January 29, 2014

Compact and lightweight, high-image quality standard lens

M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 25mm F1.8 (50mm, 35mm equivalent),
Micro Four Thirds System standard compliant

M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 25mm F1.8(Black/Silver) Attached to OM-D E-M10


Attached to OM-D E-M10

Olympus Imaging Corporation (President: Haruo Ogawa) is pleased to announce the M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 25mm F1.8 (35mm equivalent: 50mm) Micro Four Thirds System standard compliant, M.ZUIKO PREMIUM series compact and lightweight, high-image quality standard lens scheduled for release in late February.

The new M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 25mm F1.8 standard high-image quality lens features a bright aperture value of F1.8, and focal length of 50mm (35mm equivalent) in a compact, lightweight form. Because this lens provides an angle of view that is close to a natural field of view just as is seen by the naked eye, this is the perfect everyday lens for snapshots, portraits, and landscapes. The large F1.8 aperture of this lens will offer beautiful defocusing effects, and reducing subject blur in dark indoor shots for more enjoyable shooting, making this the perfect first interchangeable lens.

This lens is an M.ZUIKO PREMIUM series lens that meets the ZUIKO QUALITY of the popular M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 45mm F1.8, for high resolution from the center to the edges of the image while remaining compact and lightweight.

Main Features

  1. ZUIKO QUALITY enables high optical performance from the widest aperture setting
  2. Close-up shooting performance up to 25 cm away
  3. Fast, silent AF so you never miss a shot

Pricing and Launch Date

Category Product Name MSRP Launch Date
Interchangeable lens M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 25mm F1.8(Black/Silver) 42,000 yen(44,100 yen incl. tax) Late February 2014

Main Features Details

1.ZUIKO QUALITY enables high optical performance
The M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 25mm F1.8 is a high-quality, standard lens that produces beautiful defocusing effects and high resolution, along with the same high optical performance of the popular M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 45mm F1.8, while maintaining a compact and lightweight size.
Traditional 50mm DSLR standard lenses generally use a Gauss-type configuration, however, to achieve a smaller form, fast and quiet AF, a new lens design for the digital age with an inner focusing system was used. To reduce aberration from the center to the periphery, 9 lenses including an aspherical lens are lavishly used, demonstrating clear and sharp optical performance.
Also, by using the Olympus-original ZERO (Zuiko Extra-low Reflection Optical) coating, ghosts and flaring are suppressed for clear depictive performance even in backlit and other unfavorable shooting conditions.

As a standard lens in the M.ZUIKO PREMIUM high-quality single-focal-length lens series, this lens features sharpness and soft defocusing effects that make it the perfect lens for snapshots, portraits, and landscape photography.
Just as other lenses in the M.ZUIKO PREMIUM series, the M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 25mm F1.8 features the same attention to detail in textures, giving it a unified feel with the OLYMPUS PEN and OM-D series cameras. This lens is available in black and silver to match perfectly with your camera.

2.Close-up shooting performance up to 25 cm away
The M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 25mm F1.8 can shoot up to 25 cm away for close-up photography, with a maximum magnification factor of 0.24x at 35mm equivalent (0.12x), able to fit a postcard sized shot (A6 equivalent) in the screen full size. When shooting close-ups of tableware or food, the aperture setting of F1.8 creates soft defocusing effects for tabletop photos that are a touch different than the average.
By combining this lens with the separately-sold Macro Conversion Lens MCON-P02, close-up shooting up to 17m away is possible, for easy macro photography at a maximum shooting magnification of 0.436x at 35mm equivalent (0.218x).

3.Fast, silent AF so you never miss a shot
The M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 25mm F1.8 is equipped with the MSC (Movie & Still Compatible) mechanism inner focusing system for fast, smooth, silent, and high-precision AF (auto focusing). When used in combination with FAST AF on OLYMPUS PEN and OM-D series cameras, you'll never miss a shot.
This quiet AF is perfect for capturing still images and movies in quiet scenes.

M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 25mm F1.8 Main Specifications

Focal length 25 mm (35mm equivalent: 50mm)
Lens construction 9 elements in 7 groups (including 2 aspherical lenses)
Angle of view 47°
Closest shooting distance 0.25m
Maximum shooting magnification 0.12x (35mm conversion: 0.24x equivalent)
Closest shooting range 144 x 108 mm
Number of aperture blades 7 (circular aperture)
Maximum aperture ratio F1.8
Minimum aperture ratio F22
Filter size φ46 mm
Size (Max. diameter x overall length) φ57.8 x 42 mm
Weight 137 g
Included items Lens cap (LC-46), lens rear cap (LR-2), lens hood (LH-49B), decoration ring (DR-49), user guide, Olympus international warranty

Separately-sold Related Products

Product Name MSRP Launch Date
Protective Filter, PRF-D46 PRO 3,500 yen(3,675 yen incl. tax) On sale now
Decorative Ring, DR-49(Silver/Black) 1,000 yen(1,050 yen incl. tax) Late February 2014
Lens Hood, LH-49B 4,000 yen(4,200 yen incl. tax)
Macro Conversion Lens, MCON-P02 8,500 yen(8,925 yen incl. tax)

Protective Filter, PRF-D46 PRO
This ultra lightweight, thin protective filter with a filter diameter of φ46mm is finished with multi-coating on both sides. This accessory protects your precious lens from scratches, and because it is clear and colorless, it does not affect visible light. Black coating has been applied on the periphery of the glass to reduce internal surface reflection.

Protective Filter, PRF-D46 PRO
Protective Filter, PRF-D46 PRO

Decorative Ring, DR-49
By covering the notches on the hood attachment at the end of the M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 25mm F1.8, this accessory gives a more refined, unified feeling to the lens. This set includes both silver and black rings.

Decorative Ring, DR-49
Decorative Ring, DR-49

Lens Hood, LH-49B
This is a round lens hood for exclusive use with the M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 25mm F1.8. This hood cuts unnecessary light from entering the lens when shooting in backlit conditions. This accessory is also effective for protecting the lens. Decorative Ring DR-49 must be removed for this accessory to be usable. Black and silver are available to match to the lens color.

Lens Hood, LH-49B (Black/Silver)
Lens Hood, LH-49B (Black/Silver)

Macro Conversion Lens, MCON-P02
This is a macro conversion lens compatible with lens filter diameters of φ37mm and φ46mm. This accessory improves the magnification performance and image quality of the popular Macro Conversion Lens MCON-P01, and is compatible with a total of seven*1 M.ZUIKO and M.ZUIKO PREMIUM series lenses.
When combined with the M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 25mm F1.8, the closest shooting distance is 17cm and the maximum shooting magnification is 0.218x (35mm equivalent: 0.436x), making the easy macro shooting possible.

「OM-D E-M10」+「M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 25mm F1.8」に「MCON-P02」の装着イメージ
M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 25mm F1.8 with MCON-P02 attached
*1 Compatible lenses: M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 14-42mm F3.5-5.6EZ, M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 14-42mm F3.5-5.6 II, M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 14-42mm F3.5-5.6 II R, M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 45mm F1.8 (with step-up ring), M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 25mm F1.8, M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 17mm F1.8, M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 12mm F2.0
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