March 28, 2013

Ten New Units Enables Expanding Capability

for the IX3 Series Biological Microscopes that Support Live Cell Imaging
with Software Upgrade for Easier Work Flow

IX83 research inverted microscope fitted with new units

IX83 research inverted
microscope fitted with new units

Olympus Corporation (Representative Director and President: Hiroyuki Sasa) announced today the release of ten new units for three models in its IX3 series of research inverted microscopes that provide more efficient and precise observations, together with an upgrade of Olympus's cellSens V1.8 microscope imaging software. The new products will be available from April 1, 2013, initially in Japan and subsequently in the rest of the world.

The IX83, IX73, and IX53 models in the IX3 series released in July of last year support live cell imaging that involves the observation of living cells. A feature of the IX3 Series is its highly flexible expandability, with a wide range of add-on functions (units) available for extending the core performance of the microscope to encompass, for example, different observational methods or image capture techniques.
The ten new units, when mounted on IX3 series, can work for improving its accuracy and ease-of-use to realize efficient and precise cell observations.
The cellSens V1.8 imaging software has also been upgraded to support the new units. Used in conjunction with the IX3 series, the software provides a speedy and seamless work flow that covers an entire process from live cell imaging to measurement, analysis, and report generation.

Launch Overview

Category Product Name Launch Date
IX3 series units IX3-DSU disk scanning unit for IX3 April 1, 2013
IX3-MLWCDA motorized middle long working distance condenser
IX3-DICTA motorized DIC slider
IX3-RSPCA motorized right side port with C-mount
IX3-EXMAD adapter for excitation irradiance meter
IX3-SVL mechanical stage with short left handle
IX3-EMDECK deck adapter for U-FFWEM
IX3-MDIC60 DIC prism 60
IX83-AN analyzer for the IX83
X3-HO35DF dish fixing unit for IX3-HO35D
Software cellSens V1.8 imaging software

Main New Units

IIX3-DSU IX3 disk scanning unit for IX3
Creates a clear and accurate image in its observation by eliminating blurring above and below the focus

A problem for the live imaging of early-stage embryos, a technique used in research into developmental and regenerative biology, is that the thickness of the embryo results in the presence of heavy blurring above and below the focus. In combination of the IX83, the IX3-DSU unit provides a disk with a distinctive slit pattern that is positioned at the primary image plane and rotated to obtain clear images just on the focus, with blurring eliminated.

IX3-MLWCDA motorized medium long working distance condenser
Improves the degree of ease-of-use by providing rapid switching between high-magnification viewing of embryo, spindles, and sperm, in an in-vitro fertilization research

During in-vitro fertilization research, the process of injecting sperm into an embryo involves repeatedly observing the entire embryo, determining the location of spindles inside the embryo, and observing the sperm. In addition to relief contrast observations suitable for seeing embryos, the unit now makes it possible newly to add microscopy capabilities of polarization microscopy for viewing spindles and differential interference microscopy for viewing sperm at high magnification. The switchover is easy, being performed with giving a single press of a button on the adjacent touch panel controller or hand switch.

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