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November 1, 2012

Announcing InHelp Inspection Assist Software System
for Industrial Videoscope Inspections

Enabling greater efficiency over the entire workflow
from on-site inspection to report generation

InHelp Inspection Assist Software System(Inspection Screen, Image Management Screen, and Report Generation)

InHelp Inspection Assist Software System
(Inspection Screen, Image Management Screen, and Report Generation)

Olympus Corporation (Representative Director and President: Hiroyuki Sasa) announces the global launch on November 1, 2012 of the InHelp software system that assists remote visual inspections with industrial videoscopes. Remote visual inspection enables observation of areas that have no direct visual access such as aircraft engines and pipes in plant facilities.
InHelp streamlines the entire industrial videoscope inspection process of (1) On-site Inspection, (2) Image Management, and (3) Inspection Report Generation for improved work efficiency.

InHelp is the first Olympus inspection assist software system for industrial videoscope inspections. In such as aviation and power generation industries, large volumes of inspection are often required. InHelp improves work efficiency and simplifies inspections by organizing stored images on the videoscope and generating detailed inspection reports.

Launch Overview

Product Name Launch Date
"InHelp" Inspection Assist Software System November 1, 2012

Main Features

  1. On-site Inspection: With one key stroke, InHelp can store the inspection images alongside of defect diagnoses in folders based on the inspection section, which greatly improves inspection efficiency.
  2. Image Management: With InHelp, images can also be displayed by the inspection section or defect level.
  3. Report Generation: With a single click, InHelp can complete inspection report from a custom-designed template, shortening report generation time to 1/8 from the typical standard*1.

Supported models*2 (Four industrial videoscope models)

IPLEX FX (IV8000-2 type), IPLEX LX, IPLEX LT, and IPLEX UltraLite

*1 As of November 1, 2011, based on our in-house test marketing (comparison of required time to review recorded images, choose images for a report, and generate a report. The actual required time varies depending on the inspection content and proficiency level of the inspector.
*2 As of November 1, 2012.
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