February 12, 2014

The world's first*1 50x super zoom lens equipped with a Dot Sight

OLYMPUS STYLUS SP-100 EE compact digital camera



Olympus Imaging Corporation (President: Haruo Ogawa) is pleased to announce the upcoming release of the OLYMPUS STYLUS SP-100 EE (double E), scheduled for release from end of March 2014. It is equipped with the optical 50x, super high-powered zoom lens (24mm-1200mm*2), and is the world's first digital camera to be equipped with a dot sight.

Product Summary

Category Product Name MSRP Launch Date
Compact digital camera OLYMPUS STYLUS SP-100EE (black) Open Price End of Mar. 2014

Main Features

  1. Optical 50x (24mm-1200mm*2), 100x Super Resolution Zoom, Super High-powered Lens
  2. The world's first*1 digital camera to be equipped with a built-in dot sight for perfectly capturing subjects in telephoto photography
  3. Quick response and excellent shooting performance
  4. High-resolution Electronic View Finder (EVF) and excellent controls
  5. 60p Full HD movies and Art Filter for enhanced expressive power
*1 As of January 29 2014. According to Olympus research
*2 35mm equivalent

This is a feature that can only be achieved on a compact camera, whereas a super high-powered lenses of which zoom factor exceeds 20x is not possible on an interchangeable lens camera. However, because the angle of view becomes narrower with the increase in zoom factor, framing while keeping the subject in the rear monitor or viewfinder becomes more difficult.

The OLYMPUS STYLUS SP-100EE (double E) is equipped with a powerful 50x 24mm to 1200 mm zoom lens (at 35mm equivalent). Additionally, this model is equipped with a dot sight for easy framing - the world's first on a digital camera. The double "E" (EE) on the end of the product name stands for "Eagle's Eye", which, like its namesake, enables you to capture your target without losing it.

Main Features Details

1. Optical 50x (24mm-1200mm*2), 100x Super Resolution Zoom, Super High-powered Lens
1) From a wide angle perfect for landscape photography, to super telephoto beyond the limits of the naked eye
The 50x zoom that covers from 24mm-1200mm (35mm equivalent) can achieve up to a maximum of 100x and 2400mm equivalent super telephoto when combined with the Super Resolution Zoom. Wide-open vista can be captured at wide angle, and super telephoto makes it possible to capture the moon full screen. An aspherical and ED lens were placed in the 17 element 12 group lens construction, making the lens more compact, effectively compensating for all types of aberrations, and providing high image quality at all focal lengths. The maximum aperture value is 2.9 to 6.5.

2) Two selectable zoom levers
Just as on a normal compact digital camera, there is a zoom lever located around the shutter button on the upper surface of the camera which is possible of switching at two different levels of speed. In addition to the usual location, this model includes another zoom lever on the left hand side of the lens. With this, the camera can be held securely like a DSLR for left thumb operation of the zoom, letting you focus on the shutter button with the right index finger so that photo opportunities are never missed.

3) Powerful image stabilization
Lens shift-type image stabilization mechanism is used. Because image stabilization function even works during framing, you can focus on framing the shot.

4) Super Macro
The Super Macro function lets you approach subjects up to 1 cm, even on this 50x optical zoom. *3

*3 Focal length is fixed

2. The world's first digital camera to be equipped with a built-in*1 dot sight for perfectly capturing subjects
1) Role of the dot sight
When shooting a child's football match at super telephoto ranges, it can be difficult to find your child on the rear monitor or viewfinder. It's also never easy to track a child that keeps moving. Once you lose the child, you need to zoom out to find him/her again, and then zoom in again to compose the shot. This usually results in missing that decisive shot. This kind of situation illustrates the difficulty of super telephoto framing. The dot sight solves this dilemma and fulfills the role of Zoom Framing Assist, making it easier to capture subjects.

2) The world's first built-in dot sight on a digital camera
In the market, dot sights are available for attachment to a hot shoe as a camera accessory. However, after attaching the sight there is a certain amount of hassle involved. Also, because there is the possibility of damage to the camera or dot sight if it is left attached to the camera when stored in a bag, Therefore it is necessary to remove, attach, and readjust it each time you use. On the SP-100EE, the dot sight and flash are located in the top section that is designed with the Olympus Interchangeable lens camera OM-D pentaprism motif, and can be activated with a single press of a lever. This is the world's first*1 digital camera with the built in dot sight (Eagle's Eye) for accurately capturing subjects.

