Twitter Guideline

Revised September 07, 2021


The Olympus official Global Twitter account (hereinafter referred to as this account) is managed and operated by Olympus Corporation staff in accordance with the Olympus Global Code of Conduct.


Olympus’ purpose for this account is to provide a dialogue between Olympus and its stakeholders, including HCPs and patients. Olympus uses this account as a platform to enhance understanding with stakeholders while practicing its management philosophy: “Making people's lives healthier, safer and more fulfilling.”


The content and information handled in this account are as follows: information about Olympus products and services in the medical and life science fields, information that contributes to a better understanding of diseases and treatments, and corporate information.

The rules and prohibitions regarding the use of this account are subject to the Olympus’ Terms of Use for Official Accounts.

We carefully listen to the comments (Reply, RT, QT, DM) sent to this account, but we do not reply to all of them. The comments and RTs issued by employees in this account do not necessarily represent the official Olympus position.

For inquiries and opinions regarding Olympus corporate information and products, please use our website.

Personal Information Protection

As a general rule, this account does not collect personal information. If this account handles personal information, it will be governed by our Privacy Policy.

Olympus will not use any of the information collected on this twitter page for marketing/sales/any other purposes, and will not further disclose any of the personal data collected on this account.