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September 16, 2015

Sony Olympus Medical Solutions Inc.
Sony Corporation
Olympus Corporation

Announcing the Upcoming Release of a 4K Surgical Endoscopy System

Tokyo, Japan - Sony Corporation, Olympus Corporation, and their medical joint venture - Sony Olympus Medical Solutions Inc. - are announcing that their jointly developed 4K surgical endoscopy system will be commercialized and made available for purchase in early October 2015. It will be sold by Olympus under the brand name "VISERA 4K UHD" and released in the Japanese and European markets. The three companies have been collaborating since 2013 on the development of this 4K surgical endoscopy system, which features cutting-edge 4K technology across its constituent elements, from the light source and the endoscope to the monitor. The companies believe that this makes VISERA 4K UHD a surgical endoscopy system unlike any before it.

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