October 1, 2015

Z Drift Compensator IX3-ZDC2 and Imaging Software cellSens v1.14

For Live Cell Imaging, New Addition to the IX83 Biological Microscope Lineup

IX3-ZDC2 New unit fitted on an IX83


New unit fitted on an IX83

Olympus Corporation (President: Hiroyuki Sasa) today announced the progressive international launch by its Scientific Solutions Business of its new Z Drift Compensator IX3-ZDC2 for more efficient imaging on the inverted research microscope IX83, and the new imaging software cellSens v1.14 of its for biological microscopes, commencing on October 1, 2015.

The IX3 Series of inverted research microscopes (IX83, IX73, and IX53) are designed to support live cell imaging for the observation of living cells. In addition to the excellent performance of the microscope itself, they also feature a high expandability to meet various requirements, such as switchover among observation methods or image capturing, through the addition of various application-specific functions or units.
The new IX3-ZDC2*1 unit is for the IX83. Used in conjunction with the cellSens v1.14, it offers live cell imaging with microplates*2 and provides a more efficient and seamless workflow all the way from image capture to measurement, analysis, and report creation.

*1 Keeps the acquired images sharp and focused by continuously detecting the distance between the objective lens and sample container. The use of near-infra-red light with low phototoxicity for focusing minimizes damage to cells, meaning that time-lapse imaging can be used to observe the changes in cells over a long period of time.
*2 A single plate that contains a large number of equal-sized wells spaced at regular intervals. Plates are available in a variety of configurations (with 6, 24, or 96 wells, for example), and are useful for the simultaneous culturing and observation of multiple cells, such as comparing reactions to different agents.

Launch Overview

Product Name Launch Date
Z Drift Compensator IX3-ZDC2 October 1, 2015
Imaging Software cellSens v1.14

Main Features

1. IX3-ZDC2: Faster imaging, support for plastic bottom dishes

In the fields of regenerative medicine and drug discovery different types of cells including iPS and other stem cells are produced for research use through a continuous culturing process. Microplates are a common container used for this purpose. Through improvement of its internal optics, the IX3-ZDC2 is able to perform rapid focusing and complete high-speed imaging in approximately two minutes*3 for a 96-well microplate. This enables the efficient imaging of a large number of wells. In addition to glass bottom dishes, the IX3-ZDC2 also supports the use of plastic bottom dishes, which provides excellent cost-performance in a wide range of uses.

*3 Consecutive imaging of 96 locations (one image per well) in a glass bottom microplate.

2. cellSens v1.14: Dedicated database provides efficient viewing and analysis of large amounts of image data

Imaging of microplates involves capturing separate images for each well and it results in a large volume of images. As a consequence, the subsequent viewing and analysis of images can be time-consuming. The cellSens v1.14 imaging software designed for use with the IX3-ZDC2 uses a dedicated database to provide functions such as displaying thumbnails for quick viewing of the captured images and the one-click search and analysis of specific images. These functions enable the efficient viewing and analysis of large amounts of data.

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