March 12, 2015

Premium design camera equipped with a 24x optical zoom and optical 5-axis Image Stabilization for capturing beautiful night scenes


OLYMPUS STYLUS SH-2 (Silver, Black)

(Silver, Black)

Olympus Imaging Corporation (President: Haruo Ogawa) is pleased to announce the OLYMPUS STYLUS SH-2, scheduled to go on sale from April 10, 2015. This premium design camera features a 24x, high-powered optical zoom lens, optical*1 5-axis image stabilization, and the new Nightscape mode for perfectly capturing any kind of night scene.

Sales Overview

Category Product Name MSRP Launch date
digital camera
(Silver, Black)
Open price April 10, 2015

Main Features

  1. A sophisticated design inherited from the OLYMPUS PEN
  2. Equipped with a high-performance 24x optical zoom lens (48x*3 Super Resolution Zoom) that covers from a 25mm*2 wide angle to 600mm*2 telephoto
  3. Optical*1 5-axis image stabilization for nightscape photography support
  4. Nightscape mode for capturing various night scenes beautifully
  5. Built-in Wi-Fi*4 for image transfer, sharing, and wireless shooting with a smartphone
*1 Optical image stabilization is defined by the Camera & Imaging Products Association (CIPA) guidelines and includes sensor-shift stabilization.
*2 35mm equivalent
*3 Zoom magnification ratio from the wide-angle setting (including the optical zoom)
*4 "Wi-Fi" is a registered trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance.

The previous OLYMPUS STYLUS SH-1 features a sophisticated design that inherits the design concept from the OLYMPUS PEN Compact System Camera, with a 24x optical zoom lens that covers a range from a 25mm*2 wide-angle to 600mm*2 telephoto. It is also equipped with built-in Wi-Fi for easy smartphone connection, and features the world's first*5 optical*1 5-axis image stabilization on a compact camera that supports both still images and movies. This premium design camera has offered the joy it brings to shooting and simply holding the camera. In addition to these features, the OLYMPUS STYLUS SH-2, which is a successor model, adds the new Nightscape mode for perfect photos of any kind of night scene. In addition to everyday scenes, it is possible to capture popular light art shots, events, sport scenes, and difficult night scenes in high image quality.

Main Feature Details

1. A sophisticated design inherited from the OLYMPUS PEN

This model inherits the design concept from the popular OLYMPUS PEN Compact System Camera, with a sophisticated feel that is appropriate to a camera with the Premium Design name. Aluminum alloy is used for the top part of the camera and the main controls, and a metallic finish is used to match the body color. A post-diamond cut process is formed around the lens barrel and base, a pliable, strong synthetic leather material is applied to the front of the camera, and aluminum cutting for mode dials show an attention to detail that extends to every facet of the camera. Just as with the OLYMPUS PEN, this model is designed with a sophistication that can satisfy a wide range of users, regardless of their gender and age.

To improve camera grip for better control, grips are placed on the front and back of the camera. Because the grips are designed to be perfectly comfortable to fingers, the camera is easier to stabilize during telephoto shooting. This model is also equipped with strap attachments for both sides for a more tailored design with the bundled strap. The separately-sold PEN series straps can also be used so that you can customize the camera to match your particular style.

The body is available in two different colors: silver for a classic camera feel, and black for a sophisticated monotone look. You can also enjoy coordinating the camera with body jackets made exclusively for this camera to match your clothes and accessories.

2. Equipped with a high-performance 24x optical zoom lens (48x*3 Super Resolution Zoom) that covers from a 25mm*2 wide angle to 600mm*2 telephoto

Despite being a compact camera with a high-powered zoom, the STYLUS SH-2 achieves excellent image quality in all regions from a 25mm*2 wide angle to 600mm*2 telephoto by using ED lenses which suppress chromatic aberration as used in interchangeable lenses, and other high-performance lenses such as DSA, HD, and EDA lenses. All five groups which make up the lens construction are driven, and all types of aberration are minimized while achieving a high-powered zoom and high resolution, as well as remaining compact by equipping the lens with a mechanism that enables more effective zooming and focusing.

Additionally, the combination of the high-sensitivity/high-speed drive BSI CMOS sensor, and the TruePic VII image processor also included on the flagship model OM-D E-M1 make this technology possible, for high-sensitivity, low-noise, high-speed AF.

This model is also equipped with tele macro functionality that lets you get up to 40 cm away from a subject in the telephoto range for excellent macro shots where you cannot get close to the subject.

3. Optical*1 5-axis image stabilization for nightscape photography support

Traditional compact cameras compensated for 2-axis angular shake only in the forward and backward tilt (pitch) and horizontal roll (yaw) directions. The STYLUS SH-2 uses the E-M1's optical*1 image stabilization mechanism as a base for an optical*1 5-axis image stabilization compatible with both still images and movies. In addition to 2-axis angular shake, roll along the optical axis located around the center axis of the lens and shift that tends to occur in macro shooting when the camera moves vertically and horizontally are optically corrected, making a total of five types of high-precision correction.

When the 5-axis IS and a new Nightscape mode are used, camera shake that tends to occur when shooting in low-light locations is reduced for accurate subject capture. In addition to the optical*1 5-axis IS, hybrid IS that electronically corrects in five axes is used when recording a movie. This feature corrects for strong slow shake that tends to occur when recording a movie while walking, rivalling the performance of the latest video cameras. With this technology, you can record stable images of children while chasing them around and even on the shaking amusement park rides.

