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January 30, 2013

The Tough series flagship model, with a f2.0 high-speed lens designed for shooting in dark locations

OLYMPUS STYLUS TG-2 Tough compact digital camera

Advanced waterproof capability and macro functionality enriches photographic possibilities



Olympus Imaging Corporation (President: Haruo Ogawa) is proud to announce the OLYMPUS STYLUS TG-2 Tough. In addition to waterproof*1, shockproof*2, and freezeproof*3 capability, this compact digital camera boasts a high-speed f2.0 lens, high-speed GPS, and iHS Technology, for a full-featured model that is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. It is scheduled to go on sale from February 8, 2013.

Main Features

  1. Built with extreme Tough performance: Advanced waterproof capability down to 15 m*1, drop/shockproof capability to 2.1 m*2, freezeproof capability down to -10°C*3, and crushproof capability to 100 kgf*4.
  2. Equipped with a high-speed f2.0 lens and aperture priority mode. In combination with iHS Technology, this lens brings out high-performance shooting function and image quality even in dark situations.
  3. Equipped with various features indispensable for outdoor shooting: Super Macro mode for approaching within 1cm of the subject, Assist GPS*5 for high-speed acquisition of positioning data, and an electronic compass.
  4. A full lineup of accessories, including two types of completely waterproof conversion lenses (sold separately); the fish-eye and tele-converter.

The Tough series is a concept model equipped with the three Tough qualities, waterproof, shockproof, and freezeproof, for worry-free shooting under water, during mountain climbing, and in other harsh environments that other cameras could not endure. The OLYMPUS STYLUS TG-2 Tough is the second edition of the flagship model. Built tough to withstand the great outdoors and to match the speed of outdoor enthusiasts' reflexes, the TG-2 delivers outstanding image quality even in the harshest of conditions. This is the ultimate outdoor camera, able to capture photos and videos that were never possible before.

The STYLUS TG-2 Tough's waterproof capability has improved from a tolerance of 12 m to 15 m. When the two types of separately-sold conversion lenses and converter are attached to the TG-2, users can enjoy shooting at fish-eye and teleconverter angles of view. Since both are built to waterproof specifications, they can be enjoyed during underwater photography as well. In addition to the standard Tough features such as waterproof to 15 m, drop/shockproof to 2.1 m, and freezeproof to -10°C, the TG-2 is also equipped with a bright, high-speed lens, bringing out its true worth. A bright lens makes shooting at faster shutter speeds possible. Faster shutter speeds enable shooting at a lower ISO speed even during sunsets, poor weather conditions, dark rooms, and other situations where there is insufficient light, resulting in beautiful images with minimal noise. Even moving subjects in dark conditions come out vividly, and blur free. Additionally, a new A Mode (aperture priority mode) has been added to the STYLUS TG-2 Tough in response to the demand of users who want to make use of the bright, high-speed f2.0 lens. In A Mode, the F stop can be controlled, making the bright performance of the lens thoroughly enjoyable, such as shooting at f2.0 at wide angle purposely.

Since the image sensor and image processing engine are important, the TG-2 is equipped with a high-sensitivity, high-speed backlit CMOS sensor, and the high-performance image processing engine TruePic, for minimal noise at high-sensitivity, with outstanding image quality. The combination of these two elements makes iHS Technology possible, which not only provides excellent image quality, but enables three high-speed aspects so users never miss a photo opportunity: Fast start-up from when the power button is pressed until shooting is possible, fast focusing, and fast continuous shooting.

The macro shooting function has evolutionally-advanced, compared to the existing model, the TG-1. The focal length was fixed on the TG-1, however on the STYLUS TG-2 Tough, zoom shooting is possible in Super Macro mode. Users can approach the subject up to a distance of 1 cm in zooming up to a focal length of 100mm*6, with 7x *6 magnification possible at 100mm optical zoom, and up to 14x*6 with Super Resolution zoom. Additionally, using the rear monitor, small subjects can be magnified up to 45x*6 with the use of digital zoom, for example, 1 mm subjects, such as the veins on a leaf or a part of an insect can be magnified up to 45 mm.

The ever-popular GPS function is also included on the TG-2. The ability to record location information in images, as well as the route traveled to an SD card is the perfect tool for documenting outdoor activities and travels. Assist GPS on the STYLUS TG-2 Tough uses a computer application to acquire GPS assist data, reducing the time from the beginning of positioning to when information is acquired, making it stress-free and easy to use.

