October 1, 2014

Two New Microscope Digital Cameras

Featuring Higher Frame Rate for Live Images and Useful New Observation Mode

DP27 DP22



Olympus Corporation (President: Hiroyuki Sasa) today announced the release by its Scientific Solutions Business of the new DP27 and DP22 microscope digital cameras, with international sales to commence progressively from October 1, 2014*1.

*1 Release date in Japan is October 14.

The DP series of microscope digital cameras are used with biological and industrial microscopes. Their ability to provide a realtime display on an external monitor and to capture and record images makes them useful for conferences or for producing images for technical reports or other documents.

Launch Overview

Product Name Launch Date
Microscope Digital Camera DP27 stand-alone digital camera*2 October 1, 2014
DP22 stand-alone digital camera*2
*2 The "stand-alone digital camera" saves space by connecting the camera to a dedicated control box rather than a PC. The cameras can also be used via imaging software installed on a PC.

Main Features

1. Higher frame rate when displaying live images, providing easier observation and recording

The DP27 has a 5.05-megapixel high-resolution CCD and features a faster frame rate when displaying realtime images on an external display. The ability to display at a frame rate of 15 fps*3 (twice that of the previous DP26 model), even at the maximum resolution of 2448 x 1920, facilitates stress-free focusing and framing. The DP22 has a 2.80-megapixel high-resolution CCD and supports a frame rate of 25 fps*3.

*3 Frames per second (the number of video images processed each second)

2. New mode for cell culture imaging

Conventional practice is to dye cells before viewing under a microscope. The observation of cell cultures, in contrast, does not use dye. Instead it typically uses techniques such as phase contrast or differential interference imaging to identify cell shape and other features based on the light level and contrast. The new Cell Culture Mode makes it easy to obtain the desired images by eliminating problems such as white-out of bright regions or excessive contrast.

3. USB3.0*4 support for better connectivity

*4 A USB standard that features high-speed data transfer and is used by a wide variety of devices.

Olympus's Scientific Solutions Business
Olympus's Life Science and Industrial Business was renamed the Scientific Solutions Business on April 1, 2014.
Along with the Medical Business and the Camera and Audio Business, the Scientific Solutions Business is one of Olympus's three core business divisions. Its main products are optical microscopes and industrial videoscopes and non-destructive testing equipment. Through these products, the Scientific Solutions Business helps keep the infrastructure of society safe and secure, including research and development in the medical, life science, and industrial fields; quality improvement at production facilities; and inspections of aircraft and other large plant, etc..

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