*5 Among cameras that carry out optical image stabilization on both still images and movies, as of March 31, 2014. According to Olympus research

4. Nightscape mode for capturing various night scenes beautifully

Nightscape mode which allows you to select 5 different modes that match various scenes such as dark locations and unique night scenes which are usually difficult to shoot is now available on this model for a beautiful nightscape photography. You can also simply press the movie button while using Nightscape mode to record movies with gradation optimized for night scenes.

1) Night + Portrait
This mode is optimized for shooting commemorative photos against a background of night scenes. Set the flash on when shooting to capture both the people in the foreground and night scene in the background beautifully.

2) Night Scene
This mode is optimized for nightscape photography. Because the slower shutter speed than usual is used, a tripod is necessary. A lot of light is taken in from low-light scenes for capturing bright, vivid images.

3) Fireworks
This mode is optimized for shooting fireworks at night. Normally, detailed settings are required for capturing fireworks, however, when you select this mode, the camera automatically set the optimal settings for capturing fireworks. A tripod should be used for shooting in this mode.

4) Hand-held Starlight
One press of the shutter button captures multiple sequential images at high speed, which are then very precisely merged to produce a single image.
Noise is reduced in dark sections and camera shake is reduced for a sharp night scene photo. Because this mode does not use a long exposure time, and highly efficient optical*1 5-axis image stabilization is used, hand-held shooting without a tripod is possible. Also, when shooting a photo of a person against a night scene, the flash fires so the person is brightly lit and then the background night scene is automatically merged so both the person and background are perfectly captured.

5) Live Composite
By merging only the bright sections of multiple, sequentially-shot images, you can capture beautiful light trails of everything from the diurnal motion of the stars, to fireworks and streetlights. You can also enjoy unique shots by creating light art with a pen light, writing or drawing in the air. Simply press the shutter button to start shooting and watch the results on the monitor.

5. Built-in Wi-Fi*4 for image transfer, sharing, and wireless shooting with a smartphone

The STYLUS SH-2 is equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi*4 which enables connection to a smartphone via an iPhone or Android app, OLYMPUS Image Share (OI. Share). Not only can OI. Share be used to transfer photos captured with the camera and share it via social networking services, you can use smartphone as a remote controller. The smartphone can be used for Touch AF Shutter, zoom operation, activating various shooting modes such as P, iAUTO and Nightscape modes, sequential shooting, the self-timer, and interval shooting while viewing images on the Live View screen.

Initial settings can be easily completed simply by scanning the QR code that appears on the camera screen with a smartphone. After that, simply press and hold the Wi-Fi*4 button to connect to a smartphone.

Other Features

Four Advanced Movie modes

1) Full HD 60P movies*6
You can record Full High-Definition movies at 60 frames per second. Even movies of sports scenes with fast-moving subjects can be captured naturally and smoothly. You can change the size setting to 30p when shooting moveless landscape or when you want to minimize the file size.

2) Time Lapse Movie*6 *7
The Time Lapse Movie function is included on this model for fixed-point observation shooting of flowers opening, the comings and goings of people, and the movement of clouds. Simply set the shooting time from five minutes to five hours to create a short movie where the shooting time is compressed into 20 seconds. You can add the effects of Art Filter and Picture Mode. Night Scene Time Lapse Movie*8 is newly added for shooting in low-light situations.

3) Photo & Movie Capture*6
This feature lets you capture a full pixel (16 megapixel), high-quality image simultaneously while recording a full HD movie. This function is perfect for simultaneous recording of scenes that you won't get a second chance to shoot, such as recital performances and competitions in children's sporting events.

4) Fast 240 fps High-Speed Movie*9
This function lets you record 240 fps (HVGA: 432 x 324), and 120 fps (HD: 1280 x 720) high-speed movies*9. Even subjects that move at split-second speeds can be captured vividly and then played back in slow motion.

  • Photo Story creates opportunities for new expressions, with the ability to add multiple viewpoints to a single scene
  • Seven different types of Art Filters enhance expressive powers
  • M (Manual) mode for setting the aperture and shutter speed just the way you like
  • Supports RAW images for creating works of art
  • Live View HDMI Output for operating camera while displaying the shooting screen on a TV
  • Touch operations let you activate the shutter, and focus on the subject simply by touching the screen
  • Backlight HDR merges multiple images for photos with natural brightness
*6 1080 60p / 1080p / 720p movie recording automatically ends when the clip reaches 29 minutes in length or the file size reaches 4 GB. Recording will automatically stop once the file size has reached 4 GB, when shooting movies in other settings.
*7 Select from 1080P, 720P, and VGA. Records at a maximum of full HD 30fps
*8 When the shooting scene gets darker while a Time Lapse Movie is recorded, the camera automatically change the setting to the Nightscape Time Lapse Movie mode.
*9 The recording time for a single movie clip is limited to 20 seconds.

Separately-sold Related Products

Genuine Leather Body Jacket CSCH-120

This is a body jacket for use with the STYLUS SH-2 (can also be used with the SH-1) that offers both practical protection for the camera and a luxurious, fashionable look. Attaching this case to the camera prevents it from scratches when taking the camera with you. Connector covers can be opened and closed without taking the camera out of the case. This product also uses the same materials as the PEN series body jackets, making it easy to coordinate with the Genuine Leather Shoulder Strap (CSS-S109LL II) and Genuine Leather Hand Strap (CSS-S110LS). You can select from 2 colors, black or light brown.

Body jacket CSCH-120 (Black, Light Brown) MSRP: 6,480 yen (incl. tax) Body jacket CSCH-120 + Genuine leather Shoulder Strap CSS-S109LL II

Body jacket CSCH-120
(Black, Light Brown)
MSRP: 6,480 yen (incl. tax)

Body jacket CSCH-120
Genuine leather Shoulder Strap CSS-S109LL II

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