Main Features - Details

High-speed f2.0 Lens
The f2.0 lens on the OLYMPUS Tough series flagship model is an extremely bright lens. Perfect for situations when the flash cannot be used or the light from the flash cannot reach the subject, this lens enables faster shutter speeds to capture high-quality images without compromise. Not only is the lens bright, but at a 35mm film equivalent, it boasts a wide-angle 25mm to a mid-telephoto 100mm, the optimal range for nature photography. With 9 lenses in 7 groups, including 4 aspherical lenses and technology to prevent all types of aberration, the TG-2 uses technology perfected on the high-end OLYMPUS STYLUS XZ series compact digital camera for superb image quality. In addition, the TG-2 Tough possesses the absolute best waterproof, drop/shockproof, freezeproof, and crushproof capabilities of any Olympus camera to date.
The f2.0 lens on the TG-2 came about from developers who actually took the camera into various outdoor situations, experienced camera shake and subject blur, and came back with the strong desire for a high-speed lens. With this thought, the lens and optical components were designed, and the lens was placed in the center of the camera. With this development, converters and accessories can be attached to the camera, increasing the myriad situations the TG-2 can be used in.

Super Macro Mode
This function allows users to approach small subjects and capture them at large magnification factors.
With the STYLUS TG-2 Tough, zooming is smooth in Super Macro mode. Users can approach the subject up to a distance of 1 cm in zooming from a focal length of 30mm*6 to 100mm*6, with magnification possible up to 7x with the optical zoom, and up to 14x with Super Resolution zoom. Because users can zoom in closely on small subjects, tiny aspects of the natural world, such as insects, veins on a leaf, snow crystals, and minute organisms, can be captured making outdoor photography even more enjoyable. Not only is this feature for outdoors, but users will be able to capture a scene from everyday life with a slightly different twist, such as normally unseen surfaces on a piece of fruit, the texture on a slice of vegetable, or the marvels of the human skin up close.
The subject can also be magnified on the rear monitor to check when shooting. Subjects can be displayed on the monitor much larger than they really are, for example, a 1 mm subject can be enlarged up to 11 mm with the optical zoom, and with the Super Resolution zoom it can be enlarged up to 22 mm. When used in combination with the digital zoom, a 1 mm subject can be enlarged up to a maximum of 45 mm, making it seem as if peering through a microscope.
Super Macro mode is newly added to the control dial. Instant shooting in Super Macro mode is now possible because users can now switch this mode simply by turning the dial.

iHS Technology
iHS Technology stands for "intelligence", "high-speed", and "high-sensitivity".
With the combination of the high-sensitivity, high-speed 12 megapixels*7 backlit CMOS sensor, and the high-performance TruePic image processor developed for the OLYMPUS PEN, high sensitivity, low noise, high-speed AF, and a fast start-up have been achieved. Even in backlit, or nighttime scenes, the camera can beautifully capture images, just as they are seen by the human eye. High-speed processing allows for inclusion of Hand-held starlight and HDR backlit correction, which quickly captures multiple images with a single shot at different exposures and automatically merges them into a single image. With Super Resolution technology, double the digital zoom is available, with virtually no image degradation. As an Intelligence technology, iAUTO can automatically detect up to 29 different scenes.

GPS*8 and electronic compass
The STYLUS TG-2 Tough is equipped with a GPS function and electronic compass (e.compass) to record the location information of where images were shot. By simply turning the GPS function on, Landmarks will be displayed on the monitor when shooting. After shooting, Landmarks from approximately 700,000 choices and 180 countries will be automatically recorded. In the Active Gear screen, users can check the direction, latitude and longitude in the field. The e.compass can be turned on even when the camera is turned off. With the Photo Surfing function, users can find images based on map locations on the camera screen to call up related images.
Place name information inside Japan is provided by Shobunsha Inc., and outside of Japan is provided by NAVTEQ.

GPS Logger*9
The GPS Logger records positioning information to the SD card for a specific interval of time.
By installing the OLYMPUS Viewer 3 onto a computer, users can view the route traveled with their camera on a map. The route also can be viewed using Google Earth or another Web application. (Google, Google Earth, and Google Maps are trademarks or registered trademarks of Google Inc.)