3) How to use the dot sight
Once the dot sight is activated, a naked-eye visual angle is available through a semi-transparent mirror so you never lose a subject again. A red dot is projected on to the semi-transparent mirror from an LED light source, and once the dot is overlaid onto the subject you want to shoot, sighting is complete and the subject will fit into the shooting area regardless of whether the zoom lens is set to wide angle or telephoto. After checking the framing results on the rear monitor, you can then shoot. The dot brightness will be automatically adjusted according to subject brightness, and will blink when auto focus is not adjusting properly, making shooting even easier than ever.

4) Easy parallax adjustment
Because the dot sight is located near the optical axis of the lens there is minimal parallax, however, when shooting a subject that is approximately 10m away it becomes necessary to adjust the red dot. Because the sight is a built-in type, you can make adjustments simply by selecting parallax adjustment setting from the menu button, and then turning the adjustment dial next to the EVF.

3. Quick response and excellent shooting performance
1) Quick start-up, FAST AF, and short release time lag
With a quick start-up time after the power is turned on, speedy auto focus, and a shortened shutter time lag, the overall functionality of subject capture is improved. In particular, the sensor is driven at 120 fps for auto focus, and through FAST AF that on the OM-D, auto focus speed is vastly improved when compared to conventional compact cameras equipped with a high-powered zoom.

2) Focus Limit button
In addition to focus lock and manual focus, a dedicated button is included along with the Focus Limit mechanism. You can now select from three different options for auto focus (AF) area; all range, distant area and close area. By selecting settings to match the shooting distance, not only is it possible to focus quickly, but it is possible to reduce focus misalignment in such situations as when an object cuts across the screen in the foreground when you have set the focus to distant area.

4. High-resolution Electronic View Finder (EVF) and excellent controls
1) An Electronic View Finder (EVF) that lets you focus on shooting
A high-resolution 920,000 dot, bright, and clearly visible LCD screen is used for the EVF. The location of the EVF and shape of the eyepiece were carefully calculated so that minimal contact is made between your face and the camera body, for a design that lets you concentrate on shooting.

2) Excellent hold
A deep grip was used for a sure hold on the camera. A rough, pebbled texture is used on the flexible elastomer material for a non-slip grip. This feature makes a secure hold possible even when shooting at super telephoto settings.

3) Control Dial
The dial controlled with the right hand thumb is a must-have interface for interchangeable lens cameras aimed toward advanced users. With this dial, you can change each and every setting without taking your eye away from the EVF. Now you can focus completely on shooting so you never miss a decisive photo opportunity.

5. 60p Full HD movies and Art Filter for enhanced expressive power
1) Smooth movie recording
You can record movies at 60 frames per second. In addition to Full HD image quality, you can enjoy movies that reproduce smooth and natural motion. Also, Hybrid 5-axis movie image stabilization will compensate for blurring that occurs when shooting movies while walking.

2) Art Filter for enhanced expressive power
This model is equipped with Art Filters that of the OLYMPUS PEN and OM-D. The 7 Art Filters will fuel the spark of imagination so that you can create more stand-out pictures that perfectly match your imagination. Art Filter effects are available for still images, but they can also be used when shooting Full HD movies for greater freedom of expression and enjoyment.

Other Features

  • 1/2.3-type, 16 million dot*4 Backlit CMOS Sensor
  • High-performance image processor TruePic VII, developed on the mirrorless interchangeable lens camera, OM-D
  • iHS Technology, stands for "intelligence", "high-speed", and "high-sensitivity", will achieve high sensitivity, low noise, high-speed AF, and quick start-up
  • Compatible with Toshiba Inc. FlashAir*5, an SDHC memory card equipped with a wireless LAN function
  • Max. ISO speed of 6400
  • 3.0-inch, 460,000 dot rear LCD monitor
  • Built-in flash
  • Handheld Night Mode
  • Interval Shooting
  • Remote Cable RM-UC1 (sold-separately) can be used with this model
*4 Camera effective pixels
*5 FlashAirTM is a trademark of Toshiba Inc.


SP-100EE-exclusive Soft Camera Case, CSCH-119
This is a case exclusively for use with the SP-100EE, that makes it easier to carry the camera around. Polyester thread is used for the inner material for a lightweight feel and perfect fit. The opening is on the top of the case, making it easy to open and close the cover. When the strap is passed through the upper cover, you can hang the camera around your neck or shoulder, and when the rear belt loop is used, the strap can be wrapped around the lens for storage.

Soft Camera Case (for SP-100EE only) CSCH-119 CSCH-119+SP-100EE
Soft Camera Case
(for SP-100EE only)
MSRP: 5,040 yen (Incl. tax)
CSCH-119 + SP-100EE
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