixels
*3 Differences in image stabilization may occur depending on shooting conditions.
*4 The maximum recording time for a single movie clip is limited to 29 minutes. Recording will automatically stop once the file size has reached 4 GB.
*5 The image size for still images is limited to 5M and lower when using the following Magic Filters: Sketch, Wedding, Watercolor, and Crystal. Filters available for use when shooting movies are limited.
*6 The image size is limited to 5M and lower after images are corrected. Effects may differ from person to person.
*7 The number of detectable pets are as follows. Auto shutter on: 1, Auto shutter off: 10. Faces may not be detectable in certain shooting conditions or for certain subjects. During pet detection, detection of people's faces, and use of the flash are not available.
*8 Eye-Fi card use is only permitted in the country of purchase. Make sure to abide by the laws in the country of use. Do not use Eye-Fi cards inside aircraft, or where the use of radio transmissions are limited or forbidden, or set the Eye-Fi card's transmission function to OFF. Images and movies with a file size exceeding 2 GB cannot be sent. For questions concerning Eye-Fi cards, contact the manufacturer.
*9 When the HDMI control setting menu is set to ON.
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