Assist GPS
Assist GPS is part of a technology that allows users to check their current location. In cameras equipped with A-GPS, the technology uses GPS assist data via a PC application to drastically shorten the time it takes to acquire location information from satellites.
(To acquire GPS assist data, it is necessary to preinstall software on a PC and then connect the camera. GPS assist data is updated once a day.)

DUAL IS Image Stabilization*10
DUAL IS is image stabilization that counteracts the direction of camera shake by moving the CMOS sensor via a shift-type image stabilization mechanism, and uses digital SLR algorithms. By using this function in combination with high-sensitivity shooting, camera shake and subject blur is effectively reduced, providing double image stabilization.

3.0-Type OLED Monitor
The 3.0-type (3:2 aspect ratio) OLED monitor is able to display VGA (approximately 920,000 dots) equivalent image data due to a special 610,000 dot pixel array. Since this screen produces rich blacks and possesses wide color reproduction capabilities, vivid photo expressions are possible. The wide field of view, rich color expression and resolution make photography even more enjoyable.

Full High-Definition Movies (MOV/H.264)*11
With a 1920 x 1080 High-definition size, and MOV/H.264 movie compression for excellent compatibility with computers, longer, more beautiful movies can be recorded. With a dedicated movie button, starting and stopping movies is easy with a single touch.
The STYLUS TG-2 Tough is also equipped with Multi-Motion Movie IS image stabilization. Gradual camera shake that commonly occurs when shooting a movie while walking is compensated for, allowing users to more fully enjoy shooting beautiful, high-quality movies. With an available 240 fps*12 shooting speed, movies appear as slow motion in playback.

Magic Filter*13
The popular Magic Filter offers 11 different filters to choose from: Dramatic, Fragmented, Pop Art, Pin Hole, Fish Eye, Soft Focus, Punk, Watercolor, Sparkle, Miniature, and Reflection. Pop Art, Pin Hole, Fish Eye, Soft Focus, Punk, Watercolor, Miniature, Reflection, and Dramatic can also be used when shooting movies.

Beauty Mode*14
Beauty Mode allows users to apply the desired makeup effect to up to three people at the same time during shooting or playback, and to register 3 favorite patterns of makeup for ease of use.
This function offers a full range of 19 different makeup effects that will make women happy. In a menu screen designed to be similar to a cosmetic palette, effects such as blush, eye shadow, false eyelashes, and eye color and sizes can be changed and applied easily, along with effects to make faces appear smaller, and lifting effects to make subjects more beautiful.

Pet Mode (Scene Mode)*15
Dogs and cats are automatically detected. By selecting Pet-cat or Pet-dog modes, the camera will automatically detect cats or dogs and focus on their faces. Up to ten dog or cat faces can be detected. Capture pets' cute expressions. With Auto Shutter, the camera will automatically shoot when a pet faces the camera head-on. With this function, users won't miss the whimsical antics of their pets. (Auto Shutter can detect only one pet.)

Smartphone Application: OLYMPUS Image Share
With the iPhone and Android compatible smartphone application OLYMPUS Image Share, and the Toshiba FlashAirTM*16 SDHC card with an internal wireless LAN, uploading images to social networking services is easier than ever before. Using the smartphone connection function included on the camera to set up a FlashAirTM card makes Wi-Fi connection simple. With the OLYMPUS Image Share application, users can easily load images onto a smartphone via a thumbnail index, add Art Filters on a smartphone, and share images on various social networking services. When connecting to multiple smartphones simultaneously, images can be shared with friends and family.

Eye-Fi Support*17
Eye-Fi cards are SDHC memory cards that contain an internal wireless LAN. Images can be wirelessly uploaded to picture services, online photo albums, and computers.

SNS Upload Function
This function satisfies the demand of users who want to upload still images to social networking sites, such as Facebook and Flickr.
By adding images to an upload list on the camera that users want to share, they can easily be uploaded to the desired social networking service.
To upload images, users simply add recorded images to a list on the camera, and then upload them to a computer. Images added to a list can be searched with a single touch and then easily uploaded. (It is necessary to preinstall the included software (OLYMPUS Viewer 3) on a computer.)

