April 2, 2015

Designed For Classroom Training

Biological Microscope CX23

Biological microscope CX23 for educational use

Biological microscope CX23 for educational use

Olympus Corporation (President: Hiroyuki Sasa) today announced that its Scientific Solutions Business is commencing the progressive worldwide release of its biological microscope CX23 that support the use of microscopes in educational trainings.

Olympus supplies an extensive range of biological microscopes that extend from its top-end FLUOVIEW series of microscopes used in the latest life science research through to its workhorse BX3/IX3 series and the CX series of entry-level models used for laboratory teaching in universities and other educational institutions. It is contributing to the progress of life science by offering products that meet a diverse range of needs.

The new CX23 is the successor to the existing CX22LED entry-level model and represents the first model change in four years. While maintaining Olympus's tradition of excellent optics performance and durability, the CX23 has been designed to be easy to use, with consideration for the series of steps involved in microscope training, from setup through to observation and tidying up afterwards. This facilitates use of the microscopes in educational training at university and other teaching laboratories.

Launch Overview

Product Name Launch Date
Biological Microscope CX23 April 2, 2015

Main Features

  1. Excellent optics performance and durability
  2. Easy-to-use design and the lightest weight microscope in its class*, with a total weight of 5.9 kg
* As of April 2, 2015, based on research by Olympus.

CX23 Main Specifications

Body Aluminum die-casting metal frame, Protective covering
Light source Built in 0.5 W LED
Revolver Four-hole revolver, fixed arm
Objectives Plan objectives (with anti-fungus treatment): 4X, 10X, 40X
Eyepieces 10X (field number: 20, anti-fungus treatment)
Condenser Abbe condenser, numerical aperture (NA):1.25
Weight 5.9 kg approx.
Power consumption 2 W or less

Olympus's Scientific Solutions Business
Its main products are optical microscopes and industrial videoscopes and non-destructive testing equipment. Through these products, the Scientific Solutions Business helps to keep the infrastructure of society safe and secure, including research and development in the medical, life science, and industrial fields; quality improvement at production facilities; and inspections of aircraft and other large plant, etc..

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