*1 JIS/IEC protection class 8 (IPX8) equivalent (our in-house test condition)
*2 Under Olympus in-house test condition
*3 Number of recordable pictures is reduced in low temperatures
*4 Kilogram-force is the unit for measuring force extended on a body. Under Olympus test condition.
*5 GPS assist data needs to be updated every 14 days. To use the GPS assist data, you need to install the software OLYMPUS Viewer 3 into a computer.
*6 35mm camera equivalent
*7 Effective pixels
*8 GPS is subject to the laws of the country or region concerned. Be absolutely sure to comply with these laws. Set the GPS function to Off inside airplanes and other places where use of the GPS function is prohibited. While the GPS function is set to On, it stays activated even if the camera's power is off so the battery power will continue to be consumed. Only the landmark information registered near the shooting location is displayed. The GPS system finds where you are in response to the signals it receives from satellites. Avoid locations where these signals are blocked or reflected and, wherever possible, use the system in places which are open to the sky.
In the following kinds of places, you may find that the system cannot determine your location or that an error occurs.
-Indoors/Underground or under water/In forests/Near high-rise buildings/Near high-voltage power lines/Inside tunnels- Near magnets, metal objects or electrical appliances/Near cell phones, etc. that use the 1.5 GHz band. This camera does not have a navigation function. The landmark information is current as of June 2010, and it cannot be updated. In the following kinds of places, the compass may not point in the correct direction- Indoors / Near high-voltage power lines (station platforms, etc.) / Near magnets or metal objects / Near household electrical appliances
*9 Battery power burned while Logger function is set to ON as the GPS function runs even when the power is turned off.
*10 Image stabilization effect varies depending on shooting condition.
*11 The maximum recording time for a single movie clip is limited to 29 minutes. Recording will automatically stop once the file size has reached 4 GB
*12 The image size is limited to QVGA(320x240).
*13 Recordable image size will differ depending on the filters in Magic Filter. Filters available for use when shooting movies are limited.
*14 The image size is limited to 5M and lower for corrected images. Effects may differ from person to person.
*15 The number of detectable pets are as follows. Auto shutter on: 1, Auto shutter off: 10. Faces may not be detectable in certain shooting conditions or for certain subjects. During pet detection, detection of people's faces, and use of the flash are not available.
*16 FlashAirTM is a trademark of Toshiba Corporation.
*17 The use of Eye-Fi cards is limited to the original country of purchase. Observe all the applicable laws of the country of use. Turn off the Eye-Fi setting or refrain altogether from using Eye-Fi cards inside airplanes or in other places where wireless communication is restricted or forbidden. Single files (images or movies) exceeding 2 GB cannot be transferred wirelessly. For any inquiries regarding Eye-Fi cards, please contact the card's manufacturer.

Other Features

  • Underwater Scene Modes (Underwater Snap, Underwater Wide1, Underwater Wide2, Underwater Macro)
  • Inclusion of a pressure sensor allows display of atmospheric pressure and altitude (-15 m to 5,000 m) (usable as an AF Illuminator)
  • Double lock mechanism
  • The Macro LED allows lighting of subjects from 7 to 20 cm away with a single touch of a button
  • Face and Back Control detects subjects faces and adjusts the focus, and optimizes the exposure
  • HDMI Output Control*18 enables control of the camera, such as selecting and switching images with a TV remote control
  • Face Detect AF lets the camera automatically detect faces
  • USB Battery Charge allows users to charge the camera battery while connected to a computer, and transferring or organizing image data
  • Supported media: SD, SDHC, SDXC, Eye-Fi, FlashAirTM cards
*18 Available when the HDMI control menu is set to ON.


Fisheye converter lens FCON-F01 Tele converter lens FCON-T01
Fisheye converter lens FCON-F01 Tele converter lens FCON-T01
Converter adapter CLA-T01 Camera Case CSCH-107
Converter adapter CLA-T01 Camera Case CSCH-107
Silicon Jacket CSCH-108 Leather Jacket CSCH-109
Silicon Jacket CSCH-108 Leather Jacket CSCH-109
Two-way strap CNS-12 Two-way strap CNS-13
Two-way strap CNS-12 Two-way strap CNS-13
Two-way strap CHS-09 Under Water Protector PT-053
Two-way strap CHS-09 Under Water Protector PT